Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New Home Card

Hi folks! This card was made using my favourite 'New Home' stamp by Hobby Art. The word stamp is also one of theirs.  I stamped the image just above the centre and using 'Post It' notes, I masked the design and added the green and blue colours using Color Box fluid chalk based inks. I then added the words and the flower, which is a little 'Anita's' stamp.
What a dreadful day weatherwise.  My first day back at school and what a damp one it was.  I got to the pick up point far too early but I'd rather that than be late.  I am driving a brand new bus and I have three new 7 year old boys onboard.  For the afternoon run, I had to do 2 drop off points.  When I got to the first destination, I discovered I had a new boy who was on the wrong bus.  I had picked him up in the morning but his parents wanted him dropped at a different place in the afternoon.  No one told me.  Well by the time I found out, the other boys must have told him goodness knows what, because he had big fat wet ones rolling down his cheeks.  I wanted to give him a big cuddle but you can't do that these days.  So I tried to make him laugh.  I eventually got him to his parents very late in the pouring rain.  They were OK about it but it wasn't a great impression for their son's first day.  However, he was safe with me.  By the time I got back to the school, very late, the boss was there, full of apologies.  He's so nice you can't be mad for long.  As payment, I made him park the bus in a small gap in the playground.  I could have done it but it would have taken ages!!

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