Wednesday, 29 February 2012

In support of Kim

If there's one thing I hate, it's bullying and there is a case of cyber bullying going on right now. The victim? A dear friend and talented crafter - Kim Reygate. Readers of my blog will know I have a close association with this gifted lady and I owe much to her kindness and willingness to share her knowledge with me and many of my friends. Her patience knows no bounds. Unfortunately, the author of another blog has denigrated her name and suggested that Kim has copied the work of others.  First and foremost, Kim has no need to copy anyone's work.  She consistently comes us with fresh ideas and her blog has some of the finest samples of card making I have seen on the Internet today.  She constantly wins blog challenges and to see and handle some of her creations - often takes my breath away.
To say Kim is gifted, is an understatement but if I have to be honest, her IT skills are not her strongest suit. Therefore to suggest she has got rid of watermarks on her blog to save face, is ludicrous.  Kim is a designer for several different companies and I was delighted to see a supportive comment on her blog from Barbara Grey.  It doesn't get any better than that does it?  Kim is given brand new stamps to 'play' with and her ideas are definitely original and never copied.  As I have stated elsewhere, we all get our inspiration from the work of others, and interpret it in our own way - with the tools we have in our craft room.  Indeed, if an idea is translated to suit a crafter - the originator should be flattered.  Kim always gives credit if she has used someone else's ideas.  Check out her blog here.
Kim should be proud of her achievements and should not be bullied in this way.  I believe the author of the other blog - which is successful -  is having her say on behalf of another person but refuses to name the other, so how can Kim defend herself?  She has now deleted all the comments left in support of Kim and calls them offensive. What a controlling person she seems to be and lacks the courage to presents all the facts.  I left comments but I would never be offensive. This has gone on long enough and without proof or evidence, the matter should be closed.  There is room for everyone in our creative 'Blogland' and to suggest Kim leave it - then that would leave many of us very disenchanted.  It would be a huge loss to so many crafters the world over.  Check out her international 'hits'.  This blog is with you all the way Kim.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Pearl Ex Lilies

Good evening.  I have just got home from a pleasant evening in London's West End, sharing a meal with 'the girls' from work.  I cannot believe it'll be four years since I stopped working full time in London.  We dined in Kettner's just off Shaftesbury Avenue and afterwards I walked with a friend all the way through Trafalgar Square to Parliament, where our lift home was waiting.  My boots were not the most comfortable I possess and my feet are a little weary now.  We saw the new 'boy on rocking horse' on the spare plinth in Trafalgar Square, which was unveiled this week and also the Olympic countdown clock. (See photo below) I do enjoy being in London in the evening.  It's the buzz I guess.  Restaurant was lovely but pricey.
This card uses the Butterfly Kisses stamp obtainable from Hobby Art.  I used Pearl Ex paints to colour a background before adding extra colour to the petals.  Cut out with a Nestie and Cuttlebug folders and a punch complete the card.
Tomorrow I am going to the big papercraft show in Farnborough with Linda and Blanche.  Really looking forward to it.  Then in the evening, we are going to a Bollywood Bingo night in the Woldingham village hall.  We know how to live!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Where did the half term week go???????

Gosh where did that week go?  Roll on Easter I guess. This card was made using a fabric square.  The background paper and label were freebies in a card magazine.  I shall put a name or an age on the label when I use it.  I put some glitter glue on the pink coats and the apron is sparkly too.
I am going to a Country Music festival at Wembley on Sunday but I am having difficulty finding a parking spot.  I normally book the parking at the time of booking the tickets but my friend got the tickets and I just forgot to do it.  I don't want to use public transport, so I'll keep trying.
Done it £15 for the privilege.  Got another concert this Wednesday in Islington.  Country Music writers - I won't bore you with the details but I am so looking forward to both concerts.  Reba will be at Wembley.  Yay!!
Well last week was spent chasing my tail walking with lovely dogs in the mud. We have the lovely Mabel with us but she went home yesterday.  I have Scottie at my feet today.  He doesn't like men and we had the plumber in this morning, so we had to be careful.  This Saturday I will be going to the craft show at Farnborough with Linda and Blanche.  Looking forward to that immensely.

Monday, 13 February 2012

I seem to have caught Kim's bug - I'm entering the challenge again!

I had some Woodware bits and pieces stamped up and thought I should use them, so I have decided to enter this into The February Woodware Challenge . I know Kim has already entered but I am not deterred - she taught me all I know! (Well a good part of it!!) The stamped image is on a hand made background and I bleached out the petals of the flowers. Mucho bling added to the image and the daisy ribbon.  Two different embossing folders create the pink and blue card backgrounds.
I was at Davina's on Saturday with the ladies and Kim.  I think we all had bad colds and were sharing our germs willy-nilly.  We played with PearlEx and my offering will be shown here - probably tomorrow. I was pleased to win the Woodware challenge within our little group and was happy to spend my £10 prize on three new embossing folders - well you can't have enough can you?
Meet Mabel. She's staying with us for a few days.  She is a 'Cavapoo' and so tiny.  The park is so muddy that it's not very pleasurable when you have to bathe all the dogs on your return.  Today we had to wash Scottie the Jack Russell, Mabel and then Benson in the shower.  It puts another half hour on the job.  Still, I have the time this week as it's half term, so no driving for me.
I think I may just go and do some more crafting now.  Hubby's out and Mabel is sleeping, so I'm on my own.  Until next time.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hello!  It's a Saturday night and I am home.  Twenty years ago this would have been unheard of!  I am however listening to the Motown show on the radio and loving every moment.  We have been without TV since last Tuesday and a friend came over today and helped us with the Sky dish and now we are up and running again.  I have managed to track down several shows we missed but I still have to watch a few online.
This card was made using a Hobby Art stamp.  I used Kaleidacolor inks to colour it in - in a water colour type of way.  I stamped it twice and made the card candy from the second image, using a small circular punch.
I have had a particularly busy week with dog walking for a friend who is in America buying a property (I hate her!!) (Not really!!)  On Thursday, I got a key stuck in the door of my first dog and then set off for another dog without the keys to that house.  Everything that could go wrong, did.  To cap it all, I now have a full blown cold and cough.
Mike's just gone to buy some food for our dinner but I couldn't wait and have had my customary five fish fingers.  I have hidden the empty box and will eat my dinner when ready.  No wonder I had to rejoin the slimming club. TTFN

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow? Thanks but no thanks.

I normally like the snow but it's different now I have to drive a school bus.  I'm praying for a thaw before the morning, when I have to collect the bus at 7am and drive intoWimbledon to pick up the boys.  I don't think that's likely though.  Who knows, the school may not open.  We'll see.
This card was made using a piece of hand made background paper, upon which I have stamped a Woodware stamp. I stamped it twice and decoupaged the flowers and added gems.  I Cuttlebugged a turquoise background and 'hand-stitched' the edge of the card - a la Kim Reygate.  Black peel offs complete the card.
I have had a sad week, having been to a friend's funeral.  She was a colleague when I was working and sadly died in her sleep at the age of 52.  Not fair is it?  A lovely girl.  The church service was near Dover and I don't think I have ever felt the cold quite so much as that day.  The wind chill factor just took my breath away.
We should have been entertaining today but the bad weather has put paid to that.  So I now have an afternoon to craft in my 'studio'.  I am planning to use a lovely poppy stamp set, by Hobby Art.  We are having a new roof put on at the moment and because of the scaffolding, there are a few channels we cannot get on the TV.  Create & Craft is one such and so I have missed the Clarity shows today.  However Biggest Loser was recorded and viewed yesterday, so it's not all bad.
Barny a Golden Retreiver has come for a few days.  After the little dogs last week, he seems enormous. I hope he likes walking in the snow.........