Saturday, 26 May 2012

My home is my castle

What a hot day - seems only days ago that we were all complaining about the month of rain we had to endure.  On the positive side, dirty paws are a thing of the past - for a while at least. I have been to Davina's - Stampcraft' in Purley today.  Kim was holding a class.  It was good to see Monica, Linda, Jenny and Sylvia again. But boy was it hot in Davina's lovely conservatory.
This card was made using a PSX stamp which I often roll out for a new home greeting.  My niece keeps moving houses and I have told her I'm running out of ideas, so she must stay put for a while!!
Today I purchased a fancy Nestie oval.  I am going into my work space shortly to use it.  Motown radio for two hours on the radio - Saturday evening is very special.  I know how to live don't I?
I am feeling a lot better now - thanks for your concern ladies.  I'm going to see an osteopath friend on Tuesday and she has promised she 'll get me right.  Watch this space!  I care for her dogs some times - so she has a vested interest in my good health.  She is also a sports physio at Wimbledon every year.  However, having a 'mole' on the inside is no use.  She never gives anything away.  I can't be paying her enough!! My dear Mike is decorating our conservatory in this heat.  He's a brave man.  AND he's made a meatloaf for our dinner.  What a lucky girl I am.  We have been invited out for a barby tomorrow afternoon - so I'll give him the afternoon off.  I'm good like that.  Enjoy your weekend.  Just had a thought - when can he cut the lawn???????????????????????

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