Friday, 1 April 2011

A little old wine drinker me

Thank you Dean Martin for my inspiration here. My friend who's in Texas right now on holiday has a birthday this Sunday. When he returns to his house in Spain, this card awaits. The glass and bottle etc. is a decoupage kit and I made up the rest.
I have been out tonight with other friends who live in Spain also.  We dined at Jimmy Spice's in Epsom.  It was very busy and delicious as usual.  Ate far too much.  It was the start of my birthday weekend.  Taffy was being looked after tonight by an elderly lady - whose dog I walk on behalf of The Cinnamon Trust.  When I went to collect him, she told me how he'd got out of the front of the house and went into three gardens and also crossed the road before she could catch up with him.  As he's deaf, he couldn't hear her calling his name.  Knowing him as I do, he probably wouldn't haven't come back anyway.  All this went on whilst her dog slept soundly under her dining table. I felt dreadful that he'd put her to so much trouble, that she'd had to take a blood pressure tablet when it was all over.  I must also reconsider leaving him with her.
Right, off to watch tonight's episode of Modern Family.  What a life hey!!?

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