Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Broom, Broom

Afternoon all - depending on where you are when you read this I suppose! Welcome.
I have made this card for our nephew Steve.  I find it a little harder to make cards for young men but I hope this fits the bill.  The car topper is one from Lili of the Valley from a few years ago.   Haven't they come on recently?  I have embossed the green and white card with a Cuttlebug folder and added silver brads.  The greeting is a peel off and I just put a little distress ink around the edges with some faux stitching.
Well, I enjoyed my day at Alexandra Palace at the papercraft show.  It took an hour to get there and nearly two to drive home.  We came home through central London - more by accident than design. At the venue, in another room, they were setting up for a celebratory Songs of Praise for the TV.  Apparently Andrea Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins and Beverley Knight were to perform.  So when 4pm rolled around, we were ushered out fairly smartly, for the high brow and pious to take our place.
I didn't spend wildly - for a change.  If I live to be 150, I'll never make a dent in the stock I have already.  I'm not alone in this and I'm not naming names, but you know who you are!!
It was great to see and speak to Barbara Gray from Clarity Stamps.  She's so hilarious.  We watched one of her demos - using a stamp I bought last year.  I really must get on with my Christmas cards and catch up with Kim.  How many now Kim? BTW - I have your cardigan.
So, the weekend went far too quickly and it's back to work with the boys.
Did I tell you I made a little boy cry?  I didn't mean to.  First term I let them ride roughshod over me, and was advised to inflict a modicum of discipline on them.  So we were still in the school playground when one 7 year old made another cry by bending his fingers the wrong way.  I rose to my full height of five feet four and threequarter inches and towered above the 'naughty' boy.  I asked him to come and sit closer to me at the front of the bus.  He followed me to the front and then burst out crying.  Obviously - he then sat where he wanted.  I hated myself.  Finger bending will no doubt continue! Back to the drawing board.  Not being a parent - I don't know what's deemed good behaviour and what isn't.  Help all you young mums.

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