Thursday, 28 April 2011

You're safe - no more Easter cards until next year.

Good afternoon friends and crafters.  This is a card ordered for a young lady keen on all things 'Oriental'.  The stamp is one from Hobby Art.  I have distressed all the papers with a Tim Holtz ink pad.  I couldn't help myself with the bling - it just kept on coming.  I love the Spellbinders banner used at the bottom.  I think my camera may be working again now, so hopefully the quality of photos might improve but don't hold your breath.
I started back at work yesterday but now have four days off. I have a busy weekend planned.  We are going with friends to the theatre in the west End on Saturday to see 'Million Dollar Quartet'.  Then we have friends coming for the day on Sunday with their dogs.  Monday I am spending with my friend Dawn and we are going to watch some old 'Oprah' shows that she has saved for me.  Mike's working so it'll be a nice diversion.  Biggest Loser is almost finished for this season.  We want Daris to win but I am not going to look it up on the Internet (like I normally do)!
I got a parking ticket on Good Friday for parking in Benson's owner's own disabled parking bay.  I am appealing it.  £55 it will cost if I am not successful.  I never even saw the attendant, he must have zoomed up on his scooter and sped off before he could be seen.  On double pay too.  I am now going to type the letter of appeal.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter continues ... still

Here are another couple of Easter cards.  I was lucky enough to find some super Easter Egg ribbon at Lavender Lane, Stoneleigh.  I also have it in pink colours.  The first card uses an egg peel off and I coloured it in using a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I have also put some glossy accents on parts of the egg.  Nesties finish off the final article.
The second uses a Kanban topper and a Stampin Up punch provides the edging. I bought several reels of this ribbon in various colours from a floristry supplies warehouse.  There is always a colour to match.
We are still enjoying the Easter with this fabulour weather.   Mike's daughter Michelle and her daughter Hopey are staying with us, which is lovely.  We are all just chilling out.  Hopey is as brown as the proverbial berry and very lovely. When she stands next to me, she looks even browner.  We may go to the cinema later and possibly have a curry. Who knows where the day may lead?  Possibly only to the back garden.  I had a pedicure and a manicure yesterday.  Now my white legs are on show, at least my toes look good!
The girls have enjoyed seeing the foxes close up in the garden. Unfortunately they are not so popular with the neighbours.  A rabbit used to live next door but it chewed its way out of its hutch and sadly Mr. Reynard was waiting for it.  I do like the foxes and feel they are much maligned but I also find it hard to defend them, when they don't eat their kill.  But without the foxes, there would be many more rats at large. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter continues .....

These are some of the Easter cards for this year.  Self explanatory I think.  A nice daffodil rubber stamp coloured using an ink pad.  The focus isn't any better but until I can get the camera fixed - it's all I can do.  Can you believe this lovely weather we're having?  I've had to water my garden and the lawn is growing far too quickly for my husband to catch up.  I'm having to walk Taffy Till earlier in the morning as it's too hot for him.  We don't go far either these days.  Benson gets his exercise with the ball throwing fortunately.
This was a Kanban topper.  Two more tomorrow.  I have been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead of doing the spring clean today.  I'm already to leap into action when I hear Mike's car in the drive.  The vacuum cleaner is in the hall - so it looks like I've been busy.  Since we had work done in the loft, there's a film of white dust throughout the house but I've used up nearly all the memory on the SKY box - so the choice is RHOBH or dusting.  No contest.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Ahoy there landlubbers

One or two of you may have been wondering if I ever got off the ship - so long it has been since I blogged.  The truth is, Mike dropped the camera (he says I dropped it) and it is now out of commission.  I have found an old digital camera but the quality of photos isn't good.  They are all a little blurred but no matter - you get the gist.

Now last year I think you may recall I asked someone to remind me to make Easter cards.  Well exactly no one did!  So, it's all a last minute dash again. This first one is made using an Easter egg peel off, stuck to some home made background paper (not that you can see it clearly unfortunately).
This one is made using a Kanban topper.
As is this one.

Well, after waiting for nine months, the four day cruise with the girls came and went.  We had a really good time and splendid weather.  Some of the girls went home with a sun tan.  Jill & I met my sister in Bruges for lunch one day and we got off with Jane for coffee in Le Havre.  I danced the night away to my beloved Tamla Motown and we all got dressed up for dinner each night.  Dawn drove us to Southampton and the others made their own way there.  We were very nearly prevented from boarding because of the fatal shooting on HMS Astute the same day.  The food was excellent and the only thing that went wrong, was that on the first night, three of us had to dine with three other strangers.  It was sorted by the following night though.

This is yours truly as we were leaving Le Havre.  Over dressed as usual.  This dress hasn't fitted me for years, so I was pleased to get into it.  I must try to keep the weight off, as our big cruise to America is coming up in a few weeks.
Last Saturday, we were invited to sail up The Thames on our friends Tom & Frances' boat.  Whilst on board, the camera was dropped on deck and is now broken.  I must try to have it mended.  We had a lovely time though. This is Frances and their new puppy Jolly.  He was gorgeous but I had forgotten how sharp their teeth are at three months old.  What a lovely afternoon and evening we had with them all.  Franci is such a good cook - that I could hardly move after dinner.  Everything was so tasty.  Right - back to more Easter cards.

P.S.  The craft loft is nearing completion.  The builder has finished and now it has to be painted and finished off by Mike.   Kim has asked to cut the ribbon on opening day.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Away with the fairies - again

How do! Thank you friends for my hand-made birthday cards.  All my cards are still up in the lounge - and will be for some time yet. I had a lovely day and went into London with my husband for a meal and a show.  Friends of ours turned up as a surprise.  I thought I was going to see Warhorse.  How wide of the mark could I be?  The show was 'Hurly Burly' a burlesque show.  Not at all what I was imagining.  I have told Mike that for his birthday, we're going to see The Chippendales.
When I was last at The Craft Barn, I bought a big sheet of toppers and some complimenting backing papers.  I have made seven - yes seven cards from just one sheet.  Here are two of them.
I was so pleased. What good value is that? This weekend, I am going cruising with eleven other ladies to Bruges and Le Havre.  Lock up your granddads!  Although it's only for 3/4 days - it's tough to know what to take.  You have to cover all eventualities after all.  I never travel light and this weekend will be no exception.
The Easter holidays started at my school last Thursday, so I have been getting enough sleep again.  We are having our loft done out and it's coming on now.  So, that's where I'll be crafting in the fullness of time.  Can't wait.

Friday, 1 April 2011

A little old wine drinker me

Thank you Dean Martin for my inspiration here. My friend who's in Texas right now on holiday has a birthday this Sunday. When he returns to his house in Spain, this card awaits. The glass and bottle etc. is a decoupage kit and I made up the rest.
I have been out tonight with other friends who live in Spain also.  We dined at Jimmy Spice's in Epsom.  It was very busy and delicious as usual.  Ate far too much.  It was the start of my birthday weekend.  Taffy was being looked after tonight by an elderly lady - whose dog I walk on behalf of The Cinnamon Trust.  When I went to collect him, she told me how he'd got out of the front of the house and went into three gardens and also crossed the road before she could catch up with him.  As he's deaf, he couldn't hear her calling his name.  Knowing him as I do, he probably wouldn't haven't come back anyway.  All this went on whilst her dog slept soundly under her dining table. I felt dreadful that he'd put her to so much trouble, that she'd had to take a blood pressure tablet when it was all over.  I must also reconsider leaving him with her.
Right, off to watch tonight's episode of Modern Family.  What a life hey!!?