Monday, 19 August 2013

Good afternoon.
We have a little late sunshine here today.  Very nice.
I did a class with Kim last Saturday at Stampcraft in Purley, and we used the 'resist' technique, using Distress inks and glossy cardstock.  So when I got home, I tried it on my own with some Hobby Art stamps - the poppy set.  Kim had a good idea, of using peel offs along the bottom of one of her cards, but here I have stamped a poppy image along the bottom.  The card is still glossy, so it was hard not to smudge the image. I then added a little bleach, to make the poppies white.  I bought a set of dies, which cut out a buckle for ribbon, and have used one of them here.  I will attach a greeting when I decide who's getting the card.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New Home Greetings

A lady asked me to make a card for her daughter and husband, as they are moving home this Friday.  They are going very upmarket.  How do we know this?  The old house had a number - the new one doesn't - just a posh name.  Well, there's Banstead for you.  The rubber stamp is an old PSX one that I use sometimes for a new home.  I also have a large fairy tale castle which often gets an outing.  I have used a Momento ink pad and coloured in the image using Promarkers.   I have decided I don't know how to colour in roofs, paths or houses - so my friend Anna may have to give me a class.  He who knows all things - suggested the house be white next time.  Although I didn't admit it - he was right of course.
The next project dear reader is a 'non too fussy' wedding card ~ to compliment the invitation card. Mmmmm ~ can you hear the cogs turning?  Answers on a postcard please...
Gosh it's getting hot and clammy again isn't it?  I may have to shed the Liberty bodice before I re-enter my loft studio!!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wedding Season

Hello dear reader!
I am going to two weddings this weekend.  Greedy or what?  Well one is only the church service to see a colleague get wed and the other is the daughter of a friend.  They are marrying at a posh hotel at Heathrow Airport.  Should be very nice.  I will let you know.  This is the card I made for the happy couple. And yes, I actually stitched around the Lily of the Valley topper with white lurex threads.  I added some subtle pink glitter to the roses on the image.
Well the rain seems to have settled in. It's been a while since I had to wash dirty dogs after a walk in the park. My next project is a new home card.  I am off to ponder the design.  More soon.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's Twins!!

Greetings on this changeable Sunday afternoon.  I have a little washing on the line so may have to run out if the rain comes.  I don't mind one bit ~ as it will save me having to water the garden again tonight.  I was with Kim Reygate yesterday at Davina's in Purley for a class on 'resist'. 

There were two lovely new ladies and we made some lovely toppers using this technique.  But Blimey!!  Was it hot in Davina's conservatory?  The rain did prevail and not a moment too soon.

My friend Nicki has just become a grandma again ~ to two more boys.  That makes 5 altogether.  This is the card I made last night - in the heat of my 'studio' in the loft.  The central topper is made from a Lili of the Valley twins stamp and coloured in using Promarkers and Copix pens for the faces.  I have used four different cutters through the Grand Calibur and a border new punch. I have decorated the card with blue pearly gems to finish it off.  I get a lot of use out of the cutter that makes what looks like a doily.  I use it for wedding cards too.  Which reminds me - I have one to make for next week.  

Mike and I have had five days in Torquay since last I posted here.  The weather was just fabulous and I tried not to worry about my garden getting dry.  I paid the young teenager to water the plants, with the promise of a bonus if nothing died! The tomatoes are doing very well, so I know she was doing it.

Whilst there, we visited a National Trust property ~ Overbecks and had lunch in Salcombe.  It was a super day out. Then we lazed by my sister's pool and enjoyed the hot tub and had such a relaxing time, that we stayed another day.  But it's back to dog walking and the mundane now.  Having said that. I love the dog walking and it keeps me fit.  I wear a 'FitBit Zip' all the time, to help me reach my daily targets - four miles and 10,000 steps.  It's the best bit of kit I have EVER bought.  
So - off into the loft I go - to make the wedding card.  Adios for now

Monday, 15 July 2013

Coffee Kisses

I know, I know - but it's been too hot to do anything.  I have now broken up from driving the school bus and have a little more spare time to craft.  I was in my 'studio' in the loft yesterday and today and even with the window open, I was sweltering.  It's a little too hot for my liking I'm afraid.

I have been to IKEA in Croydon today, to buy tea lights and holders for my husband's birthday party.  It was his birthday last week but he's having a 'bit of a do' in August ~ along with his two mates - that he's known for 55 years.  Yes - that long.  We went out for a nice meal with friends on the day in Epsom - to The Canopy - and it was very good.  And last Saturday, I treated him to a live streaming of Andre Rieu's concert in Maastrict, at our local Odeon.  We enjoyed it so much, we are planning to go and see him in December when he comes to Wembley.

I made this card using Hobby Art's Bordered Flower jewel and coloured it using Tim Holtz Distress inks. I could have used coffee ~ a la Kim Reygate ~ but thought what a waste of coffee, so I used the inks instead.  I cut out the border using a square Nestie and although you cannot tell from this lousy photograph, it is all layered using sticky fixers. I stamped the image three more times and cut out the flowers and finished off the whole shebang with card candy.  I was going to put more on but heard Anna saying 'Less is more'  I can still add some now I have posted this. LOL.   (I just won't send it to Anna)

When I was a child, my dear Mum used to bake on a Sunday.  She was no great cook or baker but did her best.  (I take after her incidentally - which is why my dear hubby does all the cooking in our establishment!)  She always made some little brown cakes with a chocolately butter icing in the middle and called them coffee kisses.  And this card just brought back very fond memories - even if the cakes were always rock hard!! But there were never any left by Sunday night in a household of six.  I miss her every day.

Going to pop over to Pinterest now and post this there too.  Bye for now.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

One from Anna

Hi folks.
Well I think we seem to have had the best of our summer.  Rain and gales today.  Marvellous!! I wouldn't mind so much but the dog walking becomes a chore when we get home with all the paw cleaning.
This pretty card was literally knocked up by Anna.  All I did was assemble the parts and add the bling (something Anna would have resisted I'm sure.)  The flower was coloured in with chalks. I think the stamp was a freebie on a magazine. I also made holes all around the card and drew in 'stitches'.
Getting back to the dogs - two of my regular walking doggie companions have gone down with kennel cough, so I am hoping my charges have not already contracted this unpleasant illness. 
I am having a very easy week at the school, as the majority of boys are either camping or in France with the teachers.  Last weekend, I went to The Hobby Art craft workshop.  Another great day with like-minded crafters and we made some super cards ~ which I will put here on the blog.  It was all organised so well and we were as usual inundated with fab refreshments. Jenny and Anna's family members made our day very special.  Jenny tutored us in the morning and Helen Meighan had us for the afternoon.  Helen does the Helidot cards, although that's not what we did on the day.
The garden's coming along nicely and looks very pretty ~ thanks for asking!!
More soon.  Gill x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Away with the fairies

And we have a summer's day - at last.  It was quite cool first thing but promises to be a great day - week in fact.  I am going to meet a friend for lunch in Teddington later - so we may sit outside to eat.
I made this card for my sister Marilyn.  I stamped the fairy image onto some hand made background I had made earlier.  I cut an oval into the front of the card and mounted the stamped image inside the card. I made a scalloped frame to put on the front of the card and smothered it with diamonds.
A little distress ink around the edge took away the whiteness.  In fact before I posted it, I put some faux stitching around the front of the card.
I started back at school yesterday after having a nice week off.  But getting up at 6 am is no joke. However, I normally see two of my neighbours leaving at the same time, so that makes me feel a little better.  And the boys make it all worth while.
Mike and I are making some changes to our garden and have been invited to look in someone's back garden later today - with a view to choosing some new plants.  I know this garden to be just wonderful - so I guess we'll be ordering lots of new stuff.  We started our garden 16 years ago and planted everything but over the years, things have spread too much and other shrubs are too close to each other, so many things are coming out and new things going in.  Back then I was a keen flower arranger and some of the shrubs were planted for that purpose but now we want more seasonal colour.  I'll let you know....

Thursday, 30 May 2013

You sew and sew!!

Hey!!  How are you dear readers?  I have had a great day in my 'craft studio' and made this card for a friend of mine who is a tailoress - for all the major posh shops in London.  After some discussion with Anna and Kim about the Grand Nesties, I have used the largest one I have.  I have not used them before as 1. I would have to make an envelope!!! and 2. I didn't think this shape would stand up on a mantelpiece.  But Kim puts a smaller card on the back and all seems well.  This shape obviously wouldn't stand up the other way though. Well as this was so huge, I went mad and put everything I have on it.  I don't know if it's a hell of a mess or a good card.  You decide.
I added distress inks and then embossed the card with the swirl. Then I stamped the images and heat embossed them.  I took some of the colour out with thin bleach. Then for some unknown reason, to fill out the spaces I guess - I used a Versamark pad and stamped the same images in the holes.  Still not content - I stamped the words everywhere.  I cut out the whorly bits and added gems.  Then I had a lie down.
And yes, I made a blinking envelope.  She'd better keep this for the rest of her life!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Good evening!
I made this card for our neighbour's son.  He is a supporter of AFC Wimbledon, so I had to check out their strip before I could colour it in.  I don't normally make such big cards but since I bought an enormous A4 embossing folder, it helps fill out the card.  Anyway he was delighted with it.  I stamp is one by Pink Gem Designs.  I bought a set of letters that go through the Cuttlebug - hence I was able to make up the name.  Edges coloured with distress ink.  Footie ribbon finishes it off.
Goodness hasn't it rained today?  Gladly I didn't have to walk dogs today.  Not tomorrow!  I am so pleased my husband cut the lawn yesterday.  I put some bedding plants in some pots, so they are well and truly watered now.
We had a nice Sunday lunch in a pub in Caterham - listening to a jazz trio.  We know the musicians and like to support them.  Our friend Mike lives there anyway - so it was good to see him too.  Sunday evening I had three ladies here and we played whist and canasta.
On Saturday I was crafting with Kim Reygate at Davina's house.  I always manage to buy some new cutter or embossing folder and last Saturday was no exception.
It's half term this week, so it's nice to have a sleep in.  I should be having a rest but yesterday walked six dogs.  (Not altogether you understand.)  Two were a favour for our friends who had gone off to Wembley to support Crystal Palace in the play off.  Their team won, so they were very happy.  Goodness, this is definitely a football post.  Who knew I knew so much about the sport????

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Well Lady Foster, if you're looking at this -it's coming your way. A day late - I'm sorry.

I started this card at one of Kim's classes at Stampcraft (Davina's in Purley). The stamp in a Magenta one and is very versatile.  I stamped the image with white embossing powder and coloured it in with distress inks. I used a 'filmstrip' punch on the outer edge, so thread the ribbon through.  A bit of embossing folder top left and a Nestie greeting finishes it all off.  And yes - plenty of pearls.

I have no furry friends to walk today, so am card making in my 'studio'. On Sunday I went with a couple of friends to The View - The Shard at London Bridge.  We had a super time and a sunny day - so it was perfect for the views. £25 if you book in advance so not too bad - unless you have a big family!

We had lunch at Hay's Wharf and then walked along the Southbank back to Waterloo and enjoyed the street theatre, even though it had started to rain by then.  Altogether a nice day.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Well I now know why my scanner is refusing to work.  The all-in-one printer/scanner, is not compatible with my new Windows 8 computer.  They don't don't tell you these things when you buy them do they?  The printer is working ok but not the scanner part.  So I now need to buy a new printer scanner.  Think I should get a WiFi one.  (Sounds like I know what I'm talking about doesn't it?)  I believe I am right in thinking, that a WiFi one will also work with my iPad.  I am sure you'll tell me if I am wrong.
After work this afternoon, I am going to see EmmyLou Harris and Rodney Crowell at The Apollo Hammersmith, London with Dawn.  So, getting on my cowboy boots and denim jacket.
This card was made at the Hobby Art craft day earlier this year.  There is to be another craft day in June.  In fact two more days in June.  It's a great day out with fellow friends and crafters.  A must should you live in Surrey or nearby.  The yellow flowers are cut out and put on afterwards.  Sorry to say, I forget the name of the tutor who designed this.  All made with fab Hobby Art stamps.
YeeHah........ Until the next time

Monday, 6 May 2013

A lady card

Greetings.  It is Bank Holiday Monday and I am getting a few things done around the home.  We have had the pleasure of my sister in law with us for two days.  We went to the craft show at The Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley and I bought myself a few trinkets - to replace the the items stolen in our burglary before Christmas.
We also visited a National Trust property - Polesden Lacey - near Dorking in Surrey.  I have been before but you always appreciate going more than once, as there is so much to see and learn.  Rounded off her stay with a curry in our local Indian restaurant.  Salmon Saslik for me.  (Calorie counting)
The weather has been super for a change and the dearly beloved is busy painting the outside of the house. So whilst he has been busy, I have been surreptitiously been playing CandyCrush.  Well you have to don't you? I made this card for a dog walking friend of mine recently.  I love this Nestie.  I added blue ink inside the oval shape and over the cut out parts.  A little glitter bubbling up from the champagne glass finishes it off.
My scanner doesn't seem to be working but when I have sorted it, I will be putting on some lovely hand made cards I received for my birthday.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Back with Bargello


After what some might call a long break - I am back to blog.  I hope to be a more frequent blogger than I have been of late.  It's a time thing.  I am sure you busy people know what I mean.  I was on holiday over Easter and my birthday and the run up to the trip took all of my time AND energy! We did however, have a super time with my sister and her husband. We flew to Singapore and after a few days, joined a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and sailed to the Middle East.  In time I may even include a photograph or two here - once they have been downloaded.
Since I last blogged, we have a new computer and a new camera - courtesy of the burglars who ransacked our house before Christmas.  May they rot in Hades.  So I have had to learn the new idiosyncrisises of the pc and I will have to be the brains behind the camera set up too, since my husband will only ever use Word on a computer.  So please bear with me.
Here we have a card which has a hand made Bargello background theme going on.  Kim introduced us to this technique last Saturday at a class at Davina's - Stampcraft.  We made the background paper using several strips of coordinating papers and stuck them down onto sticky paper.  then chopped them up again into long strips and placed them in a wavy type of pattern to create the effect you see above.  I then stamped onto the panel and made stamped flowers out of the same papers.  If I have not described that too well, check out Kim's blog.
I am now going out for lunch today, so must go..........