Sunday, 28 October 2012

Evening all! Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Jenny Mayes workshop.  (Of Hobby Art fame) I went with some lovely ladies, Linda, Pauline and Jocelyn and we joined many, many other ladies at the church hall in Tadworth.  We had four projects to complete during the day - in between refreshments and I think everybody had a great time.
This was the first card of the day. The next photograph shows the inside of the card.  A Pop Up robin.

And this was just part one.  I will share the other projects with you very soon.  There will be another workshop in February and a 'mini' one in November.  So if you live in Surrey - it's a must for your diary.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Top of the morning to you fellow crafters. I thought I would get this card on here before my computer gives up the ghost.  I have had some technical warning messages about the hard drive failing, so I have a man coming later today to look at the pc.  Who knows if he can fix it, or will I have to buy a new tower?  I have just bought myself a new iPad, so at least I can still get on the Web.
One more day at school and then it's half term for two weeks.  I am looking forward to sleeping in in the mornings.
This baby card was made to order for a friend.  the main panel is a LOTV topper The baby feet are made with an embossing folder.  The Baby word and pin are new Nesties or Marianne dyes.  Bye for now - hopefully not for long!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

She's back!

Hello! Fancy seeing you here!  Where has the summer gone? - I asked myself in the pouring rain whilst walking two dogs this morning.  Things are always busy this end and this summer was no exception.  My dear other half fell off a step ladder and fractured his wrist in two places, and also came away with a compression fracture of the spine.  All these were missed by the hospital and after 7 weeks he went back for more X-rays, only to be told about the fractures - as we had suspected.  At the moment he is not having treatment, but must go back in a couple of weeks to see how things are.  Painful is how things are!!
Anyhow, I am back card making and this first one is for a friend of mine, whose birthday it is this week.  Now who could that be?  If it's your birthday - look out for this card.  I made the background with a Kaleidacolour pad and a brayer.  I cut a circle out and turned it up the other way.  The lattice is a new Nestie cutter I bought recently at the Sandown show in Esher.  You'll recognise the circular scalloped frame I'm sure.  The flowers are made with a Hobby Art stamp and it's finished off with peel offs.  Now my friend Sharon is crafting no longer, I can use peel offs with gay abandon.