Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Black on cream

Evening fellow crafters.  I have made this card for a friend of mine - Surjit.  She is exactly the same age as me - to the day.  The background paper is flocked and the stamp is from Magenta.  The words are on a Spellbinders shape.  I have used a few metal brads to complete the card.  I like black and cream.  Now if you think the bow is superfluous - you're probably correct but less is less in this house.  I don't know when to stop and in any event, I asked my husband.  'Bow or no bow?'  The man from Del Monte - he say 'Bow', so let's blame him.
Did I tell you we are having the loft done?  It's really coming on quickly and it's going to be my craft room.  So, no more crafting in the cold garage. I cannot wait.
Tomorrow is my last day at school for this term.  I've only just started.  At least I can catch up with some sleep. Mike's taking me out for a curry tonight.  I complained we never go out!!  I didn't like to say I'm going for another curry at lunch time tomorrow with my friend Christina.  He's also taking me out on Saturday 'Up West' as a birthday treat.  We'll be dining and seeing a show but it's going to be a surprise on the day.  I love going into London's West End and I'm hoping the show is War Horse.  If it is, I'll probably cry through the whole thing.
Went to the Ideal Home Show in London last week with my sister and her husband.  It's not as good as it used to be.  There were only three small show houses and you don't get any free samples any more either.  I did however buy a green silk handbag (sounds awful but trust me!) and a fab new blouse.  When Mike asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I asked him to pay for the blouse.  So, instead of a Pandora charm for my bracelet, he's paying for two thirds of the blouse - as I didn't dare tell him the real price. Hey Ho!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Anniversary wishes

Hello!  I hope you are enjoying the good weather in the UK today.  We've had a few good days recently.  I really must get out into the garden and do some weeding.  The lawn needs its first trim too.
This card is for friends of ours who are currently holidaying in Texas.  Lucky them! No need to explain really, as it's just Cuttlebugged and 'Nestied'.  I lied - it's not a Cuttlebug folder - it's a Crafts Two folder. The bow is a metal one and the hearts are fabric and shiny. The wording is using Egyptian Gold embossing powder.  I've had it for years but not sure you can still get it.

My job is going well but I am falling asleep in front of the TV every night, as I get up at 6am every week day. Still, having done shift work before, I'm used to it. However, it's end of term next Wednesday - so I'll be having a month off.  I have bought my 15 boys a Cadbury's egg each. I think I'm trying to buy their good behaviour.  So far they have been good.  There's one afternoon run where the boys are rowdy.  One day I drove to Wimbledon with a little lad next to me who picked his nose the whole way.  He kept turning the radio up, after I'd surreptiously turned it down from the driving column.  I just hoped he didn't use his bogey finger.  They seem to like Capital Radio and they know all the words to songs I have never heard before.  Still, I get to listen to Smooth or Magic once I have the coach to myself. Then I sing along to all the songs they've never heard before.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Special Wishes

Long time no speak! Busy busy this end.  Started my new job last Monday and so far it's going very well.  I am getting used to driving the mini-bus and the boys are not too rowdy, yet!  My runs are ten miles each way into Putney and Wimbledon and then back to Surbiton.  They do say some funny things.  I heard one lad start a sentence, 'My Mum is so stupid....'  Very funny.
A week ago I did a class at Lavender Lane with Kim, and whilst everyone else made boxes, I made these cards.  I used Anna's flowers from Hobby Art and stamped them on some pretty paper from the shop.  The brown panel was made using a 'Nestie' and it was then Cuttblebugged.  A leaf punch provided the leaves and the centre of the flowers are card candy. The greeting is also Hobby Art. Here's a variation on a theme.
This time I used two 'Nesties' of varying size, to make the frame.
Remember I told you I was doing flowers for the 80th party? Well here's a photo of the finished article.
We still have an extra little dog but he's going home tomorrow and then after his late owner's funeral, he's off to America.  California to be exact. I've had a very doggie few weeks all in all.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Hello this fine Monday.  Goodness it was chilly this morning wasn't it?  I'd forgotten what it's like to get up early and then having to 'de-ice' the car.  I got to work dead on time and went out with another lady on my first day.  Tomorrow I'm driving 15 precious beings from Putney to school in Surbiton.  I'll be home before 9 a.m., so will have the rest of the day ahead of me.  I didn't sleep well, probably worrying about getting up at 6 a.m. or sleeping in on my first day.
This card is winging its way to Yorkshire for my friend Netta's birthday.  I used printed vellum over blue card for the card and the stamped image is one from Hobby Art. I made the background with distress inks and stamped in black over the top.  It's mat and layered with faux stitching around the oval shaped edge.  Ribbon and flowers complete the card.
I am about to do a fancy flower arrangement for an 80th birthday party tomorrow.  This was the party that was called off on 30th November last year owing to the weather - deep snow.  So, it's take two tomorrow.
I shall post a photograph here later.

Friday, 11 March 2011

One for the boys

Evenin' all.  I made this today for my nephew.  Half kit card and half me.  It's hard to see but the glass and bag of crisps is decoupaged.  Then my new Grand Calibur machine was put into use for cutting and embossing.
Today I have finally fulfilled my extraneous dog walking activities.  Tuesday and Thursday of this week, I walked five dogs - but not at the same time.  We still have the little orphan, who is not quite as cute as we had been expecting.  He has an aggressive side but we are training him with patience. 
Yesterday I went over to see my friend Gabriele in Knight's Garden Centre in Warlingham.  We had a nice chat and I have lunch there before walking a dog in South Godstone.  Won't have to make that journey again.  I have enjoyed all the walking but it was a long way to go and with the price of petrol, need I say more?
Well, housework and ironing calls, so I'd better make a start. Lavender Lane classes with Kim Reygate tomorrow.  We're making a box of cards.  Well, I don't do boxes, so I'm finishing off the set I started some time ago on another of her classes - in the 2nd class.
I have just heard that I am starting my new job on Monday morning.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dancing in the dark

Dear Reader, I have come through cold turkey and now have a brand new Spellbinders Grand Calibur machine. Interestingly, to use the Cuttlebug embossing folders in the new machine, you have to use the Cuttlebug 'B' plate with the Spellbinders 'C' plate.
It's all been happening here on the dog front.  Stanley is now with us and he's not all sweetness and light.  He's very 'food possessive'.  We're trying to be compassionate, seeing as he's now an orphan but we had to reprimand him (verbally only) when he growled and snapped at us.  We are trying to make him as happy as possible though and I don't think he's had so many walks in his life.  Taffy is so tolerant and doesn't seem to mind him being here at all.  He's only been here for just over 24 hours, so he's bound to be disorientated and he must miss his mum too.  I don't think he's had any discipline in his life.  He'll have to shape up when he gets to America, as he'll be living wth two Bassett hounds. Eureka re. photo!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

How many shopping days until Chritmas......?

Good evening crafters! Card No. 2 made without a Cuttlebug.  I'm getting the hang of this!  I thought I was colouring this poinsettia with a red Tombo pen.  Looks can be deceiving, as you can see.  But I liked it in this colour so carried on.  The stamp is an old PSX one - an old one of Sharon's - since she has given up crafting.  So Kim Reygate - how many Christmas cards have you made now?
I have been out to a Medieaval 'Herald of Spring' day at Bourne Hall in Ewell, Surrey.  There were craft stalls, local historians, Morris dancers, a brass band, a falconry exhibition, flower arrangements for sale and countless other things.  I looked in the local museum too and was surprised to see a glass cabinet containing many things which I still own!  I suddenly felt very old.  There were Beatles L.P.s and a little game called Tell Me, which I played with my siblings as a youngster.
I may be looking after a little dog for three weeks.  Stanley.  His owner died yesterday and he is to be shipped out to the USA.  We are going to meet him tonight and to see if he and my Taffy get on.  What with dog walking, dog sitting and my new job about to start - I'll wish I was retired again.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cuttlebug Calamity

Hi folks.
Sorry it's been so long in coming but I had an unfortunate experience with my Cuttlebug.  I went to the Farnborough 'Make It' show last weekend with Linda and Margaret.  We had a good time and I have decided it's my favourite show of all.  It's convenient to get to, clean with lots of space and somewhere to sit and dine.
When we got home, I was showing Linda something with my Cuttlebug and was obviously pushing the plates too hard, when the side flew off with an almighty bang.  I was so upset with myself and have to remember how to make cards without using embossing folders and Nesties.  Not easy!
So, I now have on order, a new Spellbinders Grand Calibur machine, for the larger size Nesties. It will be delivered to Anna next weeka dn I can hardly wait.
So, this card was used without a hint of a Cuttlebug machine.  I had all the elements but saw a card at the show using a chandelier stamp and it reminded me to use my set of stamps from Craftwork Cards.  My very first post on this blog was a chandelier as I seem to recall.
I have now completed the first three weeks of my dog walking assignment and have one week left to do.  thankfully, it hasn't rained for the last few days, so it has not been quite so muddy.
My police clearance has now come through, so I may be starting my new part time job soon.  It's all worked out well really - time wise.
I went to a retirement party at Mile End in the East End of London yesterday evening.  It was quite a haul but I enjoyed seeing my ex-colleague and a couple of other friends.  It's another world over there.  I was interested to see a row of free newspapers outside the Underground - nine publications in all and only two in English.  It's an ever changing society!