Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Greetings! What a lovely day it has been. I had to water my garden - it was just so dry. Walked with Taffy, Benson and a newbie - Maggie - and her owner Angela in Nonsuch Park today. Met Sue and Abi there and had a great sunny walk. Benson was slightly too frisky with a gentle retriever and I had to put him on the lead for a while. Little does he know it but he may be losing part of his anatomy soon.

This card was done in class with Jenny from Hobby Art, using their lovely stamps. This geisha lady is so gorgeous and very useful for my stamped cards. Please excuse the background.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Girlie, Girlie

Happy Sunday viewers. Did you catch the Clarity show on TV this morning? I have recorded it and will see it later. I think Kim may have some samples on there today. I took Taffy and Benson up to Epsom Downs for their walk and thankfully didn't see many racehorses. Benson likes to chase them you see. I then had coffee with one of my ladies, who recently lost her dog. Took Benson home and had a little tiff with a man who thought he owned the parking space outside his mother-in-law's house. Then went for a pedicure and a manicure. So, that was my Sunday.
The card above is made with a Bild Malarna stamp. It's one of my favourites. I highlighted the colouring with a Clear Star Gelly Roll Sakura pen.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

More tulips

This is just a variation on the tulip theme, for Benson's owner Olivia, whose birthday it is on Monday.
All I can smell today is grass cuttings and barbeques. Lovely.


I made this card today for my friend Sue, whose birthday it is tomorrow. I have used a PSX stamp and PSX paper. I coloured in the tulips using my Stampin' Up watercolour crayons, which I found unused the other day. They are lovely to use. I made two cards at the same time and the other one will feature above this one!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Twee Fairy

Another super sunny day - long may it continue. Back to walking Taffy & Benson in the park. I tried to do the whole walk in the shade for my aging pooch. Nothing exciting after that. The usual shopping and some weeding in the garden. Mike's going out tonight, so I'll be watching some girlie TV on my own.
Cannot remember who received this card but the stamp is one I inherited from my dear Mum.
I think this stamp was created before its time - having only half a face. It must be a forerunner to the Tildas. It's by Stamps Happen.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

I'm back

Hi folks ~ I am back after a couple of days in North Devon ~ Barnstaple actually. Sadly it was for a funeral of a dear lady ~ Joan Squire. The sun shone all day and it was good to be with the family and her friends in her bungalow in Sticklepath. The card above is the one I gave to Magaret, Helen & Elaine.

Taffy was with Val & Eric and we collected him on our way home. Then we both got into the garden to cut the lawn and do some tidying up. We have lots of Biggest Loser and Damages to catch up on now! Back to dog duty again tomorrow. I've missed the long walks.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Biker birthday

Just got home from the hairdresser's and I look like an American Desperate Housewife with big hair. I am going to London tonight with Gabriele to a show - Legally Blonde. My hair is as big as the actress in the show.

I made this card yesterday for Harry Cole, who lives in Launceston. He will be 16 tomorrow. I usually show my cards to my husband Mike, for his critique and don't always like what he has to say! With this one, he said he liked the red pieces of card, which obviously represented the twin exhausts and the shiny silver depicted the steel of a bike. Yeah... right.... of course!

Although it's hard to see, I have triple embossed the biker panel. The stamp is one from Hobby Art.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

More peel offs

This was one of the other cards I made at Kim's class yesterday. Haven't peel offs come a long way? I have hundreds of old ones and never use them but these new Magenta ones are fab.
Poor old Rosie won't be in my doggie walking line up anymore. She died yesterday. Her poor owner Pam is very sad and so I went up to see her with some flowers. I took Molly and Taffy to take her mind off things. It was beautiful up on Epsom Downs today and now I plan to work in the garden and make a couple of cards.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pretty In Pink

Hello! I have been to Lavender Lane today for two classes with Kim Reygate. I made this card under her tutelage. We used Magenta peel-offs for the design. I loved the class and will post my other cards in the next couple of days. I enjoyed copious cups of coffee and was generally looked after rather well.

Whilst in the shop, our local Conservative MP Chris Grayling called to drum up support. I have waited years to tell him what I thought of him. Having introduced myself, as one of his constituents, whilst I was still working in The Houses of Parliament - he then ignored me every time we met. Naturally, today he was full of apologies and excuses. I was pleased to inform him that even police officers and women have the vote these days and he should 'think on!' I look forward to him knocking on my door next.

Friday, 16 April 2010


A little doggie card after the cat card to keep the balance.

Walked with my friend Nicki today and her dogs Molly, and Charlie and my usual Taffy & Benson. Things were quieter in the park thankfully and we were lucky enough to see two kestrels mating in a tree. (Twice!)

Went to Leatherhead in the afternoon for some market research - food testing. Sat with some nice people and had a good laugh and lots of nice things to taste. Quiet night in with Mike watching some TV. Boring compared to yesterday!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Poody tat, Poody tat....

This card was made using one of those fabric strips. I bought lots and lots of them at the Farnborough show and can never find them!

Well, just as you thought life was quiet and uneventful . . . . . . . I was just finishing my dog walk with the following line up ~ Taffy, Molly and Benson ~ when a row broke out between a man and a lady who had a placid German Shepherd. The man was being very rude and offensive and turned aggressive. I tried to calm things down but he squared up to me. He was being very unreasonable and criticising the woman about her dog - which had done absolutely nothing wrong. He was with his daughter and young grandchildren. Long story short, he assaulted the woman. He was of retirement age and I was stunned that he could be so aggressive in front of his young family. Perhaps my days in court are not over yet.

I later went to my whist drive for a few hands of cards. Mike and I then met our friends Val, Eric, Neil and Mandy in Jimmy Spice's in Epsom for a meal. I ate far too much (do you note a recurring theme here dear reader?) We were in the company of several young people from Headley Court - the local rehabilitation centre for injured military personnel. All these disabled people had been severely injured - probably in our conflict overseas - and it was a humbling experience to be in their company.

Our next stop was Epsom Playhouse to see the local light operatic company perform Pirates of Penzance. It was great and we came away humming 'A policeman's lot is not a happy one'. This was treat from Eric and Val - so a big thank you to them.

I'm off to bed now with a stack of valium after such a hectic day!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Where did you get that hat.............?

I love this stylish stamp. I don't know why I don't use it more often.
I spent the day much the same as the other week days. Walking Taffy & Benson then having lunch with Benson's owner. Then I made a Christening card for Dawn to give to her goddaughter at the weekend. A quick trip to Sainsbury's (I seem to live there), dinner and then on to the whist drive. My score was very average tonight. Biggest Loser, Blog and bed. Perfect.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

eBay Success

What an interesting day I have had - and it's not over yet. First of all I had a sad phone call from my sister-in-law Maggie. She lost her husband Neil - my brother - last November and today she lost her dear Mum. I am feeling so sorry for her and my niece Helen. They have had a lot of emotional turmoil in a short space of time. Then I walked Taffy, Benson and Rosie on Epsom Downs. On my return, I had to organise a Dr.'s home visit for Rosie's owner - Pam. She can hardly walk and may have oedema. Then back home for more crafting. I 'sniped' a Nestabilities set for Kim and won it. They can be much cheaper on eBay - notwithstanding the postage. I am going to Kim's house for coffee and to drop off the Nestabilities. This card was for our friend Graham, who is a Harley Davidson owner/enthusiast.

Monday, 12 April 2010


I made this card today for Michelle. It's her birthday on Thursday. The stamp is from Stampin' Up - thanks Sharon. I got the ribbon at the show yesterday.

Not much to report on the home front today. Same old... Out with Taffy and Benson, then to the tip with the grass cuttings and then on to Sainsbury's. What a life! Popped into Lavender Lane and said 'Hi' to Jane and then home for more card making. Just watched The Biggest Loser and The Pacific. Both really good. And that's it ~ bed now.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ally Pally

What a great day! Drove up to Alexandra Palace with Anna. Poor girl had to listen to my life story, as we passed through all the various towns in which I had lived or worked. Every time she glazed over, I woke her up again with more! When we got there, I swear she was looking for a bus stop for the return journey. It took us slightly over an hour from my house near Epsom and nearly two hours on the way home. We had a good time and met lots of people we knew including our friend Kim Reygate who was working. I did not overspend - probably because my house will explode if I buy any more crafting gear. As always, I was so impressed by all the wonderful artwork on display. My best buy was a ruler with holes in it - so I can use my pricking tool in a straight line! Very useful I hear you say. Oh and a lovely stamp of a lady relaxing on a sofa. (You had to be there!) I'll make a card to show you dear reader.

When I came home I was all fired up for crafting and spent a few hours making cat cards
I didn't really like, which was disappointing. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll have fresh ideas.

The card above has an acetate 'sleeve' over the front. There are flowers on the acetate and another card inside - if you know what I mean. Jenny Mayes from Hobby Art showed me how to do it.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring seems to have sprung

Another lovely day here in Surrey. Dogs on walk today, were Taffy, Benson and Molly. Even though it hasn't rained for a few days, they still managed to get very wet and muddy. The rest of the day was given over to card making.

I have decided to go to Alexander Palace for the stamp and scrapbooking show tomorrow and now I have company. Anna has said she will come too. I don't really need much but that's never stopped me buying lots of things before. Hope to see both Kim and Sharon there also.

This card was made using one of Kay Carley's beautiful stamp sets. Now there's another talented lady. I am watching a couple of things on eBay at the moment. Hoping to get an E.K.Success punch and a set of Nestabilites cheaply. I think I'll have to 'Snipe' them, as I'll be at the show when the auction ends.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sunny Friday

Hi-de-hi! Another lovely morning in the park with the dogs. It was too hot for Taffy though and he struggled round panting heavily, so I walked in the shade of the trees and kept stopping for him. Doing my post earlier today as we are out for dinner tonight with Malcolm and Sandra, at a new place in Nork near Banstead - Galu. We've been before and enjoyed the Mediterranean cuisine. Off to vacuum the car now before I invite people to travel in all the dog fur and mud from my wellies.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Post Easter Bunnies

What a super sunny day we have had today. It was so nice walking in Nonsuch Park with Taffy and Benson. In the afternoon I played whist and won a life-changing 50p. Then a little tidying in the garden before Mike came home. He is aching all over today, having changed a mixer tap in our kitchen last night. I went to bed at 02:00 hours and left him to it. Remarkably, all the water was back on when I got up and everything was in good working order again. Job well done.
This card was for a new baby - George - my nephew Dominic's son. He was born in December 2009.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

And Relax...........

Well, as it's my first week's anniversary, I thought I'd post two cards in one day. I made this card today for a friend. I hope she doesn't take it personally. It looks more like me than her! I believe this is a Funstamps design ~ I bought it at Lavender Lane. (They still have some left!!)

Well it's been a week now........

I have been a Blogger for a week now. I am loving it and enjoy reading my comments. Thank you to those who have taken the time to leave a message. It makes it all worth while. This card was sent to me by Anna, who designs for Hobby Art. I think you'll agree her new set of stamps are lovely and so versatile. Who wouldn't want a friend like Anna?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

King Tut

Hi folks! What a lovely day it's been today. I took Benson, Rosie and my Taffy up to Epsom Downs for a long walk. Benson the border collie ran in huge circles, celebrating his freedom and rounding us up! Then onto more mundane matters - such as a Sainsbury shop. When I got home, I realised a large carton of milk had leaked everywhere. In the bag, in the car, on my cowboy boots and had ruined the magazines packed inside the same bag. I went straight back to Sainsbury and had everything replaced. They gave me a new 'Bag for life' as the old one will now smell of sour milk forever more.

The card above was for Mike's brother Terry. It was one of the decoupage kits that can be found in Lavender Lane ~ my local craft store. They take moments to do and are a bit of a cheat but I like the variation in my crafting.


I made this card a while ago but cannot remember to whom I sent it. It must have been for a couple who were going on safari! Please own up if I sent it to you!

I have been out with Mike today for a family get together in Farnborough. We had a lovely meal and enjoyed seeing Bet, John, Colleen, Nick, Keri, Steve, Amie, Jess, Hannah, Bonny the dog, Old Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

This evening we watched the first two episodes of the long awaited 'The Pacific' and all I'm worried about, is what happened to the dog? Then we watched Biggest Loser Australia and now can't wait to see who Nathan takes with him off the show. How will I sleep tonight?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

I am still surrounded by my beautiful birthday and Easter cards. I know how much time is invested in making cards and how much money is spent on buying them, so I leave them up as long as possible to enjoy. Then I keep the verses for future use.

The card above is from my oldest and 'bestest' friend Jill, who lives on The Isle of Man. She always makes me a great card and this year was no exception. I just don't see enough of her.

Today being Easter Day, I went to the church my dear Mum used to attend in Whiteley Village, Weybridge. It's always a very emotional time for me, as the village holds so many fond memories. I often used to arrange the church flowers on Mum's behalf and today, after the service, I visited two of Mum's friends - Reg and Rene. We reminisced over coffee and I am so pleased I took the time to go over and see them.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

My Pride & My Boy

No blog would be complete without a dog picture now would it? Let me introduce you to Taffy Till.

Birthday Plus One

This is a card I made for my niece Helen. I used one of those iron on motifs - which can always be used later by the recipient.

After such a special day yesterday - it was back to normality today. I had a nice lunch with a friend - Dawn, at Jimmy Spice's in Epsom and then came home to sleep it off! Then it was time for boring chores about the house. At 6pm every Saturday, I always tune into Smooth Radio to hear the Motown show. So I was dancing around the house with a duster in my hand.

My husband Mike went to collect our little dog Taffy from our dear friends Val and Eric. They looked after him whilst we were tripping the light fantastic yesterday. Without them, our social life would be curtailed enormously. They cannot imagine how grateful we are to them. It's Taffy's second home and he loves them.

The end of a super day

This card is the one I shall remember as my 'Eureka' moment. It's when I finally decided I was happy with my colouring in and I actually 'got it'. Anna had a lot to do with it - along with Jenny Mayes and her Hobby Art video and TV shows. I was never good with skin tones but I'm happy with my results now.

Well, I have had a superb birthday. Thank you to all my dear friends who sent me cards - hand made and otherwise. They were all much appreciated. With our friends Mike & Gabriele, we went ten-pin bowling first of all. I thought I had stated that they should let me win ~ but it must have fallen on deaf ears. I came last. We then went to a movie - The Blind Side which we thoroughly enjoyed - and then on to dinner at The Grumpy Mole in Tadworth. I ate far too much but it was all so delicious. I shall be walking the calories off for weeks to come.

Thanks you for your comments Sharon and Kim. I seem to be hooked on this blogging lark already!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Variation on a theme

This is much the same as you can see. I have used a Stampin' Up punch in both cards. I love this punch as it cuts through card easily. Enjoy your Easter weekend folks. As it's my birthday tomorrow, I plan to 'Live it up'. Hope you do too. Not too many chocolate eggs though!

Easter Greetings

Happy Easter!

Well I am so pleased to have two followers all ready. That has spurred me on to make a couple of Easter cards today for my public! Every year, I forget to make any and when they are sent to me, it's usually too late to respond with a home-made card. It's not like Easter comes as a surprise as it's normally near my birthday. So, here and now, I promise to make LOADS next year. I want you to remind me and hold me to it please.

This little Stampendous stamp was one of my late Mum's, so I felt a little emotional whilst using it.