Monday, 6 December 2010

Ready For Christmas?

Good evening crafters.  Another cold day here in Epsom.  The remaining snow has become treacherous and oh so slippery.  On the bright side, it's so nice to see all the Christmas decorations going up.  I just love the colourful trimmings on the outside of people's houses.  I hate it when it's all over.
This card was an order for a friend.  I used a fabric square this time.
I went to Joyce's house last week and did a pedestal flower arrangement with the flowers bought for the restaurant party.  However, Mike's car got stuck in her long drive and I had to help him dig it out.  It took forever and noone offered assistance.  I was worn out.
At least they can have the benefit of these blooms for a week or so.  I don't often get a chance to do big arrangements, so it was good to do these.
Well, tomorrow I go for my interview.  Wish me luck.  It was put off last week because of the snow.


  1. The blue flowers worked really well in the display what a shame all her guests did not get to see your work.

    Good Luck for the job.


  2. A beautiful arrangement Gill. I agree with Annax, it is a shame all of Joyce's guests did not get to see it. I hope you took a picture or two of it.

    Love, Barb