Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Hello Strangers!  Apologies for my absence but I have been so busy before Christmas and we have also been to Torquay and Cornwall for almost a week.  My sister hosted a party for my quiz night and we had over 50 people attend.  It all went very well and they're looking forward to next year's!
My husband had a procedure on his knee yesterday in Epsom hospital and is now home on crutches.  So I am now head nurse and may even have to cook!!!  Surely I can improve upon hospital food.
My dear sister Carol is 61 today and I made her a Venetian themed card.  For my 50th birthday, she and Martin took us to Verona and Venice.  This photograph was taken on Lake Garda on a boat we hired.  Her gift today, is a globe featuring Venice city.
I have had this gondola punch for some time and wondered if I'd ever use it. I made a raised frame using the Nesties and placed the photo flat on the card.  I used a Cuttlebug folder on the fame and punched the gondolier out four times.  I'm sure she'll thank me for reminding everyone how old she is but she looks nothing like her 61 years.
Have a wonderful Christmas friends and strangers alike and a happy and healthy 2012.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Still Christmas

Right that's it! I'm making no more Christmas cards this year.  This central panel has been decoupaged. The green card has been Cuttlebugged in snowflakes and swiss dots.  A few embellishments complete the final card.
I am in the middle of making several quizzes for when I hold my quiz night at my sister's home in Torquay before Christmas. I have only two more to make up.  I make them all up from scratch and only check the answers on the Internet.  I really enjoy doing it.  I have a dinner party at our home this weekend, so I may use my guests as guinea pigs on a few of the quizzes.  Just to see if they're too easy or too hard.
Today we are getting Christmas out of the loft and making the house look festive.  I have all my gifts now and the cards are written.  Just wrapping left to do.  I'm starting to feel Christmassy now and looking forward to the holidays.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Bad Hair Day

Hello there! This is a card for my young teenage neighbour.  It's a Stamping Bella stamp I bought some time ago at The Craft Barn.  I used my Stampin' Up watercolour crayons to colour in the image.  A Cuttlebug embossing folder was used for the background pink card.  Then I put pink glitter on her collar and cuffs.
I have been full of cold this weekend and didn't feel so bright when I had to get up at 6am this morning.  I had to go to my local garage on the way back from the school, as two of my car lights had packed up.  Then I picked up Scottie and walked him with Benson.  Spent a fortune on postage stamps in the post office and now I'm ready for my first latte of the day.
I am getting on with things for Christmas and trying not to panic but have three card orders to fulfill and three quizzes to complete. However did I cope before the invention of the personal computer?  No idea.

Friday, 25 November 2011

More birthdays

Hello! This is the card I created for my friend Jill, who lives on The Isle of Man.  I used a Marianne Creatable for the main panel and put silver holographic card behind, so the colour shined through the flower centres.  I stamped the greeting and triple embossed it with hologram embossing powder.
I have Murphy the beard collie here with me today.  We've had a long walk to wear him out.  He's only 8 months old and he loved Benson.  Great off the lead and the day is beautiful here, so we had a great time.
I went to a party for an 81 year old lady on Wednesday.  She had hired a room for us and there was an entertainer.  If I told you I was showing off my moves on the dance floor, to those fabulous hits of yesteryear, like Tie a yellow round the old oak tree and Save all those kisses for me - would you think I'd lost my street cred?  All we needed was The birdie song and I'd have been complete!  Great night!!
I went Christmas shopping in Kingston on Wednesday morning and bought a few flashing items to use in my school bus.  I have to take in a separate bag for all the toys and flashing gizmos.  They must think I'm mad.  I know the other drivers do.  The newest thing is from eBay.  It's a glowing Christmas tree that sits on the dashboard and is fired up by the telephone charger.  They love it. (But not as much as me!)

Monday, 21 November 2011

It's not all Christmas

Morning all!  I have made this card for a friend of mine - Kevan - who always asks me to make cards for his daughter for her birthday in November and one for Christmas.  Here, I used a printed picture which came with a corresponding gold peel off, that you place over the top of the image.  The background paper is one I bought in The States some time ago.  Nesties and a label complete the card with little pearls around the square.
Saturday night we went out for a delicious curry in Teddington with Dawn and her lovely employers Rob and Emma.  Came home and watched the X Factor.  (We know how to have a good time!)
Yesterday I went to The Ideal Home Christmas Show in London's Earl's Court.  I can't wait to be a pensioner - as I paid £18 to get in!!!!  In a few years I can save a fiver! I bought one or two Christmas gifts and a few things for myself. (Of course)  I still have a lot of gifts to buy, so may go into Kingston one day this week and break the back of it.  The show was quite good and I guess it will improve as the years go on.  I went with my neighbour Tracy and her daughter Emily and we had a fun day out.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Heavenly Beings

Hi Folks. I have used a Lily of the Valley topper here. They are so pretty and useful.  The green paper is shiny and I stamped holly leaves in white all over it.  I have blinged up the topper.  Easy enough no?
I was asked to make a card for a lady for her elderly aunt for Christmas.  I showed her my Christmas stock and she took four!  So that's four more I'll have to produce.
I had a lovely lunch with my friend Lynn on Wednesday. We went to Jimmy Spice's in Wimbledon for a change.  Oh how good it was! The manager recognised me from when he worked at the Epsom branch.  Probably remembers how good my appetite is! Going out for a curry with Dawn this weekend.  (Slimming World here I come again!)
Today I have walked Benson and am about to go and walk Austin in South Godstone.  Then on to work at the school for three runs.  So, home late tonight. How did I ever fit in work?

Monday, 14 November 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...

Hello there!  Where is the time going?  It'll be Christmas soon. Are you ready?  I'm certainly not.  You'd think I'd know that it comes at the same time every year but I still get caught out and run out of time - no matter how many times I swear I will be more organised.
I have used a Penny Black stamp here.  I've had it for some years now.  I stamped in gold and coloured it in with Perfect Pearls.  There's a bit of embossing going on, ribbon and embellishments and it's done.
I went to the cinema with our nephew and his wife on Saturday.  We saw The Awakening.  I did jump out of my skin a couple of times but I didn't 'get' it at the end.  Everyone had a different view than me.  I was outnumbered, so obviously wrong.  I won't spoil it for you though.  We later went for a meal at Jimmy Spice's in Epsom, with my sister Carol and her husband.  Ate far too much! What's new?
Sunday, I took Carol and my friend Anna to a florist's sundries place in Isleworth.  They have lots of Christmas things and gifts, glassware and candles.  I think the business can retire now!!
More soon.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Hello strangers

Hello there!  Back again.  Sorry for the absence but sometimes life takes over and I am so, so busy right now.  And I haven't even started on Christmas shopping yet.  I'm starting to have a private panic.
This was an easy card to produce. I think the greeting stamp is Stampendous.  The holly leaves were coloured in using Perfect Pearls.  I have used stickers and jewels.
I have Benson bouncing around the house right now - waiting for a nice walk in the damp park.  I was going to wash my hair but it's drizzly out there, so I'd better do it later.  His owner has gone to an appointment, so he's with us for a few hours.  It's nice to have a god around again.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

Hi Guys.  Another quick and easy make.  I found these printed images left over from last year.  I mounted them into a pyramid and took a long piece of card and folded over a third of it.  I mounted the pyramid onto this folded part, having Cuttlebugged the whole card beforehand.  The greetings came with the printed images.
Well I'm sorry to say that the poor baby squirrell was euthanised.  It had sustained a badly broken jaw in its fall from the tree top.  The only comfort I can muster, is that I ended its suffering sooner rather than later.
Last night I went to a concert at Wembley Arena.  It was Toby Keith.  Of course my UK readers will all be saying, 'Who?', whilst my readers from the USA will know exactly who I mean.  I went with Dawn and we had a blast.  A curry before the show set us up for the night. It was a struggle getting out of bed this morning though.  Out for another curry meal tonight with friends.  In a week's time, I'll be complaining about putting on weight.  Please remind me why it's happening when I moan.

Monday, 31 October 2011

A piece of ribbon . . . .

Evening all - as Jack Warner used to say. This card uses up a few bits and pieces and was made using some florist's ribbon that I think looks festive.  The embellishment is metal and I stuck three red jewels on.  Nesty greetings and that's it.
Had a lovely evening yesterday.  Friends came round and we had a Chinese takeaway.  One dog went home and we still have Lily the Doberman until tomorrow.  Our friends brought us their holiday snaps to show us and as they'd been to Kenya on a safari, it was super to see all the animals close up.  I'm not convinced I want to experience the heat and the travelling though.
This morning I found an injured baby squirrel in the park.  Had I left it, it would most certainly have died, so I carried it to my car and it got warm and it started to revive very slightly.  It was bleeding a little from the mouth.  I think it must have either fallen from its nest or a magpie was trying to predate it.  I drove it to the Leatherhead Wildlife Centre and will find out tomorrow if it could be saved.  I hope so.  Want to see a picture?

The poor wee mite was crawling with fleas and I'm still itchy thinking about it . . . .

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Blue Christmas

Greetings Crafters!
Well I've had an extra hour's sleep and I'm feeling good this morning.  I was crafting yesterday and came across these blue baubles.  I used my Cuttlebug die cuts to form the silver filigree squares.  I believe the greeting is one by Stampendous.  Very easy card!
Who sang Blue Christmas?  Was it Elvis?
I have two canine boarders - Lily and Woody.  They are super and we've been out walking already.  We took Benson too.  Lily is a lovely gentle Doberman and Woody is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They are very good together too.  The first night we didn't get much sleep but overnight today they were settled.  Woody's going home today and Lily on Tuesday.
We have a couple of gardeners in today.  I'm feeling really guilty because I normally tend the garden but I have arthritis in my thumbs these days and we just need a little help to get it sorted and then I'll be back to doing it myself.  When they have finished I'm going into Epsom to but some ink jet cartidges for my computer.  What a life!!  Have a good Sunday folks.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snowflake card

Afternoon all! This card was made using a new Hobby Art snowflake stamp.  The greeting is an old PSX stamp. (How I miss that company.)  I used distress inks to sponge the background and white embossing powder to stamp.  This card again was started at a 'Kim class' and completed at home.  Although not a Christmas punch, it certainly lends itself to the festivities.  I added a jewel to the flower buttons.  I Nestied the greeting and added ink whilst leaving the Nestie in place.

I went up to a reunion with some colleagues of mine in the Houses of Parliament yesterday.  I can't believe I retired from there three and a half years ago.  It was great seeing everyone and the buffet wasn't half good too.  I was second in line - beaten by my friend Jane!  Another friend drove up from Worcester and stayed with us overnight.  She went home this morning and after I walked three dogs (!), I went to the whist drive.  Lousy cards all afternoon.  Pity there was no booby prize.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cute Christmas

Morning Crafters.
Another beautiful day so far in Surrey.  I am just about to take out two dogs for a walk in Nonsuch Park but before I do I thought I'd do a quick post here. This card uses one of the new Hobby Art stamps which is so pretty and very adaptable don't you think?  I started it in class with Kim on Saturday and came home to bling it up.  I stamped in black ink and coloured in the image using distress inks. Then I put dimensional glaze on the berries. There is a red stone brad in the centre of the bow.  Nesties and embossing folders complete the finished card.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Daisy greetings

Hi Folks.  I made this using an embossing/cutting folder.  There are holes under the pearl embellishments. I am using it as an anniversary card.  The greeting is one from Hobby Art.
I have just finished a class with Kim at Lavender Lane.  The final one as the shop is closing.  Great shame too.  I shall miss all the girls but hope to see some of them at other new classes.
We made Christmas cards and I will feature one tomorrow.  We used new Hobby Art stamps and they are wonderful.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Kanban Kwikkie

This was a Kanban card for a dear friend of ours - Graham Neale.  He loves his motorbikes and has a 'Harley' himself. Kanban cover all subjects and certainly help with masculine cards.  I know you stamping die hards will think it's a soft option but Hey Ho.  Sometimes you just have to!
I have two greyhounds wandering around my home tonight.  They are just here for 48 hours whilst their owner is away.  They are really good and so far well behaved.  Altough there was a small accident in the garage when they first arrived.  Neither took responsibility!!
BTW - The patient continues to improve. Hopefully he'll be cooking for me again soon!! (Am I not a lucky girl?)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Halloween for Harry

Morning!  I don't normally do Halloween cards but I have got a box and filled it with Halloween themed items for my pretend grandson.  (I don't have any children or grandkids, so I share my best friend Jill's grandson.) His name is Harry and he lives on The Isle Of Man.  The papers and wording were free in a magazine but good enough quality to use.  I cut the front of the card diagonally and embossed it with a Cuttlebug folder.
My husband is coming on leaps and bounds.  Thank you for all the messages of support. As he is doing so well, I will probably make it to Kim's final class at Lavender Lane this Saturday afternoon. I may have said previously that we were meant to be in Tenerife this week, so I was going to miss the classes but if he continues to improve, I'll be there - for one of them anyway.  Is it too early to wish you  Happy Halloween?

Friday, 14 October 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Well I have had the most worrying and bizarre 48 hours. On Wednesday, my dear hubby was  in        A & E in Epsom General Hospital, having been sent by our GP.  He had had a very bad headache for six days and it had extended down towards his eye socket. The GP thought he had Temporal Arteritis and sent him immediately to the hospital. Long story short - it turned out that Mike's heart was not beating fast enough - only 37 beats a minute.  He was admitted and treated as an emergency. This morning he leap frogged the waiting list and had a pacemaker fitted and now he's home.  It has been like a bad dream. So surreal and so much emotion in such a short space of time and now he just has to keep quiet and still for a week and not raise his arm for 6 weeks. We were meant to go to Tenerife on holiday on Sunday but that's been cancelled now.  I can't bear to think about what might have happened had we gone.  We're just so relieved.  We hadn't realised just how ill he was.  Someone's been looking after him for me.
So, this was a card I made for our niece Keri - made before all this drama.  She loves Tigger.  I bought this stamp with her in mind, so poor girl gets a Tigger card every year! Well I'm off to look after Mike and molly coddle him for a bit.  I have been promised a 'New Man'.  Can't wait.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kim's card

Hi Folks.  Yesterday was Kim Reygate's birthday and this is the card I made for her.  The stamp is from Hobby Art. I made the inked background using a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I bit of embossing folder and Nesties complete the finished card.  My husband doesn't think I should ever use black on a birthday card.  What do you think?  I feel it's a bit 'Halloweeny' don't you?  Thankfully that's coming up soon.
I have had a busy few days - as usual.  Last Friday I went with my friend to see Lady Antebellum in a small intimate venue in Islington - Union chapel.  They were fantastic.  Dawn and I had already seen them last year in Shepherd's Bush.  Now they are becoming so huge worldwide, I don't suppose we'll ever be that close again.  It was a great evening.
I have been working at the school too and last week, ferried the boys and teachers to the church in Surbiton for the Harvest Festival.  I remember the ones I attended when I was at school.  I went inside the church and was swollen with pride at seeing 'My boys' up there singing and reading.  Singing all those hymns really took me back.
Mike and I went to a 'curry party' on Saturday night.  My friend Sandra has just qualified as an oesteopath and she threw a party to celebrate.  She is such a good cook and made all the curries.  Everything was delicious.  So, bang went the diet once more.  I had hoped I'd lose a few pounds before we go to Tenerife soon.  No chance now - so I may as well carry on - No?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Home under water

Hello there!
We have new neighbours.  Our friends Nicki and Terry moved out last Friday and took their doggies with them.  But they haven't gone too far away - still in Stoneleigh.  In their place we have another couple who appear to be very friendly.  I am sure they will fit in very quickly.  I have made this card to welcome them to our road.
The stamp is from Hobby Art.  At Kim's class last week, we used a watercolour technique and I used it on this stamped image.  I used a distress ink and then, with a water brush, just moved some of the colour about to take away the harsh lines.  An embossing folder, ribbon, gems and a punch later - and we have our new home card.
I nearly blotted my copy book this morning.  My husband woke up early and asked me what time my alarm was to go off.  I said, '6.15'.  He said, 'Well I don't think it's gone off'.  I looked at the clock and it was 06.36.  If I'm perfectly honest, a word not normally associated with ladies, left my mouth.  (Note to self - 10p in the swear box!)  I was up and out 12 minutes later and yes, I had make up on.  Now for me to leave the home without caffeine is unheard of but the adrenalin was pumping and I got a coffee as soon as I got to the school.  I arrived at my pick up point dead on time and only you, dear reader, my husband and I are any the wiser!
I went to a Jamie Oliver party last night at my friend Dawn's house.  I am so glad I made the effort straight after work because she had had many cancellations poor thing.  That's why I don't have these party plan evenings.  I have ordered a baking tray for mini Yorkshire puddings.  I made Dawn promise to come and make some for me.  And me a Yorkshire Lass.  I should be ashamed - but sadly I'm not.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Let it snow - please let it snow!

Well I for one am a little tired of this Indian summer.  I burn very easily and it's no fun for a pale English rose.  I thought a Christmas card session might just cool me down.
I cut out some Nestie shapes and coloured the smaller one with Distress inks.  Then I used a Little Claire peel off. I Cuttlebugged the flower shapes and coloured those with the corresponding Distress inks.  I added blue and green to the card itself, using a brayer. (Not as well as Barbara Gray needless to say)  If you notice the deliberate mistake - please leave a comment.
I have had such a busy week.  My sister turned up on Wednesday with friends and we gave them lunch.  Later we drove down to Gatwick and had dinner with them.  I went up to London on Thursday to see some friends for a reunion.  That night we had a curry with some other old friends who live half the year in Spain.  Friday saw us looking after two dogs, as our neighbours moved house.  And on top of all that I was working morning and evening too.  So today I really 'slobbed out' and did very little - apart from watch some crafting on the TV and making this card.
We also have some X Factor to catch up on this evening.  We are now viewing the US one too. (I can hear you all groaning from here!)  So - can't stay here chatting.  Bye for now.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Broom, Broom

Afternoon all - depending on where you are when you read this I suppose! Welcome.
I have made this card for our nephew Steve.  I find it a little harder to make cards for young men but I hope this fits the bill.  The car topper is one from Lili of the Valley from a few years ago.   Haven't they come on recently?  I have embossed the green and white card with a Cuttlebug folder and added silver brads.  The greeting is a peel off and I just put a little distress ink around the edges with some faux stitching.
Well, I enjoyed my day at Alexandra Palace at the papercraft show.  It took an hour to get there and nearly two to drive home.  We came home through central London - more by accident than design. At the venue, in another room, they were setting up for a celebratory Songs of Praise for the TV.  Apparently Andrea Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins and Beverley Knight were to perform.  So when 4pm rolled around, we were ushered out fairly smartly, for the high brow and pious to take our place.
I didn't spend wildly - for a change.  If I live to be 150, I'll never make a dent in the stock I have already.  I'm not alone in this and I'm not naming names, but you know who you are!!
It was great to see and speak to Barbara Gray from Clarity Stamps.  She's so hilarious.  We watched one of her demos - using a stamp I bought last year.  I really must get on with my Christmas cards and catch up with Kim.  How many now Kim? BTW - I have your cardigan.
So, the weekend went far too quickly and it's back to work with the boys.
Did I tell you I made a little boy cry?  I didn't mean to.  First term I let them ride roughshod over me, and was advised to inflict a modicum of discipline on them.  So we were still in the school playground when one 7 year old made another cry by bending his fingers the wrong way.  I rose to my full height of five feet four and threequarter inches and towered above the 'naughty' boy.  I asked him to come and sit closer to me at the front of the bus.  He followed me to the front and then burst out crying.  Obviously - he then sat where he wanted.  I hated myself.  Finger bending will no doubt continue! Back to the drawing board.  Not being a parent - I don't know what's deemed good behaviour and what isn't.  Help all you young mums.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dance the night away

Evening all!  I had a lovely day today with my girlfriends and Kim at Lavender Lane.  It'll be my last class there, as they're closing soon and I will be on holiday for their last class.  Today we made Christmas cards with Butterfly Kisses and Hobby Art stamps.  Photos to follow.  It was good to hear from the ladies saying they check out my blog - as it can seem that no one is reading it.  So it has inspired me to carry on.  Thank you.
This card was for my 'Aunty Lou', who lives on The Isle of Man.  She was my Mum's best friend.  I have used one of my favourite toppers and have embossed the brown card.  Mat and layering, and punching complete the design.
I have been to my sister in law's tonight for a lovely Indian curry.  As usual, I was the only one who went back for more.  I even had apple pie and custard afterwards.  I'm unsure as to which Indian state apple pie comes from. Methinks I should start dieting again come Monday.
Last Wednesday, I went with my friend Jane Price to an antiques fair in Berkeley Square in London.  What a posh do that was.  Two gentlemen in morning dress greeted us at the entry to the marquee.  I don't think there was anything for sale for less than several hundred pounds.  We didn't like anything anyway!!  I mean, who would want any of that exquisite jewellery?  There were certainly people who were buying though.  On our way out, we saw a man sitting in the park with two huge tropical parrots on a park bench.  We had a good lunch in Shepherd's Market before parting company and me going to work.
Off to bed now - to dream about the Alexandra Palace Papercraft Show tomorrow.  Better wear my sensible shoes!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

If music be the food of love....

Where does the weekend go?  Here we are, Sunday evening and I'm already thinking of getting up early tomorrow morning.  Still, 'X Factor's back on the tv.  Love it or hate it I still think it's compulsive viewing.  I don't know where they get half these people from.
Yesterday we attended a 60th birthday party and there were lots of musicians playing guitars, electric double bass and a teenager who played jazz fiddle - just like Stephane Grappelli - if you're old enough to remember him.  He was marvellous.  I was running out of time to get ready and do everything I needed to and very nearly ran to the shops to buy a card.  But I remembered I had a background rubber stamp with music on it and another of a double clef, so I quickly knocked up this card before you now.  I stamped the double clef all over cream card.  Then stamped out the music.  Mat and layered everything, added embellishments and did the greeting on the computer.  I kept everything with right angles, to keep it fairly masculine and this is the first card I've made in ages without using my Nestabilites.  I was so glad I bothered because the chap loved it and said it was 'cool'.  'Hip' talk from a 60 year old - I was flattered.

Today I have been to the Sandown Papercraft Show in Esher, Surrey.  I bought some good things and intend to make some cards to show you what I chose.  (If I can remember what to do with them!!)  Watch this space.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Lili of The Valley does Christmas

Hello Crafters one and all.  This little lady is a Lili of the valley topper.  I do like them.  It's so quick to make a Christmas card.  I just Nestied the image and put glitter around the edges.  I have glittered her hood too.  The red card went though the Spellbinder in an embossing folder which just embossed the border of the card.  The photo once again doesn't do it justice but I'm sure you get the idea.  Happy holidays ribbon and a snowflake complete the card in a very short space of time.
I have had a busy week - again!! Getting up early for work has at least helped me to sleep slightly better through the night - although I still wake up.  Two days ago, as I left home at 06.45 hrs, I found an injured or poisoned fox in my neighbour's front garden.  It was fitting and couldn't walk, so I went back inside and got the number of the RSPCA and woke Mike to call them.  They took one and a half hours to get here.  I got home just after the yound inspector had shot the fox.  I am so glad I missed that but slightly upset that she didn't even examine it.  I really wish I'd called a fox or wildlife rescue place now but I was going to be late for work and I just wanted the fox to be out of pain.  Very distressing for everyone.  My husband Mike stayed with the fox and wrapped it in a blanket, as it kept trying to walk.  He held it until the RSPCA arrived.  Whatever people think about them, I cannot bear to see an animal in pain.  And to think it may have been poisoned, makes my blood boil.
Last night I went to a retirement function in Surbiton, Surrey.  A girlfriend of mine was leaving the Metropolitan Police Service after 33 years years.  We met in January 1978, when we both had an interview to join the force.  Goodness, am I that old?  I guess I am.
Mike and I actually have a weekend with nothing planned.  Hurrah!  We intend to go to the cinema.  Any suggestions as to what we see?  I fancy Jane Eyre myself.  More soon.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New Home Card

Hi folks! This card was made using my favourite 'New Home' stamp by Hobby Art. The word stamp is also one of theirs.  I stamped the image just above the centre and using 'Post It' notes, I masked the design and added the green and blue colours using Color Box fluid chalk based inks. I then added the words and the flower, which is a little 'Anita's' stamp.
What a dreadful day weatherwise.  My first day back at school and what a damp one it was.  I got to the pick up point far too early but I'd rather that than be late.  I am driving a brand new bus and I have three new 7 year old boys onboard.  For the afternoon run, I had to do 2 drop off points.  When I got to the first destination, I discovered I had a new boy who was on the wrong bus.  I had picked him up in the morning but his parents wanted him dropped at a different place in the afternoon.  No one told me.  Well by the time I found out, the other boys must have told him goodness knows what, because he had big fat wet ones rolling down his cheeks.  I wanted to give him a big cuddle but you can't do that these days.  So I tried to make him laugh.  I eventually got him to his parents very late in the pouring rain.  They were OK about it but it wasn't a great impression for their son's first day.  However, he was safe with me.  By the time I got back to the school, very late, the boss was there, full of apologies.  He's so nice you can't be mad for long.  As payment, I made him park the bus in a small gap in the playground.  I could have done it but it would have taken ages!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Christmas continues in September

Hello there.  It's been a few days but I have been very busy.  No change there then.  Last week saw me at The British Wildlife Centre with my husband Mike and Benson's owner, Olive.  It was a really sunny day and I managed to get some good photographs of the animals and owls. On Sunday I went up to Camden Market with a couple of girl friends.  We took a canal trip as far as Little Venice which was lovely.  Then we looked around a few of the markets there.  You certainly see some sights if you are a people watcher - which I am.  Girls with hair colours you can only imagine and so many tattoos.  It's worth a visit just to say you've been.  We later had a meal in Islington in a Brazilian restaurant.
Anyhow, this card is made using a Penny Black stamp.  I 'Nestied' a hole in the main card and embossed the front with a Swiss Dots embossing folder.  I then cut the image out with another Nestie and matt and layered it with the same Nestie only a bigger size. The boots are shiny black, using a gelly roll pen.  The dress is also glossy using the same type of pen.  Embellishments finish off the design.  As it's now September, I think there may be more Christmas on the way.
I go back to my part time job tomorrow.  I can hardly believe eight weeks have come and gone.  Roll on Tenerife in October.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Christmas is almost upon us....

This is a Tilda holding a wreath,cut out and mounted onto embossed white card, using an embossing folder.  Nestie shapes and ribbon complete the card.  I put glossy accents onto the red ribbon.

The musical yesterday was wonderful.  The Barbican Theatre is really super.  I don't think there's a bad seat in the house.  It was packed out and everyone seemed to enjoy it immensely.  We later went to a restaurant in 'Theatreland' London called Sarastro's.  We've been several times before but it's nice to take people who have never been.  It's so unusual and quirky.  Imagine my surprise when we ran into our vet inside there.  There were six of us and it all went very well.  We may even repeat the experience again.

Today I have done the dog walk with a friend called Carol and her dog Lily.  I will be having Lily for a week in September.  We have a latte in Nonsuch Park.  I have done the ironing, whilst watching a recorded craft show on QVC and after a little dusting- I'll be back in my loft - crafting.  Hope you're having a good Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bali Ha'i

Afternoon.  I have made this card for my sister in law Betty, whose birthday is next week.  The main panel is a cake stand with cup cakes on.  Photo not so good but they stand out in reality!  I have used the clear resist technique and added ink from a Kaleidacolor ink pad.  Nesties and embossing folders complete the card.  I have also glittered up the white embossed card.  I know I know - get a better camera.  I will
Today we are off very soon to The Barbican in London to see South Pacific.  It's an American production with good reviews, so we're looking forward to it.  Then we're having dinner in Drury Lane - Theatreland.  Must dash.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Everything happens in threes

I have my last shelf up and secure now.  All I need is boxes in which to store card and stamps in a tidy fashion.  I made this yesterday but waited until I could take a photgraph in the sunshine.  Not that we've had much of that have we?  I have changed the photo in the last post because it wasn't very clear.  I used a 'Cart-us' stamp in this one.  I embossed the flower three times in white and stamped the background with white ink.  Three scalloped nesties and some ribbon et voila.  V. simps.

I walked Benson in the rain today with a bout of sciatica.  Still got it in my right thigh.  Then I had a lovely lunch with an old friend by the river in the sunshine in Kingston. (Lovely because chips were included!) A little shopping in Sainsbury's whilst a nice chap cleaned my car.  I gave it a quick Hoover when I got home, so now I deserve to go and do some more crafting.  Don't you agree?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A new beginning

Hi crafters.  I have just made my first card in the new loft space.  We've had company today so I have only had a short time in there.  I stamped the panel with white embossing powder, then used sponges to add colour from a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I took some colour out with bleach and painted in the leaves with the same ink pad.  I used my Nesties to make the circles and Stampin' Up punches to make the oval shapes.  I also made the two dots using a very small punch and indenting them from the wrong side to make the little button shapes.  The black card is the Black Magic paper with a green core.  I used a Crafts Too folder then used sand paper to let the green core show through.
Of course I couldn't find anything!  When I tidy up, and put everything away in a box, I lose everything I need. Here are a couple of photos showing my new surroundings.  I'm like that mad woman locked in the turret in Jane Eyre - Bertha Rochester!  I am getting a list together of improvements I need, such as more light over to the left of the desk and possibly more shelving.  And somewhere to place the kettle.
This is the business end with a light above the desk.

One lot of stamps.
Another lot of stamps.

I need more light in this area.  All my Christmas stamps have to go somewhere and all my word/greeting stamps have to go somewhere else!!  What you cannot see in these shots, is the big pile of unsorted boxes and bags in the centre of the floor.  Frankly, I was embarrassed that I had so much gear.  I also didn't want my husband to see how long it took to get it all up there.  Inevitably he said, 'You really don't need any more stuff.  Can you get rid of any?'  How can I tell him I have bought tickets to the Sandown show and also Ally Pally the following week?  Anyway, I'll soon have my scented candles and coffee making facilities up there.  The little hifi is already in situ.  All I need is a bed and I need never come down!!
My sister in law bought me a lovely climbing plant to remind me of Taffy and tomorrow I'm off to buy a rose as a gift from our friend Joyce, to remind us of Taffy.  How could I forget my little boy?  I keep stepping over where he used to lie.  Ah well.  It's good to be back at it!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'll be back soon

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days.  As many of you know, I had to say goodbye to my lovely boy Taffy on Tuesday.  I am adjusting to life without him and when I have a little time to sort out my new crafting space, I'll be back to posting here.  Give me a couple of days.  Gilly x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

New Loft Space

Here are my 'before pictures'.  Actually, the before pictures would have been of a dirty dark loft that needed clearing out.  So this is how it looks now we've had the work done.  In the last shot, you can see that we have storage space out of sight, all around the three sides of the loft.  Mike is half way through putting up a good shelf for me and tomorrow all my gear goes up.  It'll take a couple of days to sort everything and I may need more shelving etc.  I'll also need a place to put a kettle!  It has been suggested I get some sort of gizmo to raise my doggie Taffy to join me.  He hates it whilst I'm up there. I have a feeling husband will say No to that one.

Girl in green

I have used a Hanglar stamp to make this card.  I seem to be the last person to know about these lovely stamps but why oh why are they so expensive and hard to come by?  I bought this image on eBay.  I have punched some flowers and leaves and put faux stitching around the image I cut out using my Nesties.  She's coloured in using Copix pens and Marvy Le Plume pens.  I edged the cut out image using distress ink, leaving the Nestie in place.  You can't really see that from the photo.  (When are you going to get a better camera I hear you say?)
Now today we have been working on my craft room.  Husband is cutting wood as I type.  We carried a huge, heavy piece of kitchen worktop into the loft space.  This will form a good shelf for me to work upon.  After a monumental struggle, we got it up the stairs and up the loft ladder. I pointed out something to husband about the worktop being too long and after a smidgeon of slightly fresh language, we heaved it all the way back down into the garden for two inches more to be cut off said piece of worktop.  Well, as I pointed out, 'If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.'  I got no answer!  I may go into the loft space and take some 'before' photos.  Our friends were coming today to help with the move of my gear but they had problems their end and they will come tomorrow.  I may have to feed them.  I wonder if they like fish fingers.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Boy In Blue

Howdy Pards!! I had to make a card today on the hurry up - so it arrives on time for a very special little boy called Harry Bridson.  Harry lives on The Isle of Man and I am his third grandma.  As I will never be a nana, his family have graciously allowed me to be an honorary gran.
The stamp is one from the Greeting Farm Co.  It's part of a set, given to me by Kim, when she stayed here for a craft show.  I've used Nesties and Shapeabilities to decorate the card.  It is now well on its way to Harry, along with a box full of gifts for next Tuesday.
Long time no blog I hear you say.  Well, I am well travelled since I last wrote.  My brother in law died and the funeral was in Bristol last Wednesday.  Then I went to Torquay with my other sister Carol.  Spent two days there before going to my nephew's wedding in Plymouth.   Since his father had just died, my sister gave away the bride - she having no parents alive.  With me so far????  Anyway, the happy couple are now holidaying in Aruba.  I came home to London on a coach on Sunday.
My doggie wasn't so good last weekend and he may be losing his marbles.  We thought we were going to say goodbye to him but he's rallied round and has had a reprieve.  He's not sick, just old.  Know the feeling?  I do.
I am attending another wedding tomorrow.  My neighbour's daughter is getting wed in Epsom. I hope the haridresser does a better job than the one in Plymouth.  I thanked her kindly and tipped her - then went straight back to the hotel and brushed her creation out.  Why do we do this?
You may have forgotten about my new craft room - or indeed wondered why it's been quiet on that front for a while.  Well, husband has a 'dickie' knee and although the lost space is ready for me, we've been unable to transport all my craft stuff (of which there is a lot) up the loft ladder.  So on Sunday, our friends Mike and Gabriele are coming over in work attire and we are going for it.  The other Mike will be in the loft and will pull my big old desk up with ropes.  Next week I will be sorting everything and having a clear out.  Possibly sell some stamps on eBay.  (To make room for more)  So folks, stand by.

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Box, A Box, My Kingdom For A Box

Tonight Ladies & Gentlemen you have before you a very rare item.  Never before created by my good self, have you seen such a fascinating, interesting, beautifully crafted card box.  Yes, you non-believers, I have the power - if not the inclination - to make a darn card box.  You may never see this again dear friends.  Enjoy while you can.  I did try fruitlessly, to ram the wedding card into a square envelope but things started to drop off the card - so a box was made.  If truth be known, the card rattles around inside - the box being a little too large but No Matter.  I have made a box on 1st August 2011.  Make a note in your diary.  I shall expect 'You made a box' anniversary cards next year and the year after.

I have stamped this creation, with a Clarity corner stamp, made the central wording on my computer, then used my Spellbinder cutter and Nestabilites to make the centrepiece.  I have coloured in the stamped images using felt tipped pens - not for me Pro markers, Copic pens and the like - the Yorkshire in me is still using up my felt tipped Marvy Le Plumes.  (By the way - did you know it's Yorkshire day today?)  I have been liberal with my pearls, I think you'll agree.

I just have to get this to Plymouth safely, via Bristol.  I'm off for a lie down now.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Surfin' Launceston Way

Hello friends and crafters one and all.  Here I have made a card using a fabric square. The beaded ribbon seems so relevant to beach cards I feel.  I used it before with the beach huts, you may remember.  The Crafts Too embossing folder gives the feel of waves.  The peel offs have been coloured in to compliment the card colours.  It's for our niece's son Patrick, who will be 19 soon.  They near not far from the coast in Launceston.
Yesterday I met my friend Dawn in Richmond Park and the dogs had a wonderful couple of hours.  there were many beautiful deer to be seen and rabbits.  Thankfully Taffy's days of chasing rabbits are over. Tonight we're going for dinner to The Kingswood Arms, with our friends Mike & Gabriele. Tomorrow we are spending the day with Mike's rellies in Farnborough.  Keri is a wonderful cook, so Monday it's back on the diet!
I have been busy getting cards ready for the next 10 days, as I will be away for a few days this week.  Mike will be holding the fort here with security, courtesy of Taffy Till. (If he's awake long enough to contribute.)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

There's a wedding coming up.....

Hello!  I made this card for my nephew's wedding which is fast approaching.  I 'm not at all sure I've done anything quite so fancy.  Kim has obviously inspired me.  Mine will not be going to the Far East though.  In fact, the length of time it took to make this, I may not even send it.  I think I'll take a photo and send that to the bride and groom!

You can see it's an easel card and there's a lot of Cuttlebugging going on.  I used Swiss Dots and a Crafts Too folder with hearts on.  The topper is one of those lovely ones by Lili of The Valley, and I have added lots of glitter and pearls.
The greeting I did on the computer.  I used to be a flower arranger and I have a lot of pearly things, which is what I have used here.  I used to do a lot of wedding bouquets etc. and still have a lot of things that I can use and a place to go and get more!!  It's my secret!
So Kim, that'll be a square box - 6" x 6" please. x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Flock rules

Afternoon fellow crafters and friends.  I picked up this wonderful flocked paper at Lavender Lane last week.  It really is sumptuous and such a lovely deep colour.  The stamp is a Stampin Up one.  The card was so easy to make and I thought could be sent to a man.  Whaddya think?

The next card is a tarted up Kanban one for our nephew Nick who was 50 yesterday.  He is still dotty about football and is in fact a referee.
You'll be pleased to learn that the wedding is going ahead as planned as it was thought that that was what my brother in law would have wanted.  It'll be a day of mixed emotions I think, coming three days after his funeral in Bristol.  My husband has a consultant's appointment on that day - so don't know if I'll be travelling alone or not.
My car went in for a service and an MOT yesterday and I should have had it back today but it needs a new part (something to do with the sump!!  Not a clue!) and the part won't be delivered to the garage until tomorrow morning.  That has put an extra £100 on the bill.  Deep joy.  I am the driver tomorrow evening for a hen do, so I'd better get it back by then.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

When did you last see a purple fern?

Let's call it artistic license.  This is another card started in class with Kim at Lavender Lane and completed at home. We used a mask on the border, to create the shadow look of colour on the edge.  Although I have done this before, you forget all the different techniques.  It's good to be reminded.  The ferns were stamps of Kim's and the greeting is a lovely old PSX one I have treasured for a long time.  Whatever happened to them?  I loved the feel of their wood mounted stamps and their glorious illustrated books.
Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary and it saw us in Camden for an evening with our neighbours.  Tracy bought us tickets to a comedy store in Battersea for Christmas last year.  By the time we got round to using the tickets, the venue had closed and we had to go to another, called The Highlight Club in Camden Lock.  I don't know if you've ever been, but it's alternative to say the least.  Very multicultural and 'way out'.  There is a big market there and I have already arranged to go again with a couple of girlfriends.  It was probably busier than normal, people just turning up looking for Amy Winehouse's house to mourn. Not really a shock was it?  Great sadness for her loved ones though.  What a waste of a brilliant talent. The comedy show was good and we all laughed.  Another friend Jan, kindly dog sat for Taffy and Tilly - my weekend charge - and we got home after midnight.
At Morden, a young man was collapsed in the street, probably drunk but we called the police and an ambulance just in case.  I was accused of being 'Always on duty' but as I said, 'It's someone's little boy'.
I didn't get to sleep until 3am so had a nice sleep in.
Today I have had some very bad news.  My sister's husband Andy has died.  He was 67 years old and although not robustly fit, it was a still a shock to my sister and her children.  He had a stroke in the early hours of this morning.  His son is getting married in two weeks, or rather was meant to.  Andy was to give the bride away, so I don't know whether the wedding will still go ahead or not.  Too early to say. terribly sad for all the family.
To keep my mind busy, I have been putting things on eBay to sell.  I have been meaning to do this for ages.  I may even sell some stamps.   Laters!