Sunday, 28 August 2011

Christmas is almost upon us....

This is a Tilda holding a wreath,cut out and mounted onto embossed white card, using an embossing folder.  Nestie shapes and ribbon complete the card.  I put glossy accents onto the red ribbon.

The musical yesterday was wonderful.  The Barbican Theatre is really super.  I don't think there's a bad seat in the house.  It was packed out and everyone seemed to enjoy it immensely.  We later went to a restaurant in 'Theatreland' London called Sarastro's.  We've been several times before but it's nice to take people who have never been.  It's so unusual and quirky.  Imagine my surprise when we ran into our vet inside there.  There were six of us and it all went very well.  We may even repeat the experience again.

Today I have done the dog walk with a friend called Carol and her dog Lily.  I will be having Lily for a week in September.  We have a latte in Nonsuch Park.  I have done the ironing, whilst watching a recorded craft show on QVC and after a little dusting- I'll be back in my loft - crafting.  Hope you're having a good Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bali Ha'i

Afternoon.  I have made this card for my sister in law Betty, whose birthday is next week.  The main panel is a cake stand with cup cakes on.  Photo not so good but they stand out in reality!  I have used the clear resist technique and added ink from a Kaleidacolor ink pad.  Nesties and embossing folders complete the card.  I have also glittered up the white embossed card.  I know I know - get a better camera.  I will
Today we are off very soon to The Barbican in London to see South Pacific.  It's an American production with good reviews, so we're looking forward to it.  Then we're having dinner in Drury Lane - Theatreland.  Must dash.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Everything happens in threes

I have my last shelf up and secure now.  All I need is boxes in which to store card and stamps in a tidy fashion.  I made this yesterday but waited until I could take a photgraph in the sunshine.  Not that we've had much of that have we?  I have changed the photo in the last post because it wasn't very clear.  I used a 'Cart-us' stamp in this one.  I embossed the flower three times in white and stamped the background with white ink.  Three scalloped nesties and some ribbon et voila.  V. simps.

I walked Benson in the rain today with a bout of sciatica.  Still got it in my right thigh.  Then I had a lovely lunch with an old friend by the river in the sunshine in Kingston. (Lovely because chips were included!) A little shopping in Sainsbury's whilst a nice chap cleaned my car.  I gave it a quick Hoover when I got home, so now I deserve to go and do some more crafting.  Don't you agree?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A new beginning

Hi crafters.  I have just made my first card in the new loft space.  We've had company today so I have only had a short time in there.  I stamped the panel with white embossing powder, then used sponges to add colour from a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I took some colour out with bleach and painted in the leaves with the same ink pad.  I used my Nesties to make the circles and Stampin' Up punches to make the oval shapes.  I also made the two dots using a very small punch and indenting them from the wrong side to make the little button shapes.  The black card is the Black Magic paper with a green core.  I used a Crafts Too folder then used sand paper to let the green core show through.
Of course I couldn't find anything!  When I tidy up, and put everything away in a box, I lose everything I need. Here are a couple of photos showing my new surroundings.  I'm like that mad woman locked in the turret in Jane Eyre - Bertha Rochester!  I am getting a list together of improvements I need, such as more light over to the left of the desk and possibly more shelving.  And somewhere to place the kettle.
This is the business end with a light above the desk.

One lot of stamps.
Another lot of stamps.

I need more light in this area.  All my Christmas stamps have to go somewhere and all my word/greeting stamps have to go somewhere else!!  What you cannot see in these shots, is the big pile of unsorted boxes and bags in the centre of the floor.  Frankly, I was embarrassed that I had so much gear.  I also didn't want my husband to see how long it took to get it all up there.  Inevitably he said, 'You really don't need any more stuff.  Can you get rid of any?'  How can I tell him I have bought tickets to the Sandown show and also Ally Pally the following week?  Anyway, I'll soon have my scented candles and coffee making facilities up there.  The little hifi is already in situ.  All I need is a bed and I need never come down!!
My sister in law bought me a lovely climbing plant to remind me of Taffy and tomorrow I'm off to buy a rose as a gift from our friend Joyce, to remind us of Taffy.  How could I forget my little boy?  I keep stepping over where he used to lie.  Ah well.  It's good to be back at it!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'll be back soon

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days.  As many of you know, I had to say goodbye to my lovely boy Taffy on Tuesday.  I am adjusting to life without him and when I have a little time to sort out my new crafting space, I'll be back to posting here.  Give me a couple of days.  Gilly x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

New Loft Space

Here are my 'before pictures'.  Actually, the before pictures would have been of a dirty dark loft that needed clearing out.  So this is how it looks now we've had the work done.  In the last shot, you can see that we have storage space out of sight, all around the three sides of the loft.  Mike is half way through putting up a good shelf for me and tomorrow all my gear goes up.  It'll take a couple of days to sort everything and I may need more shelving etc.  I'll also need a place to put a kettle!  It has been suggested I get some sort of gizmo to raise my doggie Taffy to join me.  He hates it whilst I'm up there. I have a feeling husband will say No to that one.

Girl in green

I have used a Hanglar stamp to make this card.  I seem to be the last person to know about these lovely stamps but why oh why are they so expensive and hard to come by?  I bought this image on eBay.  I have punched some flowers and leaves and put faux stitching around the image I cut out using my Nesties.  She's coloured in using Copix pens and Marvy Le Plume pens.  I edged the cut out image using distress ink, leaving the Nestie in place.  You can't really see that from the photo.  (When are you going to get a better camera I hear you say?)
Now today we have been working on my craft room.  Husband is cutting wood as I type.  We carried a huge, heavy piece of kitchen worktop into the loft space.  This will form a good shelf for me to work upon.  After a monumental struggle, we got it up the stairs and up the loft ladder. I pointed out something to husband about the worktop being too long and after a smidgeon of slightly fresh language, we heaved it all the way back down into the garden for two inches more to be cut off said piece of worktop.  Well, as I pointed out, 'If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.'  I got no answer!  I may go into the loft space and take some 'before' photos.  Our friends were coming today to help with the move of my gear but they had problems their end and they will come tomorrow.  I may have to feed them.  I wonder if they like fish fingers.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Boy In Blue

Howdy Pards!! I had to make a card today on the hurry up - so it arrives on time for a very special little boy called Harry Bridson.  Harry lives on The Isle of Man and I am his third grandma.  As I will never be a nana, his family have graciously allowed me to be an honorary gran.
The stamp is one from the Greeting Farm Co.  It's part of a set, given to me by Kim, when she stayed here for a craft show.  I've used Nesties and Shapeabilities to decorate the card.  It is now well on its way to Harry, along with a box full of gifts for next Tuesday.
Long time no blog I hear you say.  Well, I am well travelled since I last wrote.  My brother in law died and the funeral was in Bristol last Wednesday.  Then I went to Torquay with my other sister Carol.  Spent two days there before going to my nephew's wedding in Plymouth.   Since his father had just died, my sister gave away the bride - she having no parents alive.  With me so far????  Anyway, the happy couple are now holidaying in Aruba.  I came home to London on a coach on Sunday.
My doggie wasn't so good last weekend and he may be losing his marbles.  We thought we were going to say goodbye to him but he's rallied round and has had a reprieve.  He's not sick, just old.  Know the feeling?  I do.
I am attending another wedding tomorrow.  My neighbour's daughter is getting wed in Epsom. I hope the haridresser does a better job than the one in Plymouth.  I thanked her kindly and tipped her - then went straight back to the hotel and brushed her creation out.  Why do we do this?
You may have forgotten about my new craft room - or indeed wondered why it's been quiet on that front for a while.  Well, husband has a 'dickie' knee and although the lost space is ready for me, we've been unable to transport all my craft stuff (of which there is a lot) up the loft ladder.  So on Sunday, our friends Mike and Gabriele are coming over in work attire and we are going for it.  The other Mike will be in the loft and will pull my big old desk up with ropes.  Next week I will be sorting everything and having a clear out.  Possibly sell some stamps on eBay.  (To make room for more)  So folks, stand by.

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Box, A Box, My Kingdom For A Box

Tonight Ladies & Gentlemen you have before you a very rare item.  Never before created by my good self, have you seen such a fascinating, interesting, beautifully crafted card box.  Yes, you non-believers, I have the power - if not the inclination - to make a darn card box.  You may never see this again dear friends.  Enjoy while you can.  I did try fruitlessly, to ram the wedding card into a square envelope but things started to drop off the card - so a box was made.  If truth be known, the card rattles around inside - the box being a little too large but No Matter.  I have made a box on 1st August 2011.  Make a note in your diary.  I shall expect 'You made a box' anniversary cards next year and the year after.

I have stamped this creation, with a Clarity corner stamp, made the central wording on my computer, then used my Spellbinder cutter and Nestabilites to make the centrepiece.  I have coloured in the stamped images using felt tipped pens - not for me Pro markers, Copic pens and the like - the Yorkshire in me is still using up my felt tipped Marvy Le Plumes.  (By the way - did you know it's Yorkshire day today?)  I have been liberal with my pearls, I think you'll agree.

I just have to get this to Plymouth safely, via Bristol.  I'm off for a lie down now.