Sunday, 4 November 2012

Well my Sunday did not start out too well.  I came downstairs this morning to find my conservatory completely under water.  AAAHHHH!!!!  I dragged my other half from his slumbers and I put towels down everywhere to soak up the water.  It had rained heavily through the night and the gutters were full of detritus (my fault apparently because I feed the birds!) so the water overflowed into the conservatory.  I really thought we had conquered this old problem.  So much so, we decorated the room. So when I got back from dog walking, I had to put the heating up to dry out the sofa etc. I then pressure hosed the patio and now I am going to have a hot bath because I can hardly feel my fingers or toes.
But before that, I thought I'd put up this card.  I bought these old fashioned photograph toppers some time ago and have never used them - until now.  Used with my lattice nestie type cutter, I think it makes a nice gent's card.  Now who could this be for Lady Foster?  Anyone you know?  A little bit of X
Factor and Downtown later - and that's my day complete.  Back to school bus driving tomorrow morning.

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