Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Moving on.......

Greetings this damp and awful Wednesday night.  Will this rain ever stop?  I have made this card for a friend of ours who has just moved house.  I used a Hobby Art stamp and after colouring it in, I put Diamond Glaze over the image.  The punch is one I have had for a long time but with the advent of Martha Stewart and Stampin' Up punches, I forget to use my old ones.  In fact some of them don't work any longer - they have seized up!  Bit like me.
I had an appointment in East Grinstead today, so had lunch in Lingfield. What a coincidence that The Craft Barn is there.  I was very good and didn't spend much because I'm going to the show this weekend. I did meet some ladies who I have met at Lavender Lane  classes.  We were talking about Christening cards. Here are a couple of ideas Linda.  I have made a few things up for you and you can turn them into cards - should you wish to. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kit card

Hello there people. I didn't have time to create a new card today, so I am showing you one I made a while back as an order for a friend of mine.  It was sent to Spain for a birthday for her friend Madge. It's a Kanban kit and I added a couple of flowers and ribbon.  Quick and easy but the recipient was pleased with it.
I have had quite a day - see Taffy's blog for details.
I have just made dinner - for the first time in a long while.  Mike was very surprised A. that I bothered and B. that it was edible.  It's taster week at Slimming World Club tomorrow and we are all invited to take in a dish from their recipe books.  So, I made two lots of a chicken and sausage casserole.  It was very nice considering it was slimming!!  I hope they don't eat it all up tomorrow and we can have it again for supper.
I must go and dust the spare bedroom for the arrival of Kim, who's going to be staying with me for a few nights whilst she demos at The Farnborough Show this weekend.  A woman's work and all that .........  Cooking and dusting in one day.  Am I of sound mind?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Coffee Kisses

Good evening dear reader. This card was made with a Hobby Art stamp and coloured in with Distress Inks. It's from an idea of Kim's. (Where do her new ideas come from?) The sepia colours remind me of my Mum baking litttle cakes she called Coffee Kisses.  They didn't last long in our house with four kids. There was a TV programme on BBC2 tonight.  It was about young people working alonside the elderly in a retirement village called Whiteley Village and that was where my dear Mum lived before she died.  It brought back many memories - mainly happy ones.
Today must be the first day in a while that it hasn't rained but there may be more on way I fear. I walked Benson and Taffy this morning and then walked Taffy with Austin this afternoon.  I called in at the RSPCA at South Godstone to see if there was anything I could donate.  They need newspapers, towels and shredded paper - so I have been collecting said items from around the house and will take them there tomorrow.
Here's another card with a slighly different stamp - still Hobby Art.  Don't forget to watch Jenny Mayes on TV on Wednesday this week.  She's on twice - 11am and 3pm.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sweet snowdrops

Evening all!  This is one of the cards I made at Lavender Lane yesterday.  The snowdrop stamp is from Hobby Art.  I used a Kaleidacolour stamp pad and pressed ink onto a mat.  Then I spritzed the ink with water.  I put some shiny cardstock onto the ink and let it dry before stamping onto it.  I bleached out the flowers and then coloured in the stalks.  Finished off with the inevitable Cuttlebugging and some pretty flower ribbon bought at the shop.  This card is being sent to my friend Alison, whose birthday it will be on Tuesday.

I have been out for a super lunch today at our friend Dawn's house in Teddington.  All thoughts of slimming and making 'good choices' went out of the window, when I espied a steak and kidney pie in the oven.  When I was asked whether I wanted a second helping - I don't know whose voice came out of my mouth but the word 'yes' blurted out, like someone who hasn't eaten pastry since September.  Dessert was home-made creme brulee.  Had I been at home - I may have licked out the dish - it was that good.  I am already planning my excuses for the Slimming Group on Wednesday.  Oh, but it was worth it.

Dawn is lucky enough to own an iPad and we played Boggle and Trivial Pursuit on it.  Ask me who won!!  Me of course - otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it.  I must also be honest and say that we played on the lowest level.  Takes something away don't you think?  I now want an iPad.  Having said that, after all the game playing - I came away with a bad headache but I did have the warm glow of winning inside me. Dawn also has Scrabble and Boggle on her iPhone.  I was so envious.  Never did like her much!! LOL

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Stoneleigh Saturday

Saturday night and we're in watching the TV.  I remember when I would always be out on a Saturday night.  Now I appreciate early nights, popping corn and swilling it down with Horlicks!
What a damp and miserable day it's been.  Thank goodness for classes at Lavender Lane.  All the usual ladies were there and it was so good to see so many of them. Thank you for your kind comments about my blog - you have inspired me to blog more often - now I know a few of you are taking a peep.
The card above was using the embossed resist technique - taught us by crafty Kim. Today we made backgrounds by spritzing inks with water and then stamping over the top. I will post one of the cards tomorrow.  In the afternoon we tried a very different technique using inks and Diamond Glaze on acetate - with varying degrees of success on my part.  I'm not sure it's my favourite technique but it's always good to have a play with new ideas.  I bought some nice Easter ribbon -with great intentions of sending everyone I know an Easter card.  As some of my earlier readers may remember, I never think about making Easter cards until it's too late.  But not this year!!
You know, I always think I have so much equipment for card making but when I see what Kim owns - I think I'm clearly an amateur.  Her collection of Nesties and other cutting dies left me speechless.  Just as well the Farnborough Show is coming up next week. Having said that - I'd need a small lotto win to catch up with her.  No, make that a big lotto win.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Gone dotty

I treated myself to a new Marianne Creatable at the Sandown show recently and have had a play with it.  I do love this bird cut out but I find it difficult to produce.  First of all you have to put it through the Cuttlebug a few times in various positions, just to get it to cut out then when it is cut out, it's very difficult getting the image out of the stencil in one piece.  Hey ho!  I have finished it off with a Stampin' Up greeting and punch and it will be going to my friend Christina, whose birthday it is on Sunday.
It's good to see a bit of sunshine today - long may it last.  My car's going to need a spring clean after all this dog walking's finished.  Today I have been to the slimming club (lost another 1lb making a total loss of a stone and a half.  Two more pounds to my new target weight.) I've been out with Taffy and Benson and will soon be on way to walk Austin. Then it'll be a Sainsbury's run before a night in front of the tv.
Did anyone see Biggest Loser USA last night?  Great telly!!  And Bob just gets nicer. Be still my beating heart!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Away with the fairies

Afternoon all. I made this card for my sister in law Barbara, who lives near Toronto, Canada. I only posted it today, so if you're reading this Barb, it's coming!! I used an old PSX fairy stamp, which I gave to Barb some time ago. She kindly returned it when she had no further use for it. I used distress inks to colour the circle and then used some Hobby Art stamps at the bottom - along with the birthday greeting. The background is Cuttlebugged of course. Finished off with glittery embossing powder around the edge and Glamour Dust on the fairy's wings.
I have been walking Taffy, Benson, Scottie and Austin today - all in the rain. Marvellous. Taffy needs a half bath when we get back. You'll be pleased to hear that I have paid my dues at the cafe today. 'Till the next time . . . .

Monday, 14 February 2011

Be my Valentine

Happy Valentine's everybody.  Going anywhere nice tonight?  We're staying in with our elderly doggie, who doesn't give a fig about Valentine's Day.  My dear hubby gave me a DVD called Valentine and a triple 'Love & Affection' CD.  I bought him the predictable heart-shaped Toblerone chocolates, a book about wolves and the promise of a film when it's released later this month.  Well, it brightens up a February day doesn't it?
I have been walking a couple of doggies for a friend of mine and have to travel down to Godstone to walk one of them - Austin.  I went there on Friday and had an awful journey down.  White van man was driving far too close and when a pheasant popped out of the hedgerow, I did not have time to slow down, without having a white van crushing the back of my car with my doggie inside.  Then Austin swallowed a plastic bag and I was a victim of road rage on the way home.  Not exactly a good day.  I had the audacity to flash a male driver who was 'cutting me up' and he couldn't handle it and chased and shouted at me.  Ruins your day.
The weekend was better and I had chance to make this card for my man.  We went to dinner on Saturday evening with three other couples - two of whom we'd never met before.  It was a really nice evening with a Valentine's theme and we all had to dress in red, white and black.  One of the guests was an opera singer, but she didn't sing for us.
Saw my sister in law Maggie on Sunday and we walked our dogs in the rain, before going to a nice cafe for a latte.  It was only when we got home, that I realised we'd walked out without paying.  And I think I have done this there before.  If I were them, I'd ban me.  I paid belatedly last time and will go and pay tomorrow for Sunday's transgression.  They are closed on a Monday and have no telephone number that I could find. This must be evidence that I am losing the plot surely?
I've walked Benson, Taffy and Austin again today and am now going to make a card for my lovely sister-in-law Barb, who lives in Canada.
Is that a police siren I can hear?  Guilty as charged m'lud.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Back with a vengeance

I have a little time on my hands - but not for long - so I have been busy card making.  This is my fave stamp at the moment. It's from Joanna Sheen's range and the artist is Faye Whittaker, whose work I have long admired.  Indeed I have some prints and plates of her designs hanging on our walls at home.  You can buy the range of these stamps from Lavender Lane in Stoneleigh, which is where I got mine.  I have only two at present but who knows? I took Taffy and Benson out today.  Ben hadn't seen me for a week, so he went berserk. Taffy wasn't particularly bothered he hadn't seen him but was happy to see Ben's owner and her biscuit tin!
Tonight we are going to sit and watch a film called The Fox and the Girl, with a box of tissues nearby. We watched the film Hachi yesterday and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Black & Cream

Afternoon! I just cobbled this card together for the blog. Black and cream is such a nice combination - and makes a change from peaches and cream I guesss.  I've had a few days cooped up indoors and needed some fresh air today and a change of scenery for an hour or two.  I invited Mike to take me to New Malden for a latte and a bun.  He fell for it!  Once inside Tudor Williams, I headed for the haberdashery department, where there was a Do Crafts demonstrator showing off their wares.  Now if I'd told him prior to the trip, needless to say we wouldn't have gone. I bought three stamps which were on special.  Buy two get one free. And above is the result!
I was supposed to be going to a party tonight but having been under the weather, had to give it a miss.  Great shame but I'm not up to it, as it's not local. So, I'm going to catch up with a few emails, make cards and I'm going to listen to the Motown show on Smooth Radio until 8pm.   Doesn't get much better than that does it?