Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Away with the fairies - again

How do! Thank you friends for my hand-made birthday cards.  All my cards are still up in the lounge - and will be for some time yet. I had a lovely day and went into London with my husband for a meal and a show.  Friends of ours turned up as a surprise.  I thought I was going to see Warhorse.  How wide of the mark could I be?  The show was 'Hurly Burly' a burlesque show.  Not at all what I was imagining.  I have told Mike that for his birthday, we're going to see The Chippendales.
When I was last at The Craft Barn, I bought a big sheet of toppers and some complimenting backing papers.  I have made seven - yes seven cards from just one sheet.  Here are two of them.
I was so pleased. What good value is that? This weekend, I am going cruising with eleven other ladies to Bruges and Le Havre.  Lock up your granddads!  Although it's only for 3/4 days - it's tough to know what to take.  You have to cover all eventualities after all.  I never travel light and this weekend will be no exception.
The Easter holidays started at my school last Thursday, so I have been getting enough sleep again.  We are having our loft done out and it's coming on now.  So, that's where I'll be crafting in the fullness of time.  Can't wait.

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  1. love the colour combo's in both cards.Have a good trip sea you on your return............