Wednesday, 11 January 2012

All in pink

More thank yous. This was a quick and easy thank you card, made with freebie stamps on a magazine.  I used a 'Ruby' embossing powder.  The top corner of the white panel was made by using one end of a Nestie. I just placed the cutting plate over the the edge.
I was on a First Aid course yesterday and I was back to driving the school bus this morning.  I heard that a girlfriend of mine died in her sleep on Monday.  She was only 52, so I'm feeling stunned and shattered.  
We're going out for a curry tonight with friends and another curry on Friday for my friend Dawn's birthday.  We're headed to Jimmy Spice's in Wimbledon.  Hopefully, these jaunts will take my mind off things. Then surely the diet will have to start on Monday.  Everything is tight again.
Mike received the gift of a 'Lairdship' from our friends Jill & John for Christmas. This has caused much merriment within the family. Ergo, I must be a Lady.  We must go to Scotland and visit his plot of land.  There will obviously have to be some sort of ceremony involving whisky.  If Scotland get their independence, we may be barred from visiting!


  1. You will have to show me how to do the corner thing it looks lovely.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, i hope the curry takes your mind off things.
    How did the flowers go for today?
    Does this mean I have to curtsy now when I see you :)
    hugs Kimx

  2. Yes Kim - I think you'll find it does!
    I was pleased with flowers and hope Anna and her family were too.
    See you Saturday x