Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Best laid plans and all that.......

Busy week this end dear readers.  Went to Lavender Lane shop for a class on Saturday morning with Kim Reygate.  That's always good fun and very informative.  We made cards using a 'Faux Mother of Pearl' effect using accent powders.  The card above was made for my friend Purnima.  The stamp was one of my dear Mum's, so it was nice to use that.
For some months, we have been helping to plan an 80th birthday party in a restaurant in Banstead.  Indeed, my last post featured the card for Joyce who is 80 today.  Imagine our horror when we awoke to snow this morning.    Mike and I had everything to decorate the restaurant and the birthday cake.  We set out at 2pm and after one and a half hours, had only travelled two miles.  The balloon man could not get to the restaurant either and left the balloons in our porch!  We came home ~ eventually ~ and Joyce informed us that she couldn't get out of her house and the entertainer had turned back.
We couldn't get in the house for all the balloons in the doorway.  I have huge amounts of flowers here, which I was going to arrange in a pedestal arrangement, candles, seating plans, name cards etc etc.  So the whole event was cancelled.  What a huge shame for Joyce.  When the snow has gone, I shall go to her house with the flowers and arrange them there. Joyce had bought some silk Christmas flowers a few weeks ago and I turned them into a table centre piece.

I was going for my interview tomorrow for my job but I think I'll postpone it.  I walked Taffy and Benson in the snow today.  They get frisky in the wintry weather.  I cleared Olive's path for her - front and back and put down some salt.  I went round there again tonight to clear the paths once more and fill the bird feeders and feed her beloved wild foxes.  They eat better than we do!!  We have our own fox.  We've named him/her Fergie.  I feel sorry for all the wildlife in the winter and make sure all the birds have plenty to eat.  I have seen the first redwings already in the park.
Well instead of a posh night out, Mike and I are now eating leftovers for dinner and I won't have to break my diet. (I seem to be forgetting the eccles cake and two biscuits eaten at Olive's today - for services rendered!) So it should be good news if I can get to the slimming club tomorrow!  Don't hold your breath.
BTW - check out the new designs on the Pink Gem website.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Birthday card for a change

We are going to a party next week.  Joyce will be 80 and this is her card.  I shall add a greeting before I give it to her. I know what you're thinking and yes, it's a Kanban butterfly but having bought them, I am going to use them.  And I like them!  Quick and easy.  It's how you put them together isn't it?  I will be doing a pedestal of flowers in the restaurant and decorating the tables.
A friend of mine has mentioned there may be a job vacancy that I might be interested in taking up.  Part-time of course and who knows? It'll mean setting the alarm clock again!  Watch this space.

Friday, 19 November 2010

The holidaymaker is home

Hi folks.  The wanderer returns from a lovely holiday in Tenerife with her husband, sister and her spouse. The weather was superb, if a little too hot for this fair maiden - oh ok - older woman.  I go pale skinned and return the same. Factor 50 is my best friend.
So I now have to catch up on things and get my last Christmas cards finished.  I have done most of my Christmas shopping but will have floral door wreaths to make in December.  Quizzes to make for the Christmas quiz night at my sister's house in December and all the other things you good people have to tackle every year.  More soon.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Christmas Still

No matter how many Christmas cards I make, I know it won't be enough.  Every year I seem to send more. So I made these few yesterday.  They are all similar using some nice paper I bought last year and didn't use.

This one uses a KanBan topper which I liked.  Cheating I know.

Another part of the KanBan kit - good value I think!

And my favourite Pink Gem stamp this year.  I use her a lot.
Mike and I have been working very hard in the garden for two days and are exhausted.  We've cut back many plants and taken several out.  The rose bed is to be completely re-planted.  Some of the roses were past their best and I had also planted a shrub which turned out to be a triffid and took over the whole bed. Hot baths tonight I think. Taffy tried to help by burying my gardening gloves whenever they were left unattended and getting absolutely filthy with mud.  There's still much to be done but we've made a start.
Bye for now.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Baby Brooke

Don't you love it when a new baby is born? Some friends of ours have a granddaughter who has just given birth to a lovely baby called Brooke.  I have used a Pink Gem rubber stamp for the card.  They are so cute and easy to use.
I have just had a lovely walk in Nonsuch Park in the sun and wind with Taffy and Benson.  Earlier in the week we walked in Richmond Park with Molly.  This afternoon I am going to play whist.  This retired life is soooo good.