Thursday, 30 May 2013

You sew and sew!!

Hey!!  How are you dear readers?  I have had a great day in my 'craft studio' and made this card for a friend of mine who is a tailoress - for all the major posh shops in London.  After some discussion with Anna and Kim about the Grand Nesties, I have used the largest one I have.  I have not used them before as 1. I would have to make an envelope!!! and 2. I didn't think this shape would stand up on a mantelpiece.  But Kim puts a smaller card on the back and all seems well.  This shape obviously wouldn't stand up the other way though. Well as this was so huge, I went mad and put everything I have on it.  I don't know if it's a hell of a mess or a good card.  You decide.
I added distress inks and then embossed the card with the swirl. Then I stamped the images and heat embossed them.  I took some of the colour out with thin bleach. Then for some unknown reason, to fill out the spaces I guess - I used a Versamark pad and stamped the same images in the holes.  Still not content - I stamped the words everywhere.  I cut out the whorly bits and added gems.  Then I had a lie down.
And yes, I made a blinking envelope.  She'd better keep this for the rest of her life!!


  1. Hi Gilly a fine job you have made of this.Subtle with the bling what's that about ? Anna.x

  2. Ha Ha. As I said - I put everything on just to be sure!!

  3. I'm dead impressed you actually made an envelope,maybe my influence is finally rubbing off on you lol
    Hugs Kimx

  4. Now don't get carried away Kim - this was a one off.