Saturday, 28 January 2012

In for a penny.........

Another entry for The Woodware January Sketch challenge.  I don't know what's come over me.  I blame that Kim Reygate.  This is a Magenta stamp.  I used Kaleidacolour ink to watercolour the image, having stamped in black and embossed with clear powder.  I have Cuttlebugged the green and lilac card and used a punch to create the black border. I made my own 'Card Candy' using shiny black card.  I made rows of holes around the green card too.

Was at Davina's today for a class with Kim.  I never intend spending money but Davina always has such a lot of goodies, that I cannot resist.  We still have the two dogs with us and they are just wonderful company, well behaved and oh so good to look at.  Cute doesn't come into it.

Tomorrow I am going to see my friend Dawn, to play with her PS3 Player.  It's a kind of sophisticated karaoke machine called Sing Star.  I believe I am the highest scoring singer currently, so have a Sing Star reputation to defend.  (I major in Motown, in case you were wondering.)  For Dawn's birthday, she was bought some more discs, so I will be singing 80's songs and possibly The Beatles.  So, if you want to protect your ear drums, stay well away from the Teddington area tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Mike has declined the invitation to join us - which obvioulsy speaks volumes.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My favourite colour

I can't help it but many of my cards turn out in shades of orange.  I also love orange coloured flowers.  So, the background card has been Cuttlebugged and I have coloured the edge with Tim Holtz Distress Ink.  The thank you stamp is one I have had for ages but it colours in well.  I put bright yellow gems in the centre of each flower.  Cut out using a Nestie and then the edges coloured using the distress ink again, whilst the Nestie was still in place.  Flowers from my collection.
My doggies are doing just fine and are so very well behaved.  I shall miss them when they've gone home.  But I have them for another eight sleeps. The walks have been a bit miserable in the rain but I spot a tiny bit of blue sky right now, so I think I'd better get them out.
Biggest Loser is back on the TV - both the US one and the UK version.  How is it the American contestants lose huge amounts every week and our lot only muster a pound or two - if they're lucky? The Australian show is coming to an end but that's been good. Another programme I like is called The Hotel on TV on a Sunday night.  It's so bad it's great.  Oh yes, and Jesse Pavelka on a Monday night in 'Obese: a year to save my life.'  I'm considering putting on 20 stone, just to get in a gym with him. Hey Ho ;)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Blue & Green should never be seen

Hello again dear readers.  I have today made this card for friends of mine, as an anniversary card.  I started the card at a class with Kim and have just completed it.  The background was hand made then I stamped on it using a Woodware stamp.  I stamped it twice and used the separate flowers to decorate the border.  I Cuttlebugged the blue card and added luminous green gems for a spot of bling. Or should I say, may spots of bling?
I have neglected my blog for a while, having been otherwise occupied but hope to be adding more cards very soon.  I went to see War Horse last week with the other half.  We really enjoyed it and it wasn't as distressing as I thought it might be.  We have been looking after a beagle for a few days and she has been a total nightmare.  Whilst cute and cuddly, she is only motivated by food and has been something of a challenge.  She has three times tipped up the kitchen refuse bin.  Stole a chicken leg from Mike's dinner plate as he was eating.  This morning she vomited up two pieces of cellophane at 3 am!!!  She ate an entire square of bird feed suet and apples left out for the blackbird and has in the past eaten a wedding cake.  She can reach up to the kitchen counters, even tough she is small and we have had to be one step ahead at all times.  As we waved her 'Adios' today, Mike wasn't displeased to see the back of her.  She was a very loving dog in every other way though.  Now we have two very different pooches.  A Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier called Dillon and a Havanese called George, who I could eat, he's so gorgeous.
Yesterday we went to the ice show in Brighton with friends.  It was absolutely sensational.  It just gets better.  We were lucky enough to be on the front row and rather embarrassingly, I was pulled up at one point and made to jiggle around and dance with a skater.  (Mortifying) We later had a meal in English's - a fish restaurant, which was really very good.  I bought several flashing toys to take on my school bus.  I wonder how long they'll last.  I say they're for the boys but...........  I love playing with them.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Woodware challenge

This is my very first entry into a challenge and I have not a clue whether I've got the right idea or not.  That Kim Reygate made me do it!!! It's the Woodware January Sketch Challenge. I've had a look at the other cards that have been entered and I'm a bit embarrassed to send this but here goes!  No doubt someone will tell me if or where I'm going wrong.
I stamped and embossed in silver onto the blue card, then embossed the main fairy and used a Nestie to cut her out.  I coloured the edges by leaving the Nestie in place. Her wings have very fine glitter on them. I Cuttlebugged the pink panel and used an old punch I have on the blue card on the right hand side.  I made my own 'buttons'.  Here goes.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

All in pink

More thank yous. This was a quick and easy thank you card, made with freebie stamps on a magazine.  I used a 'Ruby' embossing powder.  The top corner of the white panel was made by using one end of a Nestie. I just placed the cutting plate over the the edge.
I was on a First Aid course yesterday and I was back to driving the school bus this morning.  I heard that a girlfriend of mine died in her sleep on Monday.  She was only 52, so I'm feeling stunned and shattered.  
We're going out for a curry tonight with friends and another curry on Friday for my friend Dawn's birthday.  We're headed to Jimmy Spice's in Wimbledon.  Hopefully, these jaunts will take my mind off things. Then surely the diet will have to start on Monday.  Everything is tight again.
Mike received the gift of a 'Lairdship' from our friends Jill & John for Christmas. This has caused much merriment within the family. Ergo, I must be a Lady.  We must go to Scotland and visit his plot of land.  There will obviously have to be some sort of ceremony involving whisky.  If Scotland get their independence, we may be barred from visiting!

Friday, 6 January 2012


I have been making a few thank you cards and this is one of them.  The rubber stamp I have had for a long time but it's great for adding bling.  A bit of Cuttlebugging and Nestability-ing and you're done.
Today Mike and I took Benson's owner - Olive - to lunch at Polesden Lacey.  It was such a beautiful day and the view of London in the distance was very clear.
We later met two dogs that will be coming to stay for a couple of days.  Dillon and George.  A Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Havanese.  They seemed to settle in immediately, so I hope they enjoy their time with us.
Well, The Biggest Loser is back on the TV and I'm hooked again.  We have the new US show and the poor relation of a British version.  I am still watching the end of the Australian series.  There is another  British weight loss programme, with the added bonus of Jesse Pavelka from the USA.  He has now become my favourite personal trainer - sorry Bob Harper - I have moved on.  Just take a look at Jesse in Google Images.  I think you'll have to agree!!  I don't know when he came to England, but he didn't look me up!! (What has all this got to do with card making??  Absolutely nothing!)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

All the best to my dear  crafting friends one and all.  I wish you health and happiness in 2012.
This card is for my friend Anna.