Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pink flowers

Just taking a break from my gardening.  Well, weeding actually.  I have some rellies coming this weekend and their garden is always lovely.  You know who you are!!  This card is using some Kay Carley stamps, which you will have guessed, I adore.  It's self explanatory as you can see.
We've had a busy few days, so I haven't blogged much - unlike my dog. Last Thursday at midnight, we were just going to bed when I heard a strange noise in the spare bedroom.  I dismissed the fan and airing cupboard and decided it was the ceiling light.  Long story short, Mike thought the bulb was going to blow and took down the light fitting - whereupon he was covered in water.  There followed a manic half hour of going into the loft to tighten up a bolt which had worked loose and was letting a steady drip of water escape the water tank.  Thank goodness I found it before the ceiling came down.  We were very lucky.  Another 24 hours and I might have been telling a different story.

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