Monday, 20 February 2012

Where did the half term week go???????

Gosh where did that week go?  Roll on Easter I guess. This card was made using a fabric square.  The background paper and label were freebies in a card magazine.  I shall put a name or an age on the label when I use it.  I put some glitter glue on the pink coats and the apron is sparkly too.
I am going to a Country Music festival at Wembley on Sunday but I am having difficulty finding a parking spot.  I normally book the parking at the time of booking the tickets but my friend got the tickets and I just forgot to do it.  I don't want to use public transport, so I'll keep trying.
Done it £15 for the privilege.  Got another concert this Wednesday in Islington.  Country Music writers - I won't bore you with the details but I am so looking forward to both concerts.  Reba will be at Wembley.  Yay!!
Well last week was spent chasing my tail walking with lovely dogs in the mud. We have the lovely Mabel with us but she went home yesterday.  I have Scottie at my feet today.  He doesn't like men and we had the plumber in this morning, so we had to be careful.  This Saturday I will be going to the craft show at Farnborough with Linda and Blanche.  Looking forward to that immensely.

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  1. Another lovely card Gilly. Hope you have a great time at your concerts, and of course the show.
    Hugs Kimx