Tuesday, 20 November 2012

At about this time of year I am usually asked to make a cards for an ex-colleague, to give to his daughter.  A birthday card and a Christmas card.  This year I have used a Lili of theValley topper and added glitter and gems.  The embossed snowflakes in the centre are made with a Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I edged the whole shebang with distress ink and also the lacey aquare around the topper.
What a dreadful day it is today.  Wet and wild in this neck of the woods.
I am in the process of making up quizzes for my sister's house party in December.  I have done a visual one - ART but still have to make up four more.  This is when I start to get stressed.
I am going out to meet a friend now for lunch. At last - I am a lady who lunches!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

I made this card for Lady Foster on The Isle of Man. The main red flower panel is a fabric square. The fancy black frame was tricky to affix, there being not many places to stick glue on the thin borders.  I don't like that spray glue - I get it everywhere apart from where it is intended to go. I have had a cold for for a fortnight now and just as I thought I was getting better - I felt bad again yesterday but not with cold symptoms.  I'll be glad to get back to normal.
Hubby and I went to see Skyfall last weekend.  Enjoyed it too.  Out for dinner last night at the home of friends and out for lunch today.  So, yes, in case you were thinking it - the waistline is ever expanding.  Bring back elasticated waistbands I say.
Next Wednesday it's the Hobby Art 'fast and furious' Christmas card workshop.   Can't wait for that!!  Until next time....

Friday, 9 November 2012

Christmas Is acoming

Hi Folks.
Sorry I have been away but I have had a stinkin' rotten cold all week and it is showing no signs of abating yet.  After work and doggie walking, I didn't feel up to much.
This card was entered into the Hobby Art Christmas card competition.  I am pleased to report that I came joint third!!  Hoorah!  I made the pale pink background using pearl-ex, water and cling film.  When dry, I stamped on it twice and cut out the corners.  I used Promarkers to colour the image and glossy accents on the berries.
Well I don't know about you but I am nowhere near as far along as I should be for Christmas.  I still have most of my gifts to buy, cards to make and quizzes to arrange for my resident quiz night at Christmas in Torquay.
On a high note - I won a bottle of wine at the whist drive - highest scoring lady. I gave it to my other half and he complained it was Chardonnay!  I wish I'd chosen the box of tea bags now, or the bag of oranges. Tomorrow I am out playing cards again for most of the day.  Wish me luck!!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Well my Sunday did not start out too well.  I came downstairs this morning to find my conservatory completely under water.  AAAHHHH!!!!  I dragged my other half from his slumbers and I put towels down everywhere to soak up the water.  It had rained heavily through the night and the gutters were full of detritus (my fault apparently because I feed the birds!) so the water overflowed into the conservatory.  I really thought we had conquered this old problem.  So much so, we decorated the room. So when I got back from dog walking, I had to put the heating up to dry out the sofa etc. I then pressure hosed the patio and now I am going to have a hot bath because I can hardly feel my fingers or toes.
But before that, I thought I'd put up this card.  I bought these old fashioned photograph toppers some time ago and have never used them - until now.  Used with my lattice nestie type cutter, I think it makes a nice gent's card.  Now who could this be for Lady Foster?  Anyone you know?  A little bit of X
Factor and Downtown later - and that's my day complete.  Back to school bus driving tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello again friends. This was just a quick card using one of the modern style peel offs. I made the background with a brayer and a big and juicy pad.  The rest is self explanatory.
Busy week - so what's new?  Whilst I am on a break from the school, I pack as much into the holiday as I can.  Yesterday saw me at Jimmy Spice's with the girls from work and tomorrow we are 'going up West' to see Let It Be at the theatre.  I am looking forward to that as I loved the Beatles.  Last week I saw 9 - 5 at The New Wimbledon Theatre.  Bonny Langford was in that.  I am sorry to say I didn't realise until the end. She looked pretty good mind - swanning around in her sussies!
We have had a lovely Doberman with us for a few days.  We thought her owners were going to be stuck in New York but theirs was the first plane out of JFK after the cancellations.  Until next time.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Evening all! Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Jenny Mayes workshop.  (Of Hobby Art fame) I went with some lovely ladies, Linda, Pauline and Jocelyn and we joined many, many other ladies at the church hall in Tadworth.  We had four projects to complete during the day - in between refreshments and I think everybody had a great time.
This was the first card of the day. The next photograph shows the inside of the card.  A Pop Up robin.

And this was just part one.  I will share the other projects with you very soon.  There will be another workshop in February and a 'mini' one in November.  So if you live in Surrey - it's a must for your diary.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Top of the morning to you fellow crafters. I thought I would get this card on here before my computer gives up the ghost.  I have had some technical warning messages about the hard drive failing, so I have a man coming later today to look at the pc.  Who knows if he can fix it, or will I have to buy a new tower?  I have just bought myself a new iPad, so at least I can still get on the Web.
One more day at school and then it's half term for two weeks.  I am looking forward to sleeping in in the mornings.
This baby card was made to order for a friend.  the main panel is a LOTV topper The baby feet are made with an embossing folder.  The Baby word and pin are new Nesties or Marianne dyes.  Bye for now - hopefully not for long!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

She's back!

Hello! Fancy seeing you here!  Where has the summer gone? - I asked myself in the pouring rain whilst walking two dogs this morning.  Things are always busy this end and this summer was no exception.  My dear other half fell off a step ladder and fractured his wrist in two places, and also came away with a compression fracture of the spine.  All these were missed by the hospital and after 7 weeks he went back for more X-rays, only to be told about the fractures - as we had suspected.  At the moment he is not having treatment, but must go back in a couple of weeks to see how things are.  Painful is how things are!!
Anyhow, I am back card making and this first one is for a friend of mine, whose birthday it is this week.  Now who could that be?  If it's your birthday - look out for this card.  I made the background with a Kaleidacolour pad and a brayer.  I cut a circle out and turned it up the other way.  The lattice is a new Nestie cutter I bought recently at the Sandown show in Esher.  You'll recognise the circular scalloped frame I'm sure.  The flowers are made with a Hobby Art stamp and it's finished off with peel offs.  Now my friend Sharon is crafting no longer, I can use peel offs with gay abandon.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My home is my castle

What a hot day - seems only days ago that we were all complaining about the month of rain we had to endure.  On the positive side, dirty paws are a thing of the past - for a while at least. I have been to Davina's - Stampcraft' in Purley today.  Kim was holding a class.  It was good to see Monica, Linda, Jenny and Sylvia again. But boy was it hot in Davina's lovely conservatory.
This card was made using a PSX stamp which I often roll out for a new home greeting.  My niece keeps moving houses and I have told her I'm running out of ideas, so she must stay put for a while!!
Today I purchased a fancy Nestie oval.  I am going into my work space shortly to use it.  Motown radio for two hours on the radio - Saturday evening is very special.  I know how to live don't I?
I am feeling a lot better now - thanks for your concern ladies.  I'm going to see an osteopath friend on Tuesday and she has promised she 'll get me right.  Watch this space!  I care for her dogs some times - so she has a vested interest in my good health.  She is also a sports physio at Wimbledon every year.  However, having a 'mole' on the inside is no use.  She never gives anything away.  I can't be paying her enough!! My dear Mike is decorating our conservatory in this heat.  He's a brave man.  AND he's made a meatloaf for our dinner.  What a lucky girl I am.  We have been invited out for a barby tomorrow afternoon - so I'll give him the afternoon off.  I'm good like that.  Enjoy your weekend.  Just had a thought - when can he cut the lawn???????????????????????

Thursday, 17 May 2012

An anniversary card for my friends

Evening crafters one and all. This card was made for my friends Jill & John on The Isle of Man - or should I say Lord & Lady Foster?!  Yes I should.  I started this at one of Kim's classes and finished it off at home.  The background was made using chalks and then I randomly tore  a piece of vellum to place over the background.  I then stamped on it.  The flowers were cut out using a Spellbinders machine, as were the leaves.  Or was it the Cuttlebug?  No matter - you get the gist. A little glitter glue and pearls finish it off.
Well I have been a bit poorly.  I suffer from vertigo or labyrinthitis which comes upon me early in the morning, I think when I get up too quickly and it has a very debillitating effect on me.  I couldn't do my driving job and I was somewhat nauseous - but we won't go into that!  Fortunately I had a Dr.s appointment anyway, so he gave me some meds and they seem to have almost done the trick but I still don't feel right.  I will go back to work Monday - as long as it stays away.  You know the feeling after too much alcohol when the world won't stop turning?  You don't?  Well you'll have to trust me.  It's much like that.  Trouble is the tablets make me drowsy, so I keep going to bed.  Enough about me.
What are you up to this weekend?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Peel Offs

Was it really Easter when last I posted?  Goodness - where have I been?  Well for a spell, the ladder was off the loft hatch, so I couldn't go up there.  However, all is good and I should be back to normal.  Let's see! I have been very busy dog walking , sometimes going out twice a day and sometimes as far afield as Old Oxted in Surrey.  I am back at school driving again and life goes on very nicely.
Sadly I have attended a funeral since my last post - in Yorkshire.  A dear aunt passed.

This card was made after seeing the idea at Davina's house. (Stampcraft) I used three sets of peel offs.  One gold, one black and one silver.  I put the gold circle down first and then added bits from the other sets of peel offs.  The corners are peel offs also but the greeting is stamped with a Hobby Art stamp.  Dead easy!!

More soon.  Gilly x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Don't get an iPhone

Happy Easter one and all.  I hope you are enjoying it whatever you are doing.  Mike and I have been out in the garden tidying things up before his sister visits on Wednesday.  Her garden is perfect and ours will be soon!!
Well, you may have been wondering where I have been.  Mike and I went away for a few days and apart from that, I have been learning how to use my new iPhone.  Well, I have downloaded a few games, at the recommendation of my friend Dawn and the boys at school.  The result is, I am hooked like a teenager.  You will never see me without the blessed thing in my hands.  I am addicted to a game called 'Wooords' and also 'Plants and Zombies'.  I am charging the phone twice a day.  So, not much crafting going on.
Until today that is. I bought a lovely stamp at Farnborough show recently and have made a card for a friend whose birthday is next week.

The stamp was from a stand selling stamps called Dimension Fourth and I could have bought hundreds, let alone four.  In the end I bought two.  I cut out the lady and stuck her using silicone glue.

I used the one and only Promarker I own - the red and the skin was the other popular brand of markers - having a senior moment - it'll come to me - or perhaps not!
As usual, I failed to make any Easter cards and bought a pack.  I told myself it was ok, because they were for the RSPCA.
I had a birthday since I last posted and received several beautiful hand-made cards.  I went into London to a hotel with friends and we had a posh champagne and chocolate themed afternoon tea.  The hotel was of The Hilton chain and it was the old Marlborough St. Magistrates Court - where I had worked briefly when still a serving police officer.  They have kept the female cells just as they were - including the toilets!  It didn't work for me, but that was possibly because it didn't bring back particularly great memories. Back to my 'studio' for more crafting.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

More poppies

Hi folks!  My feet are killing me.  I have been to The Ideal Home Show today with my sister in law Maggie.  We were lucky enough to have free tickets.  I didn't spend too much but got a couple of nice things.  Now my feet need to be up on the foot stool.
This card was another for Jenny over at Hobby Art.  I used the poppy set again and coloured the stamped flowers using PearlEx. I put holes around the scalloped green circle, which was coloured using the green PearlEx too.  I made the card cardy using left over stamped bits.  The red panel was Cuttlebugged and red ribbon added.
We went to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie yesterday, which we loved.  Then we had a curry in Jimmy Spice's in Epsom.  When we got out - we delighted to find we had a parking ticket for overstaying!!  £50 if we pay within the week.  Marvellous.  Until next time.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Poppy Power

What a super day we are experiencing in Surrey today.  I have been dog walking with only a T-shirt on.  Bare Arms!! Fancy that! Here comes the summer.
This card was made for Jenny over at  Hobby Art.  This is from the Poppy set which is a real joy to work with. I know the seed heads are not red but call it artistic license. Each flower was coloured in using a Promarker and then embossed with clear embossing powder to make them shine.
Where did the weekend go?
Friday saw me at the Houses of Parliament for a memorial service for a lovely girlfriend of mine who died aged 52. I was privileged to read a poem at the service.  Thankfully, it was at the beginning of the service, so I didn't get too nervous.  It was great to see my old friends and colleagues and it felt like yesterday that I used to go there to work every day.
Saturday we went to a pub in South Wimbledon to support a local band.  We always have a good night and the ladies dance.  Then Sunday we drove to Boreham Wood to have lunch with good friends.  So, a busy but good weekend.  So far today, I have walked four dogs in Limpsfield Chart and it'll be back to work later.  Have to make a card for my nephew though first.  I'm trying to think if I have anything suitable for a 30 year old. Best go check.  That's all for now.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Baby pink

Hello.  What a wet and dreary day we have in Surrey.  I know we need the rain but being a dog walker, it's not a lot of fun wiping all the mud off dirty paws.
A friend of mine has become a grandmother for the first time and I have made the family a cute baby card. The central panel is using a Lili of the Valley topper and the other cut and embossed panels are a Marianne Creatable, that I bought at Farnborough a couple of weeks ago.
They really emboss nice and crisply.  I have put the tiniest bit of glitter on the baby dress. The baby is called Scarlett Rose - isn't that a gorgeous name?
I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4S.  Still getting to grips with it but it takes up so much time.  I have bought a book to read on it - a Joanna Trollope novel - so I don't have to carry a heavy book around with me all the time.  And I have a few games as 'Apps' - Wooords, Boggle and Freecell.  Loving it.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Watercoloured flowers

Good evening all.  This card was started off at one of Kim's classes recently.  I stamped the image in white.  Can't remember whose stamp this is but perhaps Kim will let us know.  It will be either Hobby Art or Woodware.  It was coloured in using Kaleidacolour inks, using the watercolour method.  I made the little card candy with the left over stamped image after it had been 'Nestie'd'.  Some lace and a Cuttlebug folder complete the card along with the pearls. Oh i forgot to mention the twiddley bit.  That's a Marianne Creatable I think!
I was at Kim's class in Purley on Saturday.  We did resist emboss.  I have done this many times before but we always have different ideas and Kim's samples are so stunning - you are inspired all over again.  She was in fine form, you'll be glad to hear and if you saw Barbara Grey on the TV today - you'll have seen and heard mention Kim's name many times over.  Well done Kim.
I on the other hand, have been out to lunch in Farnborough, where it was snowing. We called in at friends in Molesey and met up with Bow Wow the little Yorkshire Terrier I rehomed.  What a joy he is.  I have not crafted all week at home, so cannot wait to get going.  Having bought stuff at the Farnborough show last week and a few bits at Davina's yesterday - I have some catching up to do. First of all tomorrow, I'm thinking of going into Kingston and upgrading my phone to an iPhone.  Watch this space. Good night!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In support of Kim

If there's one thing I hate, it's bullying and there is a case of cyber bullying going on right now. The victim? A dear friend and talented crafter - Kim Reygate. Readers of my blog will know I have a close association with this gifted lady and I owe much to her kindness and willingness to share her knowledge with me and many of my friends. Her patience knows no bounds. Unfortunately, the author of another blog has denigrated her name and suggested that Kim has copied the work of others.  First and foremost, Kim has no need to copy anyone's work.  She consistently comes us with fresh ideas and her blog has some of the finest samples of card making I have seen on the Internet today.  She constantly wins blog challenges and to see and handle some of her creations - often takes my breath away.
To say Kim is gifted, is an understatement but if I have to be honest, her IT skills are not her strongest suit. Therefore to suggest she has got rid of watermarks on her blog to save face, is ludicrous.  Kim is a designer for several different companies and I was delighted to see a supportive comment on her blog from Barbara Grey.  It doesn't get any better than that does it?  Kim is given brand new stamps to 'play' with and her ideas are definitely original and never copied.  As I have stated elsewhere, we all get our inspiration from the work of others, and interpret it in our own way - with the tools we have in our craft room.  Indeed, if an idea is translated to suit a crafter - the originator should be flattered.  Kim always gives credit if she has used someone else's ideas.  Check out her blog here.
Kim should be proud of her achievements and should not be bullied in this way.  I believe the author of the other blog - which is successful -  is having her say on behalf of another person but refuses to name the other, so how can Kim defend herself?  She has now deleted all the comments left in support of Kim and calls them offensive. What a controlling person she seems to be and lacks the courage to presents all the facts.  I left comments but I would never be offensive. This has gone on long enough and without proof or evidence, the matter should be closed.  There is room for everyone in our creative 'Blogland' and to suggest Kim leave it - then that would leave many of us very disenchanted.  It would be a huge loss to so many crafters the world over.  Check out her international 'hits'.  This blog is with you all the way Kim.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Pearl Ex Lilies

Good evening.  I have just got home from a pleasant evening in London's West End, sharing a meal with 'the girls' from work.  I cannot believe it'll be four years since I stopped working full time in London.  We dined in Kettner's just off Shaftesbury Avenue and afterwards I walked with a friend all the way through Trafalgar Square to Parliament, where our lift home was waiting.  My boots were not the most comfortable I possess and my feet are a little weary now.  We saw the new 'boy on rocking horse' on the spare plinth in Trafalgar Square, which was unveiled this week and also the Olympic countdown clock. (See photo below) I do enjoy being in London in the evening.  It's the buzz I guess.  Restaurant was lovely but pricey.
This card uses the Butterfly Kisses stamp obtainable from Hobby Art.  I used Pearl Ex paints to colour a background before adding extra colour to the petals.  Cut out with a Nestie and Cuttlebug folders and a punch complete the card.
Tomorrow I am going to the big papercraft show in Farnborough with Linda and Blanche.  Really looking forward to it.  Then in the evening, we are going to a Bollywood Bingo night in the Woldingham village hall.  We know how to live!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Where did the half term week go???????

Gosh where did that week go?  Roll on Easter I guess. This card was made using a fabric square.  The background paper and label were freebies in a card magazine.  I shall put a name or an age on the label when I use it.  I put some glitter glue on the pink coats and the apron is sparkly too.
I am going to a Country Music festival at Wembley on Sunday but I am having difficulty finding a parking spot.  I normally book the parking at the time of booking the tickets but my friend got the tickets and I just forgot to do it.  I don't want to use public transport, so I'll keep trying.
Done it £15 for the privilege.  Got another concert this Wednesday in Islington.  Country Music writers - I won't bore you with the details but I am so looking forward to both concerts.  Reba will be at Wembley.  Yay!!
Well last week was spent chasing my tail walking with lovely dogs in the mud. We have the lovely Mabel with us but she went home yesterday.  I have Scottie at my feet today.  He doesn't like men and we had the plumber in this morning, so we had to be careful.  This Saturday I will be going to the craft show at Farnborough with Linda and Blanche.  Looking forward to that immensely.

Monday, 13 February 2012

I seem to have caught Kim's bug - I'm entering the challenge again!

I had some Woodware bits and pieces stamped up and thought I should use them, so I have decided to enter this into The February Woodware Challenge . I know Kim has already entered but I am not deterred - she taught me all I know! (Well a good part of it!!) The stamped image is on a hand made background and I bleached out the petals of the flowers. Mucho bling added to the image and the daisy ribbon.  Two different embossing folders create the pink and blue card backgrounds.
I was at Davina's on Saturday with the ladies and Kim.  I think we all had bad colds and were sharing our germs willy-nilly.  We played with PearlEx and my offering will be shown here - probably tomorrow. I was pleased to win the Woodware challenge within our little group and was happy to spend my £10 prize on three new embossing folders - well you can't have enough can you?
Meet Mabel. She's staying with us for a few days.  She is a 'Cavapoo' and so tiny.  The park is so muddy that it's not very pleasurable when you have to bathe all the dogs on your return.  Today we had to wash Scottie the Jack Russell, Mabel and then Benson in the shower.  It puts another half hour on the job.  Still, I have the time this week as it's half term, so no driving for me.
I think I may just go and do some more crafting now.  Hubby's out and Mabel is sleeping, so I'm on my own.  Until next time.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hello!  It's a Saturday night and I am home.  Twenty years ago this would have been unheard of!  I am however listening to the Motown show on the radio and loving every moment.  We have been without TV since last Tuesday and a friend came over today and helped us with the Sky dish and now we are up and running again.  I have managed to track down several shows we missed but I still have to watch a few online.
This card was made using a Hobby Art stamp.  I used Kaleidacolor inks to colour it in - in a water colour type of way.  I stamped it twice and made the card candy from the second image, using a small circular punch.
I have had a particularly busy week with dog walking for a friend who is in America buying a property (I hate her!!) (Not really!!)  On Thursday, I got a key stuck in the door of my first dog and then set off for another dog without the keys to that house.  Everything that could go wrong, did.  To cap it all, I now have a full blown cold and cough.
Mike's just gone to buy some food for our dinner but I couldn't wait and have had my customary five fish fingers.  I have hidden the empty box and will eat my dinner when ready.  No wonder I had to rejoin the slimming club. TTFN

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow? Thanks but no thanks.

I normally like the snow but it's different now I have to drive a school bus.  I'm praying for a thaw before the morning, when I have to collect the bus at 7am and drive intoWimbledon to pick up the boys.  I don't think that's likely though.  Who knows, the school may not open.  We'll see.
This card was made using a piece of hand made background paper, upon which I have stamped a Woodware stamp. I stamped it twice and decoupaged the flowers and added gems.  I Cuttlebugged a turquoise background and 'hand-stitched' the edge of the card - a la Kim Reygate.  Black peel offs complete the card.
I have had a sad week, having been to a friend's funeral.  She was a colleague when I was working and sadly died in her sleep at the age of 52.  Not fair is it?  A lovely girl.  The church service was near Dover and I don't think I have ever felt the cold quite so much as that day.  The wind chill factor just took my breath away.
We should have been entertaining today but the bad weather has put paid to that.  So I now have an afternoon to craft in my 'studio'.  I am planning to use a lovely poppy stamp set, by Hobby Art.  We are having a new roof put on at the moment and because of the scaffolding, there are a few channels we cannot get on the TV.  Create & Craft is one such and so I have missed the Clarity shows today.  However Biggest Loser was recorded and viewed yesterday, so it's not all bad.
Barny a Golden Retreiver has come for a few days.  After the little dogs last week, he seems enormous. I hope he likes walking in the snow.........

Saturday, 28 January 2012

In for a penny.........

Another entry for The Woodware January Sketch challenge.  I don't know what's come over me.  I blame that Kim Reygate.  This is a Magenta stamp.  I used Kaleidacolour ink to watercolour the image, having stamped in black and embossed with clear powder.  I have Cuttlebugged the green and lilac card and used a punch to create the black border. I made my own 'Card Candy' using shiny black card.  I made rows of holes around the green card too.

Was at Davina's today for a class with Kim.  I never intend spending money but Davina always has such a lot of goodies, that I cannot resist.  We still have the two dogs with us and they are just wonderful company, well behaved and oh so good to look at.  Cute doesn't come into it.

Tomorrow I am going to see my friend Dawn, to play with her PS3 Player.  It's a kind of sophisticated karaoke machine called Sing Star.  I believe I am the highest scoring singer currently, so have a Sing Star reputation to defend.  (I major in Motown, in case you were wondering.)  For Dawn's birthday, she was bought some more discs, so I will be singing 80's songs and possibly The Beatles.  So, if you want to protect your ear drums, stay well away from the Teddington area tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Mike has declined the invitation to join us - which obvioulsy speaks volumes.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My favourite colour

I can't help it but many of my cards turn out in shades of orange.  I also love orange coloured flowers.  So, the background card has been Cuttlebugged and I have coloured the edge with Tim Holtz Distress Ink.  The thank you stamp is one I have had for ages but it colours in well.  I put bright yellow gems in the centre of each flower.  Cut out using a Nestie and then the edges coloured using the distress ink again, whilst the Nestie was still in place.  Flowers from my collection.
My doggies are doing just fine and are so very well behaved.  I shall miss them when they've gone home.  But I have them for another eight sleeps. The walks have been a bit miserable in the rain but I spot a tiny bit of blue sky right now, so I think I'd better get them out.
Biggest Loser is back on the TV - both the US one and the UK version.  How is it the American contestants lose huge amounts every week and our lot only muster a pound or two - if they're lucky? The Australian show is coming to an end but that's been good. Another programme I like is called The Hotel on TV on a Sunday night.  It's so bad it's great.  Oh yes, and Jesse Pavelka on a Monday night in 'Obese: a year to save my life.'  I'm considering putting on 20 stone, just to get in a gym with him. Hey Ho ;)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Blue & Green should never be seen

Hello again dear readers.  I have today made this card for friends of mine, as an anniversary card.  I started the card at a class with Kim and have just completed it.  The background was hand made then I stamped on it using a Woodware stamp.  I stamped it twice and used the separate flowers to decorate the border.  I Cuttlebugged the blue card and added luminous green gems for a spot of bling. Or should I say, may spots of bling?
I have neglected my blog for a while, having been otherwise occupied but hope to be adding more cards very soon.  I went to see War Horse last week with the other half.  We really enjoyed it and it wasn't as distressing as I thought it might be.  We have been looking after a beagle for a few days and she has been a total nightmare.  Whilst cute and cuddly, she is only motivated by food and has been something of a challenge.  She has three times tipped up the kitchen refuse bin.  Stole a chicken leg from Mike's dinner plate as he was eating.  This morning she vomited up two pieces of cellophane at 3 am!!!  She ate an entire square of bird feed suet and apples left out for the blackbird and has in the past eaten a wedding cake.  She can reach up to the kitchen counters, even tough she is small and we have had to be one step ahead at all times.  As we waved her 'Adios' today, Mike wasn't displeased to see the back of her.  She was a very loving dog in every other way though.  Now we have two very different pooches.  A Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier called Dillon and a Havanese called George, who I could eat, he's so gorgeous.
Yesterday we went to the ice show in Brighton with friends.  It was absolutely sensational.  It just gets better.  We were lucky enough to be on the front row and rather embarrassingly, I was pulled up at one point and made to jiggle around and dance with a skater.  (Mortifying) We later had a meal in English's - a fish restaurant, which was really very good.  I bought several flashing toys to take on my school bus.  I wonder how long they'll last.  I say they're for the boys but...........  I love playing with them.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Woodware challenge

This is my very first entry into a challenge and I have not a clue whether I've got the right idea or not.  That Kim Reygate made me do it!!! It's the Woodware January Sketch Challenge. I've had a look at the other cards that have been entered and I'm a bit embarrassed to send this but here goes!  No doubt someone will tell me if or where I'm going wrong.
I stamped and embossed in silver onto the blue card, then embossed the main fairy and used a Nestie to cut her out.  I coloured the edges by leaving the Nestie in place. Her wings have very fine glitter on them. I Cuttlebugged the pink panel and used an old punch I have on the blue card on the right hand side.  I made my own 'buttons'.  Here goes.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

All in pink

More thank yous. This was a quick and easy thank you card, made with freebie stamps on a magazine.  I used a 'Ruby' embossing powder.  The top corner of the white panel was made by using one end of a Nestie. I just placed the cutting plate over the the edge.
I was on a First Aid course yesterday and I was back to driving the school bus this morning.  I heard that a girlfriend of mine died in her sleep on Monday.  She was only 52, so I'm feeling stunned and shattered.  
We're going out for a curry tonight with friends and another curry on Friday for my friend Dawn's birthday.  We're headed to Jimmy Spice's in Wimbledon.  Hopefully, these jaunts will take my mind off things. Then surely the diet will have to start on Monday.  Everything is tight again.
Mike received the gift of a 'Lairdship' from our friends Jill & John for Christmas. This has caused much merriment within the family. Ergo, I must be a Lady.  We must go to Scotland and visit his plot of land.  There will obviously have to be some sort of ceremony involving whisky.  If Scotland get their independence, we may be barred from visiting!

Friday, 6 January 2012


I have been making a few thank you cards and this is one of them.  The rubber stamp I have had for a long time but it's great for adding bling.  A bit of Cuttlebugging and Nestability-ing and you're done.
Today Mike and I took Benson's owner - Olive - to lunch at Polesden Lacey.  It was such a beautiful day and the view of London in the distance was very clear.
We later met two dogs that will be coming to stay for a couple of days.  Dillon and George.  A Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Havanese.  They seemed to settle in immediately, so I hope they enjoy their time with us.
Well, The Biggest Loser is back on the TV and I'm hooked again.  We have the new US show and the poor relation of a British version.  I am still watching the end of the Australian series.  There is another  British weight loss programme, with the added bonus of Jesse Pavelka from the USA.  He has now become my favourite personal trainer - sorry Bob Harper - I have moved on.  Just take a look at Jesse in Google Images.  I think you'll have to agree!!  I don't know when he came to England, but he didn't look me up!! (What has all this got to do with card making??  Absolutely nothing!)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

All the best to my dear  crafting friends one and all.  I wish you health and happiness in 2012.
This card is for my friend Anna.