Monday, 14 May 2012

Peel Offs

Was it really Easter when last I posted?  Goodness - where have I been?  Well for a spell, the ladder was off the loft hatch, so I couldn't go up there.  However, all is good and I should be back to normal.  Let's see! I have been very busy dog walking , sometimes going out twice a day and sometimes as far afield as Old Oxted in Surrey.  I am back at school driving again and life goes on very nicely.
Sadly I have attended a funeral since my last post - in Yorkshire.  A dear aunt passed.

This card was made after seeing the idea at Davina's house. (Stampcraft) I used three sets of peel offs.  One gold, one black and one silver.  I put the gold circle down first and then added bits from the other sets of peel offs.  The corners are peel offs also but the greeting is stamped with a Hobby Art stamp.  Dead easy!!

More soon.  Gilly x


  1. Yay, a new post at last! Was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see another :-). I love this card, very classy indeed. AND quick. Perfect for harassed crafters like myself. My craft room now out of action because David's using it as a workshop to paint a new panel for the side of the bath. Where do men get their weird ideas from?! Jenny B

  2. Got your craft room back yet Jenny? I'm sure the bath looks grand now but you can't keep a woman away from her crafts for too long!!!!

  3. Yes, temporarily back to normal, as he was away over the weekend. At least long enough for me to work up the bits I did at Kim's class on Saturday into cards I could use! Sorry to hear you 've been feeling rough, hope you are back to normal now. Jenny B PS. Love your new posting. Beautiful card.