Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New Home Greetings

A lady asked me to make a card for her daughter and husband, as they are moving home this Friday.  They are going very upmarket.  How do we know this?  The old house had a number - the new one doesn't - just a posh name.  Well, there's Banstead for you.  The rubber stamp is an old PSX one that I use sometimes for a new home.  I also have a large fairy tale castle which often gets an outing.  I have used a Momento ink pad and coloured in the image using Promarkers.   I have decided I don't know how to colour in roofs, paths or houses - so my friend Anna may have to give me a class.  He who knows all things - suggested the house be white next time.  Although I didn't admit it - he was right of course.
The next project dear reader is a 'non too fussy' wedding card ~ to compliment the invitation card. Mmmmm ~ can you hear the cogs turning?  Answers on a postcard please...
Gosh it's getting hot and clammy again isn't it?  I may have to shed the Liberty bodice before I re-enter my loft studio!!

1 comment:

  1. Job done I'd say . Maybe white house next time and grey shading .Not that we can tell the font of all knowledge.