Sunday, 28 October 2012

Evening all! Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Jenny Mayes workshop.  (Of Hobby Art fame) I went with some lovely ladies, Linda, Pauline and Jocelyn and we joined many, many other ladies at the church hall in Tadworth.  We had four projects to complete during the day - in between refreshments and I think everybody had a great time.
This was the first card of the day. The next photograph shows the inside of the card.  A Pop Up robin.

And this was just part one.  I will share the other projects with you very soon.  There will be another workshop in February and a 'mini' one in November.  So if you live in Surrey - it's a must for your diary.

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  1. Nice to have you back on the blog Gill. This was a lovely workshop wasn't it. See you next time. Well done on coming joint 3rd in the Hobby Art competition.
    Linda W