Saturday, 26 May 2012

My home is my castle

What a hot day - seems only days ago that we were all complaining about the month of rain we had to endure.  On the positive side, dirty paws are a thing of the past - for a while at least. I have been to Davina's - Stampcraft' in Purley today.  Kim was holding a class.  It was good to see Monica, Linda, Jenny and Sylvia again. But boy was it hot in Davina's lovely conservatory.
This card was made using a PSX stamp which I often roll out for a new home greeting.  My niece keeps moving houses and I have told her I'm running out of ideas, so she must stay put for a while!!
Today I purchased a fancy Nestie oval.  I am going into my work space shortly to use it.  Motown radio for two hours on the radio - Saturday evening is very special.  I know how to live don't I?
I am feeling a lot better now - thanks for your concern ladies.  I'm going to see an osteopath friend on Tuesday and she has promised she 'll get me right.  Watch this space!  I care for her dogs some times - so she has a vested interest in my good health.  She is also a sports physio at Wimbledon every year.  However, having a 'mole' on the inside is no use.  She never gives anything away.  I can't be paying her enough!! My dear Mike is decorating our conservatory in this heat.  He's a brave man.  AND he's made a meatloaf for our dinner.  What a lucky girl I am.  We have been invited out for a barby tomorrow afternoon - so I'll give him the afternoon off.  I'm good like that.  Enjoy your weekend.  Just had a thought - when can he cut the lawn???????????????????????

Thursday, 17 May 2012

An anniversary card for my friends

Evening crafters one and all. This card was made for my friends Jill & John on The Isle of Man - or should I say Lord & Lady Foster?!  Yes I should.  I started this at one of Kim's classes and finished it off at home.  The background was made using chalks and then I randomly tore  a piece of vellum to place over the background.  I then stamped on it.  The flowers were cut out using a Spellbinders machine, as were the leaves.  Or was it the Cuttlebug?  No matter - you get the gist. A little glitter glue and pearls finish it off.
Well I have been a bit poorly.  I suffer from vertigo or labyrinthitis which comes upon me early in the morning, I think when I get up too quickly and it has a very debillitating effect on me.  I couldn't do my driving job and I was somewhat nauseous - but we won't go into that!  Fortunately I had a Dr.s appointment anyway, so he gave me some meds and they seem to have almost done the trick but I still don't feel right.  I will go back to work Monday - as long as it stays away.  You know the feeling after too much alcohol when the world won't stop turning?  You don't?  Well you'll have to trust me.  It's much like that.  Trouble is the tablets make me drowsy, so I keep going to bed.  Enough about me.
What are you up to this weekend?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Peel Offs

Was it really Easter when last I posted?  Goodness - where have I been?  Well for a spell, the ladder was off the loft hatch, so I couldn't go up there.  However, all is good and I should be back to normal.  Let's see! I have been very busy dog walking , sometimes going out twice a day and sometimes as far afield as Old Oxted in Surrey.  I am back at school driving again and life goes on very nicely.
Sadly I have attended a funeral since my last post - in Yorkshire.  A dear aunt passed.

This card was made after seeing the idea at Davina's house. (Stampcraft) I used three sets of peel offs.  One gold, one black and one silver.  I put the gold circle down first and then added bits from the other sets of peel offs.  The corners are peel offs also but the greeting is stamped with a Hobby Art stamp.  Dead easy!!

More soon.  Gilly x