Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello again friends. This was just a quick card using one of the modern style peel offs. I made the background with a brayer and a big and juicy pad.  The rest is self explanatory.
Busy week - so what's new?  Whilst I am on a break from the school, I pack as much into the holiday as I can.  Yesterday saw me at Jimmy Spice's with the girls from work and tomorrow we are 'going up West' to see Let It Be at the theatre.  I am looking forward to that as I loved the Beatles.  Last week I saw 9 - 5 at The New Wimbledon Theatre.  Bonny Langford was in that.  I am sorry to say I didn't realise until the end. She looked pretty good mind - swanning around in her sussies!
We have had a lovely Doberman with us for a few days.  We thought her owners were going to be stuck in New York but theirs was the first plane out of JFK after the cancellations.  Until next time.

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