Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Black on cream

Evening fellow crafters.  I have made this card for a friend of mine - Surjit.  She is exactly the same age as me - to the day.  The background paper is flocked and the stamp is from Magenta.  The words are on a Spellbinders shape.  I have used a few metal brads to complete the card.  I like black and cream.  Now if you think the bow is superfluous - you're probably correct but less is less in this house.  I don't know when to stop and in any event, I asked my husband.  'Bow or no bow?'  The man from Del Monte - he say 'Bow', so let's blame him.
Did I tell you we are having the loft done?  It's really coming on quickly and it's going to be my craft room.  So, no more crafting in the cold garage. I cannot wait.
Tomorrow is my last day at school for this term.  I've only just started.  At least I can catch up with some sleep. Mike's taking me out for a curry tonight.  I complained we never go out!!  I didn't like to say I'm going for another curry at lunch time tomorrow with my friend Christina.  He's also taking me out on Saturday 'Up West' as a birthday treat.  We'll be dining and seeing a show but it's going to be a surprise on the day.  I love going into London's West End and I'm hoping the show is War Horse.  If it is, I'll probably cry through the whole thing.
Went to the Ideal Home Show in London last week with my sister and her husband.  It's not as good as it used to be.  There were only three small show houses and you don't get any free samples any more either.  I did however buy a green silk handbag (sounds awful but trust me!) and a fab new blouse.  When Mike asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I asked him to pay for the blouse.  So, instead of a Pandora charm for my bracelet, he's paying for two thirds of the blouse - as I didn't dare tell him the real price. Hey Ho!

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