Sunday, 8 April 2012

Don't get an iPhone

Happy Easter one and all.  I hope you are enjoying it whatever you are doing.  Mike and I have been out in the garden tidying things up before his sister visits on Wednesday.  Her garden is perfect and ours will be soon!!
Well, you may have been wondering where I have been.  Mike and I went away for a few days and apart from that, I have been learning how to use my new iPhone.  Well, I have downloaded a few games, at the recommendation of my friend Dawn and the boys at school.  The result is, I am hooked like a teenager.  You will never see me without the blessed thing in my hands.  I am addicted to a game called 'Wooords' and also 'Plants and Zombies'.  I am charging the phone twice a day.  So, not much crafting going on.
Until today that is. I bought a lovely stamp at Farnborough show recently and have made a card for a friend whose birthday is next week.

The stamp was from a stand selling stamps called Dimension Fourth and I could have bought hundreds, let alone four.  In the end I bought two.  I cut out the lady and stuck her using silicone glue.

I used the one and only Promarker I own - the red and the skin was the other popular brand of markers - having a senior moment - it'll come to me - or perhaps not!
As usual, I failed to make any Easter cards and bought a pack.  I told myself it was ok, because they were for the RSPCA.
I had a birthday since I last posted and received several beautiful hand-made cards.  I went into London to a hotel with friends and we had a posh champagne and chocolate themed afternoon tea.  The hotel was of The Hilton chain and it was the old Marlborough St. Magistrates Court - where I had worked briefly when still a serving police officer.  They have kept the female cells just as they were - including the toilets!  It didn't work for me, but that was possibly because it didn't bring back particularly great memories. Back to my 'studio' for more crafting.