Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Last Christmas card ~ I Promise

Good Evening dear reader. After this card, no more Christmas!  I made this card for a lady whose dog I walk ~ Benson by name ~ sweetheart by nature.  She was delighted with it I'm pleased to say.  Hasn't this month flown by?  I can hardly keep up.  Today I went to Polesden Lacey, a National Trust property that belonged to a Mrs. Greville, a fab hostess of her time.  Benson's owner ~ Olive ~ treated me to lunch for walking him for her.  We went into the gift shop afterwards and I spent far too much but couldn't help it ~ honest.
As my Christmas gift to Olive, I made her a door swag.
In fact yesterday was flower arranging all day.  I made myself one of these swags and also did a wreath for a friend of ours.
Well now The X Factor is finished, we'll have more time to ourselves at the weekend!!  I was hoping Rebecca would win but I guess she'll do ok now she's had the coverage.  Those who hate the show will probably think I'm sad but we enjoy it.
All I have left to do now, is wrap all my gifts for  the holiday season.  I'm not particularly fond of this chore ~ not being very profficient at it. I need a gift wrapping course ~ as my friend Jill will testify when her parcel arrives.
Did I mention I got the job?  It's driving school children to and from school in Surbiton, Surrey.  I need to be vetted before I can begin and hopefully the bad weather will have passed when I start the job.  Can't wait.
And another thing!! I got to target weight at my local Slimming World Club last week ~ having had a loss every week since September. (Yes, it took that long!) I'm now regretting that wonderful Christmas lunch I had earlier today.  No I'm not!


  1. Is that what all the best dressed dogs are wearing.Benji xx

  2. Indeed they are Benji. Thank you for dropping in on your Mum's birthday. Gill x