Friday, 18 November 2011

Heavenly Beings

Hi Folks. I have used a Lily of the Valley topper here. They are so pretty and useful.  The green paper is shiny and I stamped holly leaves in white all over it.  I have blinged up the topper.  Easy enough no?
I was asked to make a card for a lady for her elderly aunt for Christmas.  I showed her my Christmas stock and she took four!  So that's four more I'll have to produce.
I had a lovely lunch with my friend Lynn on Wednesday. We went to Jimmy Spice's in Wimbledon for a change.  Oh how good it was! The manager recognised me from when he worked at the Epsom branch.  Probably remembers how good my appetite is! Going out for a curry with Dawn this weekend.  (Slimming World here I come again!)
Today I have walked Benson and am about to go and walk Austin in South Godstone.  Then on to work at the school for three runs.  So, home late tonight. How did I ever fit in work?

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  1. Lovely card Gilly, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Davina's. i have your coffee etc. Hugs Kimx