Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hi Folks!
Well, what can I say?  My dog seems to have upstaged me. His blog is getting more 'hits' than mine.  I'd better just stick to card making. I have made this for our friend Mike, whose birthday is coming up.  I like this Personal Impressions stamp for a man. The backing papers are nearly as old as me!  I tried to have a clear out but threw away nothing.  However, I did find some nice papers that need to be used.
I have already walked the dogs and been to the local 'tip' and this afternoon, I have been invited by Benson's owner Olive, to have a proper cream tea at The Richmond House Hotel.  How nice is that?  It's a little thank you for walking her dog.   What to wear? Something posh I feel.  Olive is always turned out beautifully, so I don't want to let her down.  It's a little overcast today and somewhat cooler but still warm.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wimbledon weekend

Good evening viewers.  Sorry not to have posted for days but life always seems to take over.  My sister Carol says I have elastic time but even that has run out this week.  The highlight of the week was going to The Shepherd's Bush Empire on Thursday with my friend Dawn, to see an American new country star Brad Paisley.  The show was expensive, considering there was no warm up act but he was worth every penny. We parked Dawn's car in the new Westfields shopping centre car park.  It's ginormous.  Cannot wait to go and do a day's shopping there. OnWednesday, Mike was out and I went to play cards with Sue and her friends, where Taffy let me down.  See his blog to catch up on the antics of my pride and my boy.
We went to a lovely restaurant with Joyce and Harry on Friday evening.  It was called The Grumpy Mole near Kingswood and we had a super dinner.
I know I have used this stamp before but she's my favourite at the moment.  It's for Dawn to give to her friend. I have been out today with the dogs and my neighbours - ealry before it got too hot.  Again, catch up with Taffy's newa on his own blog.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The roar of the crowd ... sorry, Tiger

Hiya!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was busy but very fruitful. I managed to get a lot done.  We went out to dinner by Hampton Court on Saturday with Malcolm & Sandra, to a tapas bar.  Not the best meal we've ever had but the comedic value of the waiters made up for it. Sunday, after the usual dog walking, I drove over to Isleworth to Lavender's of London to buy some silk flowers for an arrangement I have been asked to do.  Of course I also managed to buy lots of other knick-knacks and lots of lovely cheap ribbon, which I bought hoping my card friends might like to buy. At 50p a roll (excl VAT), how could I resist?
Today is my friend Nicki's birthday and we walked together with our dogs in the sunshine.  I have made the floral tribute and also this card.  It's for a friend's birthday tomorrow and he loves tigers.

Now I have figured out how to take a close up photograph (thanks Kim - I really must read the instruction leaflet!) and also how to put more than one photograph in a new post - in the right order - I thought I'd do just that, because in the first photo', you cannot see that the black frame has been 'Cuttlebugged'. As you an see, it's an easel card and the tiger is one of those motifs that can be ironed onto fabric later. Hope you like it.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Stampscape card

This card was made using several Stampscape stamps. Very simple but suitable for a man I think.
Not much going on today. I did the dog walk with Nicki and her dogs. Molly had a dog fight with a Jack Russel terrier which wasn't very pleasant and she had to stay on her lead afterwards. I caught up with some viewing on the tv and took Taffy back to the vet's to have his dressing taken off.  Another £23.50 - I couldn't believe it. tonight I'm off to Nicki's house as she's having some kind of girlie party - where you can buy stuff.  Who knows what I may have to purchase.  Not that I need anything but since when has need ever had anything to do with it?  Molly has come to our house, so she's out of the way and having a rest from Charlie the Boxer puppy.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cool dude

Good evening.  Just a quickie before bed. I love this stamp. As you can see, I have stamped it out a couple of times and cut out the various garments and assembled them all together.  This was for Lewis - a neighbour.
Today I walked Benson and Taffy then had a manicure.  I played whist in the afternoon and won £1.50 - which is the cost of the entrance fee - so I broke even. I came home to see Taffy and Mike then went up to London to meet the girls near the Festival Hall for a meal in Los Iguanos - a South American tapas bar.  It wasn't quite as good as normal but it was super to see all the girls again.  It was Helen's party now she has retired.  We walked over the bridge to Parliament and Helen's husband gave me a lift home.
Taffy has his own blog now I gather.        http://taffytill.blogspot.com/
More tomorrow - God willing!  Good night dear reader.

Cinnamon Club

Well it's now the early hours of Thursday morning.  We've had a full and busy day.  I walked Taffy & Benson early and then Mike & I went up to London to meet our friends Lynn & Graham at The Cinnamon Club in Westminster.  My sister Carol was in London with Martin and her friends, so they joined us. We had a really nice time ~ if only for three hours.  What started out as a lunch for £19 per head, ended up as £45 each!  AND Carol paid for the wine.  The restautrant was full of MP's and I had to wonder about their expenses. The meal was superb though.  I had to dash off to Harley St. for my 6 monthly tattoo top up on my eyebrows. Got home to the pooch infirmary and found Taffy barking well.  He's bright after his mishap but didn't want to eat his food with his medication in it.  It was only when we mixed in roast beef, that he eventually ate it all.
I went off to play whist and got a third highest score - winning .50p (don't laugh) and came home to catch my beloved having a crafty cigar in the lounge, which is totally forbidden. Taffy told me he's done it before.  We watched Biggest Loser and now it's time for bed.  I have another busy day tomorrow.
This card was made in Kim's class at Lavender Lane last Saturday morning. The photograph isn't very sharp - sorry - but it's in the hands of The Royal Mail now. It's using the resist technique and cutting out Anna's flowers. I also stamped on the lilac card with the resist ink, to give a watermark effect - a la Kim's instructions!
So, it's goodnight from me and woof woof from Taffy the invalid.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dog Day Afternoon Part II

So where was I?  Just off to Sainsbury's.  Nearly finished my shop, when Mike called to see where I was (!) and he'd just got home.  He was playing with Taffy, who was very excited to see him.  He threw the ball and Taffy ran  after it.  Then Mike tells me, 'He's gone down - there's blood everywhere!'  I couldn't wait to get home.  £120 later - Taffy had ripped a claw completely out of his back paw.  The vet dressed it and gave him pain relief.  He now has a big red bandage on his back leg.  In himself he's fine - for the interest of his fans and well wishers.  Meanwhile, Mike's car is going to cost him £550 for a new alternator. (Don't ask me!) The car is 2 months out of its warranty. Typical huh?  Just another ordinary day. . .

Dog Day Afternoon

Good Afternoon! This is one of the cards Linda and I made together on Sunday. We used a Penny Black stamp.  She is giving it to her friend.  Didn't she do well?  I haven't heard from her since, so I think she may be holed up in her work room, badgering away on her new hobby.
I have walked Taffy and Benson already and in fact I just had a little nap in the middle of the day.  You can do that when you're lucky enough to be home all day ~ and when you're old enough to need it!!  However, all good things must come to an end and I now have to go grocery shopping. Mike called me shortly after leaving home today and his car had broken down.  He spent the morning waiting for the RAC to take him and his car to the Vauxhall dealer in Epsom and he now has a hire car whilst they repair it.  There's always something going wrong don't you find?  The washing machine looks likely to give up soon.
 I have to make a few more cards today - for up and coming birthdays.  So, more posts later. Bye for now

Monday, 14 June 2010

An Audrey Hepburn moment

On Saturday, Linda came over and we went to Lavender Lane for a class with Kim.  She did not notice the sparkling chandeliers by the way!  But I forgive her.  Later we went to Epsom for a lovely Thai meal in celebration of her recent birthday.
It's now the very early hours of Monday morning.  Linda has stayed an extra day and we have had a great time crafting all afternoon and evening.  We had a late brunch and Mike made us bacon and eggs.  Linda and I then walked Taffy, Molly and Benson in the park. We have stamped, painted, embossed - you name it.
I for one am quite tired but nicely so. Linda is enjoying a night cap and after this post, we'll all be retiring to bed. (But not together!!)
This card was made using a Hobby Art stamp and Linda made a similar one also. I never tire of using this elegant stamp and the crystals set it off well.  As you know, I love my bling but there's not a peel off in sight Sharon.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Swinging from the chandeliers......

Hello friends and stampers.
Had an early dog walk today with my friend Nicki and her two lovely dogs Molly and Charlie.  Taffy and Benson loved the company. I have being doing chores all day before my friend Linda comes tomorrow.  Even the chandeliers got cleaned!! Doesn't that sound posh?  Well, they're not chandeliers exactly.... I just hope she notices. She is coming to Lavender Lane for her first card making class with Kim as the tutor. We plan to go out for a Thai meal in Epsom in the evening with Mike.
This card was made using a Nikki & Friends stamp by Ladybug Crafts Ink, which I bought at Ally Pally earlier this year. They have a nice blog!  Looking at this makes me fancy a Martini!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sunset over Portland Head

Good Evening stampers one and all. What a dull day it's been today. Yesterday saw me doing a little floral arrangement for a friend and today I did one for myself with the left over flowers.

I made this lighthouse card tonight using a PSX stamp I bought on eBay whilst on holiday in the USA a few years back. The Cuttlebugged backing paper is that black magic card.  I hoped when I used some sand paper on it, the black would show through.  Wrong!  It only works the other way. The background is made using Tombow (or similar) pens. This technique was shown to me by Anna. I finished it off with a few pieces of card candy from Craftwork Cards.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

At Last ..........

Hello again.  Sorry I haven't posted for a while.  Sometimes life takes over.  Last week I had a flat tyre on my car and we needed the RAC to come and take off the jammed bolts.  Then I had to have the tyre repaired etc.  That took some time.  Mike and I worked hard on the garden on Saturday and we had guests for lunch on Sunday.  Winston & Clare came over with their two cute pug dogs, Algy and Toby.  Algy and Taffy got on rather too well.... if you know what I mean.  Still don't knock it until you've tried it - is my motto!
Last week, I also took Benson's owner - Olive - out for lunch in a small garden centre.  I bought a Buddha statue for the garden whilst there. Mike and I attended a charitable 'Open Mike' comedy evening at Imber Court, where we had our wedding reception some years ago.  Unfortunately, it didn't press our buttons.  I do not like 'fart' jokes and one man's material was based purely on this topic. The female comedian was so vulgar, it was embarrassing.  We didn't stay to the end but picked up Taffy from Val's early.
This card has been made to order, from Olive for her daughter.  Hope she likes it. I used an old PSX clematis stamp and decoupaged the blooms and stuck them on with silicone glue.  I have some fine glitter paint which I used but you cannot make that out on the photograph.
Hopefully I'll make some more cards this week but first I have a flower arrangement to execute as another order for a friend.  Watch this space .....  Please!!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Kay Carley kinda' card

Good evening fellow crafters.  With all the rain we have had today, I had no excuse not to craft. I walked the dogs this morning in the pouring rain.  They didn't seem to mind half as much as me.  Taffy had to be put in the shower he was so dirty.  Still my garden needs the water. I went to give blood this afternoon.  Making an appointment sure does save time.  There was no hanging about at all. I bought some historical booklets about Millais, who used to paint in these 'ere parts many moons ago.  Also a booklet about a riot in Epsom in 1919, where a police sergeant was murdered.
I then came home to make a couple of cards. This one is using one of Kay Carley's stamps and my new Martha Stewart punch, which will no doubt feature heavily in future posts here. I double embossed the panel and then double embossed the 3D'd flowers using a sparkle embossing powder. Every time I use a peel off now, I think of my friend Sharon, the peel off snob.  So apologies Sharon.