Friday, 1 October 2010

What a wet day we have here.

Howdy crafters! It has been so wet here today that I would rather stay home than go out - as I have to.  I'm having my eyes tested.  It's long overdue, so who knows - my card making may improve.  I took the dogs out in the pouring rain and wind and only Benson enjoyed it.  As he's besotted with ball play, he really doesn't mind the weather.  Taffy on the other hand prefers it dry as he needs a showering when he gets home. The walk took longer than expected because a lady had locked her dog and keys in her car.  I volunteered to take her home to get her spare keys.  Then she realised she wouldn't be able to get in without her door keys.  So I took her to her daughter's home for a spare set of front door keys, then to her house for the car keys and then her son-in-law took her back to the park and the poor bewildered dog.
I went to Alexander Palace with my pal Linda last Sunday.  We had a great day and it was good to see all my favourite stands - Clarity, Lili Of The Valley and Little Claire designs.  The Lavender Lane girls were there also - opposite the Glitter Girls!!  The Lavender Lane girls are just that though - girls!  Missed Kim, as she was there the day before.  Although I didn't need much, I still came home with lots of goodies and some great Clarity stamps.  Cards to be made and shown here very soon.
I am very excited (it doesn't take much I know) but I have just spotted a Sparrowhawk in my garden not five feet from the kitchen window. Thankfully, the little birds feeding in my garden, had scarpered before she landed. It's true, the best things in life are free.

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