Friday, 25 November 2011

More birthdays

Hello! This is the card I created for my friend Jill, who lives on The Isle of Man.  I used a Marianne Creatable for the main panel and put silver holographic card behind, so the colour shined through the flower centres.  I stamped the greeting and triple embossed it with hologram embossing powder.
I have Murphy the beard collie here with me today.  We've had a long walk to wear him out.  He's only 8 months old and he loved Benson.  Great off the lead and the day is beautiful here, so we had a great time.
I went to a party for an 81 year old lady on Wednesday.  She had hired a room for us and there was an entertainer.  If I told you I was showing off my moves on the dance floor, to those fabulous hits of yesteryear, like Tie a yellow round the old oak tree and Save all those kisses for me - would you think I'd lost my street cred?  All we needed was The birdie song and I'd have been complete!  Great night!!
I went Christmas shopping in Kingston on Wednesday morning and bought a few flashing items to use in my school bus.  I have to take in a separate bag for all the toys and flashing gizmos.  They must think I'm mad.  I know the other drivers do.  The newest thing is from eBay.  It's a glowing Christmas tree that sits on the dashboard and is fired up by the telephone charger.  They love it. (But not as much as me!)

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