Monday, 15 July 2013

Coffee Kisses

I know, I know - but it's been too hot to do anything.  I have now broken up from driving the school bus and have a little more spare time to craft.  I was in my 'studio' in the loft yesterday and today and even with the window open, I was sweltering.  It's a little too hot for my liking I'm afraid.

I have been to IKEA in Croydon today, to buy tea lights and holders for my husband's birthday party.  It was his birthday last week but he's having a 'bit of a do' in August ~ along with his two mates - that he's known for 55 years.  Yes - that long.  We went out for a nice meal with friends on the day in Epsom - to The Canopy - and it was very good.  And last Saturday, I treated him to a live streaming of Andre Rieu's concert in Maastrict, at our local Odeon.  We enjoyed it so much, we are planning to go and see him in December when he comes to Wembley.

I made this card using Hobby Art's Bordered Flower jewel and coloured it using Tim Holtz Distress inks. I could have used coffee ~ a la Kim Reygate ~ but thought what a waste of coffee, so I used the inks instead.  I cut out the border using a square Nestie and although you cannot tell from this lousy photograph, it is all layered using sticky fixers. I stamped the image three more times and cut out the flowers and finished off the whole shebang with card candy.  I was going to put more on but heard Anna saying 'Less is more'  I can still add some now I have posted this. LOL.   (I just won't send it to Anna)

When I was a child, my dear Mum used to bake on a Sunday.  She was no great cook or baker but did her best.  (I take after her incidentally - which is why my dear hubby does all the cooking in our establishment!)  She always made some little brown cakes with a chocolately butter icing in the middle and called them coffee kisses.  And this card just brought back very fond memories - even if the cakes were always rock hard!! But there were never any left by Sunday night in a household of six.  I miss her every day.

Going to pop over to Pinterest now and post this there too.  Bye for now.

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