Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Art Deco Lady .... again

Well I have been proper poorly!  I became ill on Friday and just went downhill after that.  All my weekend plans were cancelled and I had to stay in bed.  In fact today, is the first day I have been up and about.  I am still not better but needed to get out of the sick room and get some fresh air in the garden.  I have been suffering with conjunctivitis and an awful cough, which I still have.  It's keeping me awake throughout the night.  Mike moved into the spare bedroom on Saturday and I have been sleeping (off and on) starlike in the bed.  Taffy is restless and doesn't know which room he should be in.  He usually picks mine!
Still, I have been doing lots of reading and today I felt able to make a simple card.  See above!
I really like this new set of Art Deco ladies.  I also made another one which I wasn't too happy with when photographed.  Mike said it wasn't his favourite, so you won't be seeing it.

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