Monday, 31 October 2011

A piece of ribbon . . . .

Evening all - as Jack Warner used to say. This card uses up a few bits and pieces and was made using some florist's ribbon that I think looks festive.  The embellishment is metal and I stuck three red jewels on.  Nesty greetings and that's it.
Had a lovely evening yesterday.  Friends came round and we had a Chinese takeaway.  One dog went home and we still have Lily the Doberman until tomorrow.  Our friends brought us their holiday snaps to show us and as they'd been to Kenya on a safari, it was super to see all the animals close up.  I'm not convinced I want to experience the heat and the travelling though.
This morning I found an injured baby squirrel in the park.  Had I left it, it would most certainly have died, so I carried it to my car and it got warm and it started to revive very slightly.  It was bleeding a little from the mouth.  I think it must have either fallen from its nest or a magpie was trying to predate it.  I drove it to the Leatherhead Wildlife Centre and will find out tomorrow if it could be saved.  I hope so.  Want to see a picture?

The poor wee mite was crawling with fleas and I'm still itchy thinking about it . . . .

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blue Christmas

Greetings Crafters!
Well I've had an extra hour's sleep and I'm feeling good this morning.  I was crafting yesterday and came across these blue baubles.  I used my Cuttlebug die cuts to form the silver filigree squares.  I believe the greeting is one by Stampendous.  Very easy card!
Who sang Blue Christmas?  Was it Elvis?
I have two canine boarders - Lily and Woody.  They are super and we've been out walking already.  We took Benson too.  Lily is a lovely gentle Doberman and Woody is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They are very good together too.  The first night we didn't get much sleep but overnight today they were settled.  Woody's going home today and Lily on Tuesday.
We have a couple of gardeners in today.  I'm feeling really guilty because I normally tend the garden but I have arthritis in my thumbs these days and we just need a little help to get it sorted and then I'll be back to doing it myself.  When they have finished I'm going into Epsom to but some ink jet cartidges for my computer.  What a life!!  Have a good Sunday folks.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snowflake card

Afternoon all! This card was made using a new Hobby Art snowflake stamp.  The greeting is an old PSX stamp. (How I miss that company.)  I used distress inks to sponge the background and white embossing powder to stamp.  This card again was started at a 'Kim class' and completed at home.  Although not a Christmas punch, it certainly lends itself to the festivities.  I added a jewel to the flower buttons.  I Nestied the greeting and added ink whilst leaving the Nestie in place.

I went up to a reunion with some colleagues of mine in the Houses of Parliament yesterday.  I can't believe I retired from there three and a half years ago.  It was great seeing everyone and the buffet wasn't half good too.  I was second in line - beaten by my friend Jane!  Another friend drove up from Worcester and stayed with us overnight.  She went home this morning and after I walked three dogs (!), I went to the whist drive.  Lousy cards all afternoon.  Pity there was no booby prize.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cute Christmas

Morning Crafters.
Another beautiful day so far in Surrey.  I am just about to take out two dogs for a walk in Nonsuch Park but before I do I thought I'd do a quick post here. This card uses one of the new Hobby Art stamps which is so pretty and very adaptable don't you think?  I started it in class with Kim on Saturday and came home to bling it up.  I stamped in black ink and coloured in the image using distress inks. Then I put dimensional glaze on the berries. There is a red stone brad in the centre of the bow.  Nesties and embossing folders complete the finished card.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Daisy greetings

Hi Folks.  I made this using an embossing/cutting folder.  There are holes under the pearl embellishments. I am using it as an anniversary card.  The greeting is one from Hobby Art.
I have just finished a class with Kim at Lavender Lane.  The final one as the shop is closing.  Great shame too.  I shall miss all the girls but hope to see some of them at other new classes.
We made Christmas cards and I will feature one tomorrow.  We used new Hobby Art stamps and they are wonderful.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Kanban Kwikkie

This was a Kanban card for a dear friend of ours - Graham Neale.  He loves his motorbikes and has a 'Harley' himself. Kanban cover all subjects and certainly help with masculine cards.  I know you stamping die hards will think it's a soft option but Hey Ho.  Sometimes you just have to!
I have two greyhounds wandering around my home tonight.  They are just here for 48 hours whilst their owner is away.  They are really good and so far well behaved.  Altough there was a small accident in the garage when they first arrived.  Neither took responsibility!!
BTW - The patient continues to improve. Hopefully he'll be cooking for me again soon!! (Am I not a lucky girl?)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Halloween for Harry

Morning!  I don't normally do Halloween cards but I have got a box and filled it with Halloween themed items for my pretend grandson.  (I don't have any children or grandkids, so I share my best friend Jill's grandson.) His name is Harry and he lives on The Isle Of Man.  The papers and wording were free in a magazine but good enough quality to use.  I cut the front of the card diagonally and embossed it with a Cuttlebug folder.
My husband is coming on leaps and bounds.  Thank you for all the messages of support. As he is doing so well, I will probably make it to Kim's final class at Lavender Lane this Saturday afternoon. I may have said previously that we were meant to be in Tenerife this week, so I was going to miss the classes but if he continues to improve, I'll be there - for one of them anyway.  Is it too early to wish you  Happy Halloween?

Friday, 14 October 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Well I have had the most worrying and bizarre 48 hours. On Wednesday, my dear hubby was  in        A & E in Epsom General Hospital, having been sent by our GP.  He had had a very bad headache for six days and it had extended down towards his eye socket. The GP thought he had Temporal Arteritis and sent him immediately to the hospital. Long story short - it turned out that Mike's heart was not beating fast enough - only 37 beats a minute.  He was admitted and treated as an emergency. This morning he leap frogged the waiting list and had a pacemaker fitted and now he's home.  It has been like a bad dream. So surreal and so much emotion in such a short space of time and now he just has to keep quiet and still for a week and not raise his arm for 6 weeks. We were meant to go to Tenerife on holiday on Sunday but that's been cancelled now.  I can't bear to think about what might have happened had we gone.  We're just so relieved.  We hadn't realised just how ill he was.  Someone's been looking after him for me.
So, this was a card I made for our niece Keri - made before all this drama.  She loves Tigger.  I bought this stamp with her in mind, so poor girl gets a Tigger card every year! Well I'm off to look after Mike and molly coddle him for a bit.  I have been promised a 'New Man'.  Can't wait.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kim's card

Hi Folks.  Yesterday was Kim Reygate's birthday and this is the card I made for her.  The stamp is from Hobby Art. I made the inked background using a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I bit of embossing folder and Nesties complete the finished card.  My husband doesn't think I should ever use black on a birthday card.  What do you think?  I feel it's a bit 'Halloweeny' don't you?  Thankfully that's coming up soon.
I have had a busy few days - as usual.  Last Friday I went with my friend to see Lady Antebellum in a small intimate venue in Islington - Union chapel.  They were fantastic.  Dawn and I had already seen them last year in Shepherd's Bush.  Now they are becoming so huge worldwide, I don't suppose we'll ever be that close again.  It was a great evening.
I have been working at the school too and last week, ferried the boys and teachers to the church in Surbiton for the Harvest Festival.  I remember the ones I attended when I was at school.  I went inside the church and was swollen with pride at seeing 'My boys' up there singing and reading.  Singing all those hymns really took me back.
Mike and I went to a 'curry party' on Saturday night.  My friend Sandra has just qualified as an oesteopath and she threw a party to celebrate.  She is such a good cook and made all the curries.  Everything was delicious.  So, bang went the diet once more.  I had hoped I'd lose a few pounds before we go to Tenerife soon.  No chance now - so I may as well carry on - No?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Home under water

Hello there!
We have new neighbours.  Our friends Nicki and Terry moved out last Friday and took their doggies with them.  But they haven't gone too far away - still in Stoneleigh.  In their place we have another couple who appear to be very friendly.  I am sure they will fit in very quickly.  I have made this card to welcome them to our road.
The stamp is from Hobby Art.  At Kim's class last week, we used a watercolour technique and I used it on this stamped image.  I used a distress ink and then, with a water brush, just moved some of the colour about to take away the harsh lines.  An embossing folder, ribbon, gems and a punch later - and we have our new home card.
I nearly blotted my copy book this morning.  My husband woke up early and asked me what time my alarm was to go off.  I said, '6.15'.  He said, 'Well I don't think it's gone off'.  I looked at the clock and it was 06.36.  If I'm perfectly honest, a word not normally associated with ladies, left my mouth.  (Note to self - 10p in the swear box!)  I was up and out 12 minutes later and yes, I had make up on.  Now for me to leave the home without caffeine is unheard of but the adrenalin was pumping and I got a coffee as soon as I got to the school.  I arrived at my pick up point dead on time and only you, dear reader, my husband and I are any the wiser!
I went to a Jamie Oliver party last night at my friend Dawn's house.  I am so glad I made the effort straight after work because she had had many cancellations poor thing.  That's why I don't have these party plan evenings.  I have ordered a baking tray for mini Yorkshire puddings.  I made Dawn promise to come and make some for me.  And me a Yorkshire Lass.  I should be ashamed - but sadly I'm not.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Let it snow - please let it snow!

Well I for one am a little tired of this Indian summer.  I burn very easily and it's no fun for a pale English rose.  I thought a Christmas card session might just cool me down.
I cut out some Nestie shapes and coloured the smaller one with Distress inks.  Then I used a Little Claire peel off. I Cuttlebugged the flower shapes and coloured those with the corresponding Distress inks.  I added blue and green to the card itself, using a brayer. (Not as well as Barbara Gray needless to say)  If you notice the deliberate mistake - please leave a comment.
I have had such a busy week.  My sister turned up on Wednesday with friends and we gave them lunch.  Later we drove down to Gatwick and had dinner with them.  I went up to London on Thursday to see some friends for a reunion.  That night we had a curry with some other old friends who live half the year in Spain.  Friday saw us looking after two dogs, as our neighbours moved house.  And on top of all that I was working morning and evening too.  So today I really 'slobbed out' and did very little - apart from watch some crafting on the TV and making this card.
We also have some X Factor to catch up on this evening.  We are now viewing the US one too. (I can hear you all groaning from here!)  So - can't stay here chatting.  Bye for now.