Monday, 24 January 2011

And we're off!!

Yes it's been a month since I posted and yes I feel ashamed.  But I'm back and eager to start posting more regularly.  I went to the Sandown knitting and craft show last Friday and Saturday and came home full of ideas and inspiration.  Kim Reygate stayed with us for three nights and it was lovely to have her as a guest. She was demonstrating for the girls at Lavender Lane.
This card is clear stamping with clear powder on gold card.  I used a Hobby Art stamp and the butterfly is an X craft punch.  The wings bend upwards.  I always show my husband my cards for his expert opinion and advice (!) and he says he doesn't like black cards as they seem funereal.  What do you think dear reader?
Christmas seems a long time ago now and in our case best forgotten.  (See my dog Taffy's blog.)  I am determined to make my Christmas cards throughout the year.  I will start tomorrow. And will someone remind me to make some Easter cards this year?  My friend Lynn always sends me one and then I remember I haven't made any!  It's not as though I don't have the stamps - I do.  Perhaps I'll start on those tomorrow.

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