Monday, 20 December 2010

Festive cheer to my readers

Good Morning dear reader!  This will be my last post before Christmas I believe.  I think the weather this year is going to change many people's plans - including ours!  I love the snow but it has been irritating not being able to get about in the car.  We were to go to a dinner party with dear friends on Saturday but chose not to risk it, the roads being so icy and the snow so deep. It was such a shame as we had a dog sitter and I had made a Christmas floral arrangement for the hostess - and we haven't seen these friends for so long.

My next door neighbour ran into a roundabout and messed up the front of her car.   We 'hummed and haaahed' about going out yesterday but did manage to get to The Simply Red concert at The O2 Arena in London last night.  We walked to the station and got into London easily and had an uneventful trip - thankfully.  It was -10 degs on the way home though. The show was terrific - and Mick Hucknall's last.  He doesn't live far from us and I seem to be the only one of my friends who hasn't bumped into him in Waitrose or sitting next to him in traffic.

This card is for my sister's birthday on Christmas Eve.  I'm hoping to give it to her - as opposed to sending it.  Who knows?  I have used a new Cuttlebug embossing/cutting folder.  I think they are fantastic and make the card for you almost.  AND you only put it through the Cuttlebug machine once.  They're quite expensive but worth it in my humble opinion. I just added some bling.

So, I wish all my friends and readers a very happy holiday season.  See you on the other side!  Gill x

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Last Christmas card ~ I Promise

Good Evening dear reader. After this card, no more Christmas!  I made this card for a lady whose dog I walk ~ Benson by name ~ sweetheart by nature.  She was delighted with it I'm pleased to say.  Hasn't this month flown by?  I can hardly keep up.  Today I went to Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property that belonged to a Mrs. Greville, a fab hostess of her time.  Benson's owner ~ Olive ~ treated me to lunch for walking him for her.  We went into the gift shop afterwards and I spent far too much but couldn't help it ~ honest.
As my Christmas gift to Olive, I made her a door swag.
In fact yesterday was flower arranging all day.  I made myself one of these swags and also did a wreath for a friend of ours.
Well now The X Factor is finished, we'll have more time to ourselves at the weekend!!  I was hoping Rebecca would win but I guess she'll do ok now she's had the coverage.  Those who hate the show will probably think I'm sad but we enjoy it.
All I have left to do now, is wrap all my gifts for  the holiday season.  I'm not particularly fond of this chore ~ not being very profficient at it. I need a gift wrapping course ~ as my friend Jill will testify when her parcel arrives.
Did I mention I got the job?  It's driving school children to and from school in Surbiton, Surrey.  I need to be vetted before I can begin and hopefully the bad weather will have passed when I start the job.  Can't wait.
And another thing!! I got to target weight at my local Slimming World Club last week ~ having had a loss every week since September. (Yes, it took that long!) I'm now regretting that wonderful Christmas lunch I had earlier today.  No I'm not!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Ready For Christmas?

Good evening crafters.  Another cold day here in Epsom.  The remaining snow has become treacherous and oh so slippery.  On the bright side, it's so nice to see all the Christmas decorations going up.  I just love the colourful trimmings on the outside of people's houses.  I hate it when it's all over.
This card was an order for a friend.  I used a fabric square this time.
I went to Joyce's house last week and did a pedestal flower arrangement with the flowers bought for the restaurant party.  However, Mike's car got stuck in her long drive and I had to help him dig it out.  It took forever and noone offered assistance.  I was worn out.
At least they can have the benefit of these blooms for a week or so.  I don't often get a chance to do big arrangements, so it was good to do these.
Well, tomorrow I go for my interview.  Wish me luck.  It was put off last week because of the snow.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Best laid plans and all that.......

Busy week this end dear readers.  Went to Lavender Lane shop for a class on Saturday morning with Kim Reygate.  That's always good fun and very informative.  We made cards using a 'Faux Mother of Pearl' effect using accent powders.  The card above was made for my friend Purnima.  The stamp was one of my dear Mum's, so it was nice to use that.
For some months, we have been helping to plan an 80th birthday party in a restaurant in Banstead.  Indeed, my last post featured the card for Joyce who is 80 today.  Imagine our horror when we awoke to snow this morning.    Mike and I had everything to decorate the restaurant and the birthday cake.  We set out at 2pm and after one and a half hours, had only travelled two miles.  The balloon man could not get to the restaurant either and left the balloons in our porch!  We came home ~ eventually ~ and Joyce informed us that she couldn't get out of her house and the entertainer had turned back.
We couldn't get in the house for all the balloons in the doorway.  I have huge amounts of flowers here, which I was going to arrange in a pedestal arrangement, candles, seating plans, name cards etc etc.  So the whole event was cancelled.  What a huge shame for Joyce.  When the snow has gone, I shall go to her house with the flowers and arrange them there. Joyce had bought some silk Christmas flowers a few weeks ago and I turned them into a table centre piece.

I was going for my interview tomorrow for my job but I think I'll postpone it.  I walked Taffy and Benson in the snow today.  They get frisky in the wintry weather.  I cleared Olive's path for her - front and back and put down some salt.  I went round there again tonight to clear the paths once more and fill the bird feeders and feed her beloved wild foxes.  They eat better than we do!!  We have our own fox.  We've named him/her Fergie.  I feel sorry for all the wildlife in the winter and make sure all the birds have plenty to eat.  I have seen the first redwings already in the park.
Well instead of a posh night out, Mike and I are now eating leftovers for dinner and I won't have to break my diet. (I seem to be forgetting the eccles cake and two biscuits eaten at Olive's today - for services rendered!) So it should be good news if I can get to the slimming club tomorrow!  Don't hold your breath.
BTW - check out the new designs on the Pink Gem website.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Birthday card for a change

We are going to a party next week.  Joyce will be 80 and this is her card.  I shall add a greeting before I give it to her. I know what you're thinking and yes, it's a Kanban butterfly but having bought them, I am going to use them.  And I like them!  Quick and easy.  It's how you put them together isn't it?  I will be doing a pedestal of flowers in the restaurant and decorating the tables.
A friend of mine has mentioned there may be a job vacancy that I might be interested in taking up.  Part-time of course and who knows? It'll mean setting the alarm clock again!  Watch this space.

Friday, 19 November 2010

The holidaymaker is home

Hi folks.  The wanderer returns from a lovely holiday in Tenerife with her husband, sister and her spouse. The weather was superb, if a little too hot for this fair maiden - oh ok - older woman.  I go pale skinned and return the same. Factor 50 is my best friend.
So I now have to catch up on things and get my last Christmas cards finished.  I have done most of my Christmas shopping but will have floral door wreaths to make in December.  Quizzes to make for the Christmas quiz night at my sister's house in December and all the other things you good people have to tackle every year.  More soon.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Christmas Still

No matter how many Christmas cards I make, I know it won't be enough.  Every year I seem to send more. So I made these few yesterday.  They are all similar using some nice paper I bought last year and didn't use.

This one uses a KanBan topper which I liked.  Cheating I know.

Another part of the KanBan kit - good value I think!

And my favourite Pink Gem stamp this year.  I use her a lot.
Mike and I have been working very hard in the garden for two days and are exhausted.  We've cut back many plants and taken several out.  The rose bed is to be completely re-planted.  Some of the roses were past their best and I had also planted a shrub which turned out to be a triffid and took over the whole bed. Hot baths tonight I think. Taffy tried to help by burying my gardening gloves whenever they were left unattended and getting absolutely filthy with mud.  There's still much to be done but we've made a start.
Bye for now.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Baby Brooke

Don't you love it when a new baby is born? Some friends of ours have a granddaughter who has just given birth to a lovely baby called Brooke.  I have used a Pink Gem rubber stamp for the card.  They are so cute and easy to use.
I have just had a lovely walk in Nonsuch Park in the sun and wind with Taffy and Benson.  Earlier in the week we walked in Richmond Park with Molly.  This afternoon I am going to play whist.  This retired life is soooo good.

Friday, 29 October 2010

More Christmas

Evening fellow crafters.  I have had a busy and interesting week and not crafted much but tonight I made this easel card using a fabric square.  Time consuming but a pleasing result methinks.
I had lunch today with a friend I worked with in 1975.  I'd like to think we hadn't changed a bit!!  We went over old times and tried to remember the names and faces of our old colleagues, over lunch in The H. G. Wells pub in Worcester Park.
Earlier in the week we had an electricity outage in our street and we had received no warning from the electricity supplier. I had never been so long without caffeine.  I had to go to the shops for a hot latte for me and a neighbour.  Someone told me that if they fail to advise customers about the power cut, you can receive compensation.  So I wrote an email to EDF and low and behold, £22 is winging its way to us as I write.  I have been telling my neighbours so they too can share in the compensation.  It's not a fortune but it may buy a new set of Nesties or something similar.
My friend Linda came over this week for a day of crafting.  We had a good day and she tried out my Cuttlebug before she purchases one of her own. I don't think I make a card now without using mine in some way or another.
Tomorrow Mike and I are meeting friends and going to a jazz evening in Caterham.  Should be fun. 

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hi there!  Back to crafting again.  We have been entertaining my sister-in-law from Canada on and off for six weeks and tomorrow she flies home.  I haven't been doing much card making but will have to step it up  to get some more Christmas cards made in time for the festive season.
Yesterday we had a very pleasant afternoon in Covent Garden in central London.  There was much street theatre and lots of stalls selling all manner of lovely things.  We had a look in the National Opera House and had coffee in the London Transport Museum.  Then the rain started and we could neither get into Covent Gdn. or Leicester Square underground station or find a taxi.  We walked some way towards Charing Cross and eventually found a black cab and we rode in comfort to Waterloo before returning home.
This card was for my friend Deborah.  Getting the butterfly to cut out with the Cuttlebug needed brute force unfortunately.  Thought I might break the machine but happily it all turned out ok.  More soon.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Wet weekend

After a busy day I have finally got time to update my blog.  My friends Jill and John came on Saturday, on their way home from a holiday in Portugal.  Someone took one of their suitcases and so it took them a lot longer to get through the airport.  Their arriving on Saturday meant I had to miss Sharon's Stampin' Up day, which was a pity as missed the last one also.  On Sunday we all went to the Ardingly country show which was good but we were just soaking.  What a shame for the stall holders.  There were lots of lovely dogs there, so that was nice.  I also had a long conversation with the RSPB experts about my garden birds.
I managed to make this card with Jill last night.  I have used a Lili Of The Valley topper.  They are selling them for £2.50 for 20 and they make a nice quick card.  I have glittered up her bonnet but it's hard to see in the photograph.
I took Jill & John to Gatwick airport this morning and they travelled back home to The Isle of Man. My next guest arrived five hours later.  Mike's sister came back from Bournemouth today so I had lots of laundry to get done before she arrived.  It's all go once you've taken early retirement you know.

Friday, 1 October 2010

What a wet day we have here.

Howdy crafters! It has been so wet here today that I would rather stay home than go out - as I have to.  I'm having my eyes tested.  It's long overdue, so who knows - my card making may improve.  I took the dogs out in the pouring rain and wind and only Benson enjoyed it.  As he's besotted with ball play, he really doesn't mind the weather.  Taffy on the other hand prefers it dry as he needs a showering when he gets home. The walk took longer than expected because a lady had locked her dog and keys in her car.  I volunteered to take her home to get her spare keys.  Then she realised she wouldn't be able to get in without her door keys.  So I took her to her daughter's home for a spare set of front door keys, then to her house for the car keys and then her son-in-law took her back to the park and the poor bewildered dog.
I went to Alexander Palace with my pal Linda last Sunday.  We had a great day and it was good to see all my favourite stands - Clarity, Lili Of The Valley and Little Claire designs.  The Lavender Lane girls were there also - opposite the Glitter Girls!!  The Lavender Lane girls are just that though - girls!  Missed Kim, as she was there the day before.  Although I didn't need much, I still came home with lots of goodies and some great Clarity stamps.  Cards to be made and shown here very soon.
I am very excited (it doesn't take much I know) but I have just spotted a Sparrowhawk in my garden not five feet from the kitchen window. Thankfully, the little birds feeding in my garden, had scarpered before she landed. It's true, the best things in life are free.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A late anniversary card

I have just made this card in a hurry.  I thought my sister and her husband would be abroad on their 1st anniversary, so I intended for them to get their card as they returned home.  Imagine my surprise to hear they had returned the day before, so they could spend a day in the same hotel in which they were married.  Of course had I been organised, they'd have had the card to take with them on holiday.
I have used two Cuttlebug folders. The paisley one was created using the Black Magic paper and I used sand paper to reveal the blue colour underneath.
I enjoyed the show at Sandown Park last weekend.  I went with Anna and Gill and met lots of people I knew there - which is always good.  I did a Debbie Moore class and bought a few things.  Not too much though, as I plan to go to the papercraft show at Alexandra Palace this Sunday.  Kim Reygate was there demonstrating for Lavender Lane and gasping for coffee.  It's non stop once you start I suppose.
Our guest from Canada is now staying with other rellies but will be back in a couple of weeks.
Our friends Jill & John are coming for a weekend soon.  Haven't decided what we will do yet but we are open to suggestions!!  It's the beginning of October. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Christmas continued

Hello folks.
This is a card made at Lavender Lane last Saturday with Kim Reygate.  It was a black and white theme but I chose silver and black. I was only going to one class but managed to get to both classes, which was great.  The coffee did flow well and we all had a good time. I then drove with Mike to St. Albans in Hertfordshire to take Lady, my visiting dog home.  We stayed overnight and came back at lunchtime Sunday.Then I had to get the guest bedroom ready for my sister in law Barb, who arrived from Canada on Monday morning.  So not much time for blogging or card making either.  I must confess, I bought a card yesterday, for a friend whose birthday it is today.  It was just so funny that I could not resist it. Below is another card made in Kim's class on Saturday.  I am looking forward to going to Sandown Park this Friday.  Jane will be there with Kim on the Lavender Lane stand and Anna's coming with me. I have a class with Debbie Moore too.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Christmas in Epsom

Afternoon all!
I made this last night for the blog.  I am loving this Pink Gem stamp.  I bought the backing paper in a sale after Christmas and I'd forgotten I had it.
Been to Epsom today with my hubby.  Went to Jessops, the photography shop, to make up a small photo book but it was such a carry on that we abandoned the idea. Mike had  ordered a revamped and enlarged photograph of a lady, which was taken in 1909.  They made a good job of it but cut half her hat off, so we sent it back to be done again. So, all in all, a wasted journey.  Mike treated me to lunch in the M&S cafe (we know how to live!) and he then bought himself a jacket and a jumper. Unusually, I came home with nothing. Pandora hasn't come to Epsom yet.  Just as well really.
I have been asked to make and sell some cards at a play group open day in November. I'd pay for the table and keep the profits.  Haven't decided whether to do it or not.  When you HAVE to make cards, it becomes less of a cheerful hobby don't you think?  Then again, I do have a stack of cards ready to go.....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

About time too!

Greetings Crafters.

There has been a lot going on  here so I haven't been crafting for what seems like weeks. I was away in Liverpool for a few days last week at the Mathew St. Festival, which celebrates the music of The Beatles.  Mike & I went with my sister and her husband.  We had just the best time.  I had never been to Liverpool before and I must say we found the people very friendly.  Many tribute bands from around the world come to perform and my favourites were The Repeatles, which is such a good name for a Beatle tribute band.  Carol and I were like aging groupies waiting for hours to see them play.  We managed to get right to the front row at one of the outside stages.  The weather was sunny and warm and we were transported back in time to our youth.  We did a Fab Cab tour of Liverpool the next day and saw all the homes in which the Fab Four lived in their early days. We saw Penny Lane and Strawberry Field and a gravestone on which there was the name Eleanor Rigby. We also saw the longest running tribute band of all - The Bootleg Beatles.  So, all in all, we were Beatled out.  However we do plan to go again.  It was just so Fab. Enough - back to this card.

Unfortunately I had to make a sympathy card when I got home.  So I have made this one in black and white.  The stamp is just an Anita's one, which used to be one of my Mum's.  I've used a doily and I 'Swiss Dotted' a piece of black card for the background.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cuttlebug Christmas

Having started Christmas, I thought I'd do some more. This, as you can see, is a thin metal sheet put though the Cuttlebug inside the tree folder, and decorated with red ribbon and red jewels.  I might try another one of these - the village scene perhaps.  Dodged the rain today but I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow, when I go with two ex work colleagues to Kew Gardens. Finishing off with a curry at Jimmy Spice's in Epsom.  Cannot wait.  I have been asked to make a special 80th birthday card so must get my thinking cap on. I do have a few weeks to design it though.

Monday, 23 August 2010

May I be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas? Or did Kim beat me to it?

Happy Monday crafters!
I have been dodging the rain today and doing a few chores - you know - a woman's work and all that.  At least I can take my time now I don't have to go to work.
I have already made some Christmas cards but not nearly enough for this time of year.  It'll be a mad rush in November as usual.  I have used two Hobby Art stamps, black ink and clear embossing powder.  I made the background paper, which wasn't necessarily for Christmas but I thought it'd do.  A bit of Cuttlebuging and Nestabilities and voila!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Congratulations Hopey

Hello readers in Blogland.
This card is for Hopey Le Fay, my step granddaughter, who heard today that she has been accepted into Brighton Uni.  Well done Hopey.
I have used my favourite clear stamps designed by Anna and produced by Hobby Art.  The word stamp is an old PSX one.  I brayered the background with a Big and Juicy pad having used the resist technique first.  Then I stamped the flowers and embossed them in white.  The holes around the outside are made using my special new tool from Stampin' Up.  We've been having trouble with our telephone and for some time I was offline - which isn't great when you're selling stuff on eBay.   I am back online, but the telephone is still not working properly.  So girlfriends, if you need me, please use my mobile.

Monday, 16 August 2010


Afternoon crafters one and all.
Having had a very busy and tiring weekend, I have been taking it easy today and after just a few chores, did a little crafting. This card uses Hobby Art's Purple Toadflax stamp and one of their greetings too.  There's a little bit of Cuttlebug stencilling and some Nestabilities going on.  Finished off with flowers and card candy.  The background darker card is made using a brayer and a Big & Juicy pad - Hydrangea and my hands are the identical colour!  What a mess I was in at the finish.
I was also making some cards using the resist technique, that Kim was demonstrating at Lavender Lane last Saturday but the glossy card that I used with the brayer, wouldn't dry quick enough, so they will be tomorrow's cards. (After several pieces were thrown away I might add.)
As I mentioned, I popped in to see Kim and the girls, Jane & June at Lavender Lane on Saturday. They were busy with demos and 'make and take'.  I did some resist work with the brayer and the Big & Juicy pads and also some shrink plastic butterflies.
Mike and I were entertaining friends yesterday and we had a lovely time but by the time we'd cleared up etc, we were nicely worn out.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

For a special little boy I know

Howdy folks.  I'm speaking Yankee because I went to see an American country group in concert last night.  It was a band new to this country called Lady Antebellum.  My friend Dawn has a great boss, Rob Sanders and he booked and paid for the tickets as our treat!! How fab was that?  The band were on breakfast tv one day this week and Dawn spotted them, otherwise we'd have missed their one and only show in this country.  The concert was really good and we can't wait for them to return to our shores.
Now I know this card does not call for much skill.  It's a Kanban kit (bought from Lavender Lane, Stoneleigh) but it just suited a little boy I know called Harry Bridson, who lives on The Isle of Man.  He will be six on Monday.  He's holidaying in The Lake District right now but will be home soon.
I took the dogs to Richmond Park today and then played whist at the drive.  Mike's car broke down and he was waiting for the AA to rescue him.  No update on that score yet. I have turned over a new leaf and have been cooking the meals this week.  I am not trying to poison him but I'm trying to be a better wife.  (It won't last!) I can never think of anything to cook.  Any suggestions?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Talking of Tilda.......

Good Afternoon.  We have a warm sunny day here in Epsom. I walked the dogs on Epsom Downs and we had a lovely time and saw a few racehorses. My husband is painting the kitchen walls and yesterday we had to clean all the surfaces with sugar soap.  Don't you hate that job? When I thought I'd made my contribution, I disappeared to my work desk, which is in the garage, adjoining the kitchen and finished off this card - making him a cup of tea every so often.  Can't remember where I picked up these little butterflies but I thought they set off the girlie card.  I have finely glittered the hair band and petticoat but I realise that's hard to see.  Must go on a photography course next.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Tilda moment

A bit better - thanks for asking!!
Gave in and went to the Dr. yesterday and so I now have antibiotics and other meds. I'm gradually improving and actually walked the dogs today.
At least being at home has allowed me more time to craft.
Here's a Tilda card which needs no explanation.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Art Deco Lady .... again

Well I have been proper poorly!  I became ill on Friday and just went downhill after that.  All my weekend plans were cancelled and I had to stay in bed.  In fact today, is the first day I have been up and about.  I am still not better but needed to get out of the sick room and get some fresh air in the garden.  I have been suffering with conjunctivitis and an awful cough, which I still have.  It's keeping me awake throughout the night.  Mike moved into the spare bedroom on Saturday and I have been sleeping (off and on) starlike in the bed.  Taffy is restless and doesn't know which room he should be in.  He usually picks mine!
Still, I have been doing lots of reading and today I felt able to make a simple card.  See above!
I really like this new set of Art Deco ladies.  I also made another one which I wasn't too happy with when photographed.  Mike said it wasn't his favourite, so you won't be seeing it.

Friday, 30 July 2010

My home is my castle

Hello fellow crafters and friends.
I made this for my friend Jenny, who's having a house warming party in Dover tomorrow afternoon.  We tried to get an hotel or B & B overnight but were unsuccessful, so we'll be doing the journey there and back all in the same day.
I have used an old PSX stamp and the background paper is from Stampin' Up.
The eBay stuff is being watched but I have no bidders yet.  Still, a week to go before the auction's over.  Been doing the usual stuff this week.  Lots of dog walking and a trip with Benson to the vet. There has been a development though and I will be having a dog to stay for a few days in September, whilst its owners are on holiday.  Don't tell Taffy.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Art Deco Lady

Evenin' All - as Jack Warner used to say.
Last Friday was my anniversary and we got lots of lovely cards.  Mike stayed home and we went into Kingston for a bit of retail therapy.  I bought a nice multi-coloured top from East, with a matching necklace.  We then went to see a movie - Inception.  Well, I knew in the first five minutes I wasn't going to understand it and I was right.  I couldn't recommend it but I think I'm in the minority here.  We rounded off the evening with a nice Indian curry.  Then we collected Taffy from our friends Val & Eric, who kindly took him in for the day.
I have since had a lovely weekend with my sister in law Maggie and her daughter Helen.  We went over to Westfields shopping centre on Saturday - a first for Maggie and me.  Well, I did use the car park once with Dawn but we never shopped till we dropped. It is vast and had all the usual stores and quite a few new ones.  I was very restrained and only bought a cardigan.  I did fancy a Pandora bracelet though.  Another time perhaps.
Today the car went in for a service and MOT.  The tax and insurance are also due, so this is not the month to be shopping in Westfields.  I have spent the afternoon getting some things onto eBay for sale, so wish me luck.
I have made this card for Dawn to give to her friend.  I used a stamp from Debbie Moore Designs.  The set is so versatile and I'm looking forward to making more cards with them.  I coloured the image with distress inks and used black magic paper and a Cuttlebug folder for the dark background.  A bit of bling and there you have it.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pink flowers

Just taking a break from my gardening.  Well, weeding actually.  I have some rellies coming this weekend and their garden is always lovely.  You know who you are!!  This card is using some Kay Carley stamps, which you will have guessed, I adore.  It's self explanatory as you can see.
We've had a busy few days, so I haven't blogged much - unlike my dog. Last Thursday at midnight, we were just going to bed when I heard a strange noise in the spare bedroom.  I dismissed the fan and airing cupboard and decided it was the ceiling light.  Long story short, Mike thought the bulb was going to blow and took down the light fitting - whereupon he was covered in water.  There followed a manic half hour of going into the loft to tighten up a bolt which had worked loose and was letting a steady drip of water escape the water tank.  Thank goodness I found it before the ceiling came down.  We were very lucky.  Another 24 hours and I might have been telling a different story.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Monochrome moment

Not long been home from my classes at Lavender Lane.  It was a full house today for both classes, which was good to see.  Today we made cards using peel off waste - sorry Sharon.  I used  a silver strip and mounted it on black then for the centre, I mounted the waste onto acetate for the 3D effect. It was good to see Margaret and Judi there.  In the afternoon class we made shabby chic flowers.  As usual, we all used the same elements but created something very different.
We have friends coming round tonight, so I must go and make the patio look tidy and perhaps we can sit outside for a while. More later.

Friday, 16 July 2010

I found this stamp at Lavender Lane in Stoneleigh - where I shall be crafting tomorrow with Kim Reygate.  It's an Inkadinkadoo rubber stamp and is reminiscent of the Magenta images I admire.  I made my background using Moonglow or Starburst stains - probably under the duress of Kim!!  I shall add a greeting when I decide who's getting it.
Had a nice meal out with friends Sue and Dave last night in a newly refurbushed pub which is now called the H.G.Wells, since that famous author lived for a time in Worcester Park.  Good it was too.  Too meals for the price of one as an introductory offer.
I have walked the dogs with Nicki and am now going to do some crafting.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Greetings on this damp Tuesday.  My garden needs the rain so I am not complaining, as it'll save time watering the plants later.
Today's card was inspired by the work of Carol Gandy.  She makes the most romantic Victorian cards. The image is printed onto vellum and then stencilled in from the back to give a raised look.  Then the perimieter of the card is embossed with a suitable brass stencil.  I couldn't resist a bit of bling in the form of the jewels.
Check out Carol's website
Off to see the dental hygienist now then a little more dog walking - if it's dry.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Two posts in two days I hear you cry.  Service has been resumed but don't hold your breath for the next one!  I recently bought this stamp online from America and I plan to do a lot more with it, so I hope you don't get bored. It's a new stamp from Hero Arts.  Not a peel off in sight Sharon.
I bought these nice paper doilies at the Biggin Hill show and just found them.  As a child my house was full of doilies but they're an old fashioned idea around the house nowadays - or is it just because I don't bake anything?
Mike's been at home with me today and so he came dog walking with - which is detailed on Taffy's blog.  I took Benson's owner to the bank and to Waitrose and now I'm catching up with a few things. Had my name mentioned on Smooth Radio and may just go and make another card or two.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back to crafting.

Long time no craft! I have been so tucked up recently with visitors and entertaining, that I haven't been able to do what I love doing and that's making cards.  Not that I haven't enjoyed the alternative.  I have been to see Joe Brown and his band in Epsom, Priscilla Queen of The Desert in the West End and The Hampton Court Flower Show yesterday.  It was so very hot.  Vanessa Feltz was broadcasting live on the radio and I got a mention because she liked my white lace parasol.  And goodness, did I need it.  I went with Dawn and although we had a great time, the show isn't what it used to be when it first started.  There used to be lots of craft stalls but they're limited now.  And it's so expensive to get in.  Dawn treated me to a ticket which was hugely kind of her.  I got some short wellies with dogs on and some slip on waterproof shoes with roses on.  I didn't spend as much as I usually do - which was pleasing to Mike.  We all went for a curry in the evening.
This card is for my friend Pat who has recently moved in Worthing.  The stamp is from Hobby Art and I have added this lovely ribbon with the flowers on it. I hope to have another card for you soon.
This is me yesterday with Hampton Court in the backgroud.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hi Folks!
Well, what can I say?  My dog seems to have upstaged me. His blog is getting more 'hits' than mine.  I'd better just stick to card making. I have made this for our friend Mike, whose birthday is coming up.  I like this Personal Impressions stamp for a man. The backing papers are nearly as old as me!  I tried to have a clear out but threw away nothing.  However, I did find some nice papers that need to be used.
I have already walked the dogs and been to the local 'tip' and this afternoon, I have been invited by Benson's owner Olive, to have a proper cream tea at The Richmond House Hotel.  How nice is that?  It's a little thank you for walking her dog.   What to wear? Something posh I feel.  Olive is always turned out beautifully, so I don't want to let her down.  It's a little overcast today and somewhat cooler but still warm.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wimbledon weekend

Good evening viewers.  Sorry not to have posted for days but life always seems to take over.  My sister Carol says I have elastic time but even that has run out this week.  The highlight of the week was going to The Shepherd's Bush Empire on Thursday with my friend Dawn, to see an American new country star Brad Paisley.  The show was expensive, considering there was no warm up act but he was worth every penny. We parked Dawn's car in the new Westfields shopping centre car park.  It's ginormous.  Cannot wait to go and do a day's shopping there. OnWednesday, Mike was out and I went to play cards with Sue and her friends, where Taffy let me down.  See his blog to catch up on the antics of my pride and my boy.
We went to a lovely restaurant with Joyce and Harry on Friday evening.  It was called The Grumpy Mole near Kingswood and we had a super dinner.
I know I have used this stamp before but she's my favourite at the moment.  It's for Dawn to give to her friend. I have been out today with the dogs and my neighbours - ealry before it got too hot.  Again, catch up with Taffy's newa on his own blog.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The roar of the crowd ... sorry, Tiger

Hiya!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was busy but very fruitful. I managed to get a lot done.  We went out to dinner by Hampton Court on Saturday with Malcolm & Sandra, to a tapas bar.  Not the best meal we've ever had but the comedic value of the waiters made up for it. Sunday, after the usual dog walking, I drove over to Isleworth to Lavender's of London to buy some silk flowers for an arrangement I have been asked to do.  Of course I also managed to buy lots of other knick-knacks and lots of lovely cheap ribbon, which I bought hoping my card friends might like to buy. At 50p a roll (excl VAT), how could I resist?
Today is my friend Nicki's birthday and we walked together with our dogs in the sunshine.  I have made the floral tribute and also this card.  It's for a friend's birthday tomorrow and he loves tigers.

Now I have figured out how to take a close up photograph (thanks Kim - I really must read the instruction leaflet!) and also how to put more than one photograph in a new post - in the right order - I thought I'd do just that, because in the first photo', you cannot see that the black frame has been 'Cuttlebugged'. As you an see, it's an easel card and the tiger is one of those motifs that can be ironed onto fabric later. Hope you like it.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Stampscape card

This card was made using several Stampscape stamps. Very simple but suitable for a man I think.
Not much going on today. I did the dog walk with Nicki and her dogs. Molly had a dog fight with a Jack Russel terrier which wasn't very pleasant and she had to stay on her lead afterwards. I caught up with some viewing on the tv and took Taffy back to the vet's to have his dressing taken off.  Another £23.50 - I couldn't believe it. tonight I'm off to Nicki's house as she's having some kind of girlie party - where you can buy stuff.  Who knows what I may have to purchase.  Not that I need anything but since when has need ever had anything to do with it?  Molly has come to our house, so she's out of the way and having a rest from Charlie the Boxer puppy.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cool dude

Good evening.  Just a quickie before bed. I love this stamp. As you can see, I have stamped it out a couple of times and cut out the various garments and assembled them all together.  This was for Lewis - a neighbour.
Today I walked Benson and Taffy then had a manicure.  I played whist in the afternoon and won £1.50 - which is the cost of the entrance fee - so I broke even. I came home to see Taffy and Mike then went up to London to meet the girls near the Festival Hall for a meal in Los Iguanos - a South American tapas bar.  It wasn't quite as good as normal but it was super to see all the girls again.  It was Helen's party now she has retired.  We walked over the bridge to Parliament and Helen's husband gave me a lift home.
Taffy has his own blog now I gather.
More tomorrow - God willing!  Good night dear reader.

Cinnamon Club

Well it's now the early hours of Thursday morning.  We've had a full and busy day.  I walked Taffy & Benson early and then Mike & I went up to London to meet our friends Lynn & Graham at The Cinnamon Club in Westminster.  My sister Carol was in London with Martin and her friends, so they joined us. We had a really nice time ~ if only for three hours.  What started out as a lunch for £19 per head, ended up as £45 each!  AND Carol paid for the wine.  The restautrant was full of MP's and I had to wonder about their expenses. The meal was superb though.  I had to dash off to Harley St. for my 6 monthly tattoo top up on my eyebrows. Got home to the pooch infirmary and found Taffy barking well.  He's bright after his mishap but didn't want to eat his food with his medication in it.  It was only when we mixed in roast beef, that he eventually ate it all.
I went off to play whist and got a third highest score - winning .50p (don't laugh) and came home to catch my beloved having a crafty cigar in the lounge, which is totally forbidden. Taffy told me he's done it before.  We watched Biggest Loser and now it's time for bed.  I have another busy day tomorrow.
This card was made in Kim's class at Lavender Lane last Saturday morning. The photograph isn't very sharp - sorry - but it's in the hands of The Royal Mail now. It's using the resist technique and cutting out Anna's flowers. I also stamped on the lilac card with the resist ink, to give a watermark effect - a la Kim's instructions!
So, it's goodnight from me and woof woof from Taffy the invalid.