Thursday, 12 August 2010

For a special little boy I know

Howdy folks.  I'm speaking Yankee because I went to see an American country group in concert last night.  It was a band new to this country called Lady Antebellum.  My friend Dawn has a great boss, Rob Sanders and he booked and paid for the tickets as our treat!! How fab was that?  The band were on breakfast tv one day this week and Dawn spotted them, otherwise we'd have missed their one and only show in this country.  The concert was really good and we can't wait for them to return to our shores.
Now I know this card does not call for much skill.  It's a Kanban kit (bought from Lavender Lane, Stoneleigh) but it just suited a little boy I know called Harry Bridson, who lives on The Isle of Man.  He will be six on Monday.  He's holidaying in The Lake District right now but will be home soon.
I took the dogs to Richmond Park today and then played whist at the drive.  Mike's car broke down and he was waiting for the AA to rescue him.  No update on that score yet. I have turned over a new leaf and have been cooking the meals this week.  I am not trying to poison him but I'm trying to be a better wife.  (It won't last!) I can never think of anything to cook.  Any suggestions?

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