Monday, 21 November 2011

It's not all Christmas

Morning all!  I have made this card for a friend of mine - Kevan - who always asks me to make cards for his daughter for her birthday in November and one for Christmas.  Here, I used a printed picture which came with a corresponding gold peel off, that you place over the top of the image.  The background paper is one I bought in The States some time ago.  Nesties and a label complete the card with little pearls around the square.
Saturday night we went out for a delicious curry in Teddington with Dawn and her lovely employers Rob and Emma.  Came home and watched the X Factor.  (We know how to have a good time!)
Yesterday I went to The Ideal Home Christmas Show in London's Earl's Court.  I can't wait to be a pensioner - as I paid £18 to get in!!!!  In a few years I can save a fiver! I bought one or two Christmas gifts and a few things for myself. (Of course)  I still have a lot of gifts to buy, so may go into Kingston one day this week and break the back of it.  The show was quite good and I guess it will improve as the years go on.  I went with my neighbour Tracy and her daughter Emily and we had a fun day out.

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