Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A late anniversary card

I have just made this card in a hurry.  I thought my sister and her husband would be abroad on their 1st anniversary, so I intended for them to get their card as they returned home.  Imagine my surprise to hear they had returned the day before, so they could spend a day in the same hotel in which they were married.  Of course had I been organised, they'd have had the card to take with them on holiday.
I have used two Cuttlebug folders. The paisley one was created using the Black Magic paper and I used sand paper to reveal the blue colour underneath.
I enjoyed the show at Sandown Park last weekend.  I went with Anna and Gill and met lots of people I knew there - which is always good.  I did a Debbie Moore class and bought a few things.  Not too much though, as I plan to go to the papercraft show at Alexandra Palace this Sunday.  Kim Reygate was there demonstrating for Lavender Lane and gasping for coffee.  It's non stop once you start I suppose.
Our guest from Canada is now staying with other rellies but will be back in a couple of weeks.
Our friends Jill & John are coming for a weekend soon.  Haven't decided what we will do yet but we are open to suggestions!!  It's the beginning of October. 

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