Friday, 29 October 2010

More Christmas

Evening fellow crafters.  I have had a busy and interesting week and not crafted much but tonight I made this easel card using a fabric square.  Time consuming but a pleasing result methinks.
I had lunch today with a friend I worked with in 1975.  I'd like to think we hadn't changed a bit!!  We went over old times and tried to remember the names and faces of our old colleagues, over lunch in The H. G. Wells pub in Worcester Park.
Earlier in the week we had an electricity outage in our street and we had received no warning from the electricity supplier. I had never been so long without caffeine.  I had to go to the shops for a hot latte for me and a neighbour.  Someone told me that if they fail to advise customers about the power cut, you can receive compensation.  So I wrote an email to EDF and low and behold, £22 is winging its way to us as I write.  I have been telling my neighbours so they too can share in the compensation.  It's not a fortune but it may buy a new set of Nesties or something similar.
My friend Linda came over this week for a day of crafting.  We had a good day and she tried out my Cuttlebug before she purchases one of her own. I don't think I make a card now without using mine in some way or another.
Tomorrow Mike and I are meeting friends and going to a jazz evening in Caterham.  Should be fun. 

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  1. Fab card Gilly, well worth the time and effort. Am having a great time in Peterboro spending all day making cards :)
    See you next week love Kimx