Saturday, 30 July 2011

Surfin' Launceston Way

Hello friends and crafters one and all.  Here I have made a card using a fabric square. The beaded ribbon seems so relevant to beach cards I feel.  I used it before with the beach huts, you may remember.  The Crafts Too embossing folder gives the feel of waves.  The peel offs have been coloured in to compliment the card colours.  It's for our niece's son Patrick, who will be 19 soon.  They near not far from the coast in Launceston.
Yesterday I met my friend Dawn in Richmond Park and the dogs had a wonderful couple of hours.  there were many beautiful deer to be seen and rabbits.  Thankfully Taffy's days of chasing rabbits are over. Tonight we're going for dinner to The Kingswood Arms, with our friends Mike & Gabriele. Tomorrow we are spending the day with Mike's rellies in Farnborough.  Keri is a wonderful cook, so Monday it's back on the diet!
I have been busy getting cards ready for the next 10 days, as I will be away for a few days this week.  Mike will be holding the fort here with security, courtesy of Taffy Till. (If he's awake long enough to contribute.)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

There's a wedding coming up.....

Hello!  I made this card for my nephew's wedding which is fast approaching.  I 'm not at all sure I've done anything quite so fancy.  Kim has obviously inspired me.  Mine will not be going to the Far East though.  In fact, the length of time it took to make this, I may not even send it.  I think I'll take a photo and send that to the bride and groom!

You can see it's an easel card and there's a lot of Cuttlebugging going on.  I used Swiss Dots and a Crafts Too folder with hearts on.  The topper is one of those lovely ones by Lili of The Valley, and I have added lots of glitter and pearls.
The greeting I did on the computer.  I used to be a flower arranger and I have a lot of pearly things, which is what I have used here.  I used to do a lot of wedding bouquets etc. and still have a lot of things that I can use and a place to go and get more!!  It's my secret!
So Kim, that'll be a square box - 6" x 6" please. x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Flock rules

Afternoon fellow crafters and friends.  I picked up this wonderful flocked paper at Lavender Lane last week.  It really is sumptuous and such a lovely deep colour.  The stamp is a Stampin Up one.  The card was so easy to make and I thought could be sent to a man.  Whaddya think?

The next card is a tarted up Kanban one for our nephew Nick who was 50 yesterday.  He is still dotty about football and is in fact a referee.
You'll be pleased to learn that the wedding is going ahead as planned as it was thought that that was what my brother in law would have wanted.  It'll be a day of mixed emotions I think, coming three days after his funeral in Bristol.  My husband has a consultant's appointment on that day - so don't know if I'll be travelling alone or not.
My car went in for a service and an MOT yesterday and I should have had it back today but it needs a new part (something to do with the sump!!  Not a clue!) and the part won't be delivered to the garage until tomorrow morning.  That has put an extra £100 on the bill.  Deep joy.  I am the driver tomorrow evening for a hen do, so I'd better get it back by then.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

When did you last see a purple fern?

Let's call it artistic license.  This is another card started in class with Kim at Lavender Lane and completed at home. We used a mask on the border, to create the shadow look of colour on the edge.  Although I have done this before, you forget all the different techniques.  It's good to be reminded.  The ferns were stamps of Kim's and the greeting is a lovely old PSX one I have treasured for a long time.  Whatever happened to them?  I loved the feel of their wood mounted stamps and their glorious illustrated books.
Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary and it saw us in Camden for an evening with our neighbours.  Tracy bought us tickets to a comedy store in Battersea for Christmas last year.  By the time we got round to using the tickets, the venue had closed and we had to go to another, called The Highlight Club in Camden Lock.  I don't know if you've ever been, but it's alternative to say the least.  Very multicultural and 'way out'.  There is a big market there and I have already arranged to go again with a couple of girlfriends.  It was probably busier than normal, people just turning up looking for Amy Winehouse's house to mourn. Not really a shock was it?  Great sadness for her loved ones though.  What a waste of a brilliant talent. The comedy show was good and we all laughed.  Another friend Jan, kindly dog sat for Taffy and Tilly - my weekend charge - and we got home after midnight.
At Morden, a young man was collapsed in the street, probably drunk but we called the police and an ambulance just in case.  I was accused of being 'Always on duty' but as I said, 'It's someone's little boy'.
I didn't get to sleep until 3am so had a nice sleep in.
Today I have had some very bad news.  My sister's husband Andy has died.  He was 67 years old and although not robustly fit, it was a still a shock to my sister and her children.  He had a stroke in the early hours of this morning.  His son is getting married in two weeks, or rather was meant to.  Andy was to give the bride away, so I don't know whether the wedding will still go ahead or not.  Too early to say. terribly sad for all the family.
To keep my mind busy, I have been putting things on eBay to sell.  I have been meaning to do this for ages.  I may even sell some stamps.   Laters!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Anyone got a box?

Evening folks.  Today's offering is made using tea and coffee.  Yes, you heard right. As we're in a recession - times are hard.  I missed Kim's class at Lavender Lane, when they did this but she has since shown me how.  The backgound is coloured using a wet teabag.  The flowers were stamped out and coloured in using diluted coffee.  Having coloured the petals, I completely embossed the three layers of the flower and used silicone glue to stick it all together.  The centre of the flower is made of many tiny little gold beads.  As I was making it, all I could think of, was 'I'm going to need a box for this.'  Why wasn't I paying attention?  I used a punch for the dark brown leaves and Kim is going to tell me where I can buy the swirly stamp.  I believe the main flower and leaves are from Hero Arts.
I have had a good day today.  Nothing special but I took Olive to the new cafe in Nonsuch Park and we had a cake and a latte, as they'd run out of sandwiches at 1.30pm.  Then we had a mango and vanilla icecream cone. I had a rest in the afternoon and then little Tilly came over for the weekend.  She's a sweet West Highland White terrier.  She has made herself at home and is now stretched out on the sofa.  She has raw carrots in her dinner. How unusual is that?  Taffy is so good with other dogs in our home.  I should be ironing but I have been watching a film we recorded from the Sky box. Bye for now.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Framed flower

Hi folks!  I have made this card for my friend Marie in Javea, Spain. I should have posted it by now, so unfortunately it will be a little late in getting there.  I started the flower in class last Saturday, so I do not know which company made it.  I bleached out the petals but didn't think they stood out enough, so I coloured them in with Pearl-Ex.  I cut out the yellow frame using nesties and I had used a stamp with bleach on the card.  I decided not to use that side, so why on earth I sprayed the wrong side with glue, I do not know.  I have used a new embossing folder and swiss dots on the background yellow card.
I have been playing whist this afternoon and as I type, my dear Quality Controller is making up a fab smelling lamb dish.  I did do the shopping for the ingredients though - so don't feel so bad for him.  I thought I may have doing some more food tasting this evening but I wasn't summoned.  Good!  I'll be making some more cards.  I have two wedding cards to produce and a 50th for a man.
I don't think it has stopped raining in my neck of the woods for days now.  My tomato plants need sunshine.  The nights will be drawing in soon and it's only 156 and 11 hours until Christmas.  May I be the first to wish you a Happy ...  No possibly not.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Afternoon!  I have been making a couple of cards - as you can see.  I did my dog walking and a little house work first, so don't feel guilty.  I was supposed to be lunching with a girlfriend but she called it off.  I have my husband home this week, which is good.  He's getting around to a few of those little jobs that creep up on you.  I have used a Stampendous stamp.  I started this card in class on Saturday but it does not resemble any of the cards is was meant to look like. I think I was supposed to use bleach somehow.  Anyway, I found some green and white paper which I must have bought before the war - because it was right at the bottom of my box and I haven't been that far down since forever.  The punch is a Martha Stewart one.  The flower in the centre is a fabric one with a black jewel set on top.  You can't see it well, but I've blinged it up with spearmint coloured glitter.  I'm going to have to get a better camera I think.
Whilst I was busy, I spotted my friend in the garden.
I believe this is the male fox and I have not seen the vixen in ages.  I think she may be no more.  Her two cubs are regular visiors though - thankfully.

Cheeky chappie isn't he? They are unwelcome in my neighbour's gardens but I am pleased to give them some sort of refuge in mine.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Inspired by Kim - as usual

This card was inspired by 'herself'.  Hers was almost identical but better - naturally!  I just wanted to prove to her that I finished it off.  Oftentimes, I make half a card or cards at class, then forget to finish them.  Then later, I have forgotten what I should be doing.  Call it an age thing - I do. It's been an expensive day for me today.  My quality controller advised me to have my tyres checked out on my car before it has its MOT and service next week.  He rather thought one tyre needed changing immediately.  Imagine then my surprise, when I was told I need all four changing immediately.  Imagine my further surprise when the chap told me it would cost £319.  I nearly flaked.  So while he was changing the wheels, I thought I'd do a bit of retail therapy.  The Basler shop had a sale on and I had had my eye on a couple of things in there.  I bought 2 tops and 2 matching skirts.  I saved loads - honest.  So, I shall have to hide the mail again next month, when the credit card bill comes in.  But as I always say, 'You can't take it with you'.  At least I'll go out looking good in Basler.
I also had an another errand to run in Epsom.  Remember I broke my Cuttlebug machine some time ago?  Well, the suppliers, Kars, informed me that if I took it to the art shop, they'd send it away for me.  I walked all the way from the tyre shop to the art shop with the Cuttlebug machine, only to be told that they wouldn't accept it.  And you know how heavy they are!  I was most displeased with Pullingers.  So it's back to the drawing board on that one.
Want to see yours truly and her bus?
This was taken on my last working day - obviously on the only day of summer we've had.  Also, this was about 30 minutes before I think I was zapped by a speed camera.  I have never had points on my licence - Miss Goody Two Shoes - so let's hope that continues.
My quality controller has just come home, so I have a Basler bag to hide.  Au revoir dear readers.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

I can hardly move.....

Hi y'all. (Well I'm not long back from the States am I?) I got up fairly early to walk the pooches and met up with my neighbour and her two dogs, because Mike and I went out to lunch with some of his rellies.  I really don't want to cook any more, so it's easier for us to take our friends out to lunch when it's our turn to entertain. I mean you know me - left to my own devices - they'd probably be given chunky fish fingers - cooked in the microwave.  (Try it - you'll see how nice they are!!)  I digress!
We took them to Jimmy Spice's in Epsom.  I love that place and now have a diner's card that gives you 10% off the bill.  It has already paid for itself.  The waiters now recognise us and we're on the Christmas card list.  I am normally very restrained but today for some reason, I couldn't stop myself from trying almost everything.  And now I can't move.  I think I was showing off.  You know - Look at how much I can eat!  Am I paying for it now?  I may have to go back in the loft and find all those old fashioned skirts with an elasticated waistband.  And we're going out tomorrow night for a meal.  I'll be the one in a kaftan.
The first card I'm showing you is one I started in class with Kim yesterday.  I finished it at home later.
We made a mask for the moon and added inks - in this case I used a Kaleidacolor ink pad.  My quality controller asked me if the barbed wire was a new thing.  I informed him it is not barbed wire but a kind of knitting wool. You can't see clearly but I covered the whole design with a crystal embossing powder.
This second card used a 'mortice mask'.

I used Hobby Art's stamps and double embossed the whole image with clear embossing powder.  The ink pad used was a Big & Juicy.  (Oh dear Lord, that reminds me of my huge lunch)
This third card - good value here I think you'll find, is just a very quick Kanban affair I made for my pals Christina and Mick who moved to Cranleigh last week.
I am now going to have a bath and be a beached whale for a while.  Laters!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Pleasing in purple

Hello crafters!

I have just made this card, not for anything special but just because I fancied doing so.  I used a Pink Gem stamp and I put some Marianne cutting dies through my Grand Calibur machine.  I was quite chuffed with the result, when I managed to use the bottom die once, turn it around and put it through again, getting a double fancy lace edged effect.
Yesterday and today, I went to Leatherhead to do some food testing.  I think you're meant to have a little taste and throw the rest away.  I on the other hand consider it my duty to finish all samples.  Apart that is from the cheese samples that appeared yesterday.  Wasted on me I'm afraid.  They don't pay very much for one's attendance, but it's a fun way to pass a couple of hours.  Everyone has their own personal iPad for the duration of the testing.  I tasted sirloin steak, butter basted turkey and ciabatta type sandwiches.  Suffice to say, I didn't need any dinner when I returned home.  I declined the malt whisky test though.
Tomorrow I shall be crafting at Lavender Lane with the usual girls and Kim as our tutor.  Bleach may be involved I believe and some masking.  Looking forward to it. Bye for now, Gilly x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Replacement card - I must be mad

I know I shouldn't have but I did make another card - and this is it.  This passed muster and I then went on to post it for Olive.  The stamp is Hobby Art's of course.  The paper was a freebie that came with a magazine.  I stopped buying the craft mags and only get them these days if I fancy the free gift, which in this case was a pack of The Diary of an Edwardian Lady paper.  Top right is a Cuttlebug detail.
Well, I have had a busy day today.  A blood test first thing, then a dog walk, followed by a light lunch in London in The Barbican, in the Searcy's restaurant, overlooking all the water features and a glimpse of the roof of St. Paul's Cathedral with my friend Lynn.  It was my first time there and I was overwhelmed by the concrete!  It was very quiet within but I suspect next time I go in August, for a show,  it will be heaving.
Dear hubby has had both an X-ray and an MRI scan today and is now making me dinner.  Am I not a lucky lady?  He knows if I have to fend for myself - I'll only eat fish fingers.  Every night AND microwaved!!  But they are chunky fish fingers.  Does that make it better?  LOL x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Back with a touch of sepia

Greetings.  Long time no blog.  It seems to have taken forever to get back to normal after my holiday.  The washing machine hasn't stopped - therefore the ironing hasn't.  To bump start me into crafting again, I was asked by Benson's owner - Olive, to make an anniversary card for her daughter.  Time was of the essence so I had to buckle down and get to it.  I made this card yesterday evening, using a rubber stamp that does not have a manufacturer's name on it.  I probably bought it at my first craft show in Newbury - more years ago than I care to remember.  I had the seal of approval from 'Quality Control' a.k.a. my husband Mike and took it to Olive this morning. I walked her dog Benson and when I got back, she said, 'Well, I like it but my daughter doesn't like brown.  She likes bright colours.'  It is now waiting for someone else's anniversary.  So watch out if I normally send you an anniversary card - this may be it.  As long as your names are Tim & Heather - I won't even have to alter the insert!!
My holiday seems ages ago now.  We had a lovely time in America and the ship was its normal fab self.  New York was an absolute highlight for me.   We met some lovely people and it ended all too soon.  Sadly, my dear other half came home in a wheelchair.  He's waiting for a knee operation and when he boarded the ship he wasn't in much discomfort.  By the end of the first week, he could hardly walk.  So yours truly here pushed him around the decks on four wheels.  The ship's German Dr. was next to useless, so he had to endure a great deal of pain until I got him home to our own G.P.  He now awaits an MRI scan.  The wheels of the NHS run a lot slower than our wheelchair.
So I am now off to make the same card using a different colour scheme. Adios.