Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter continues .....

These are some of the Easter cards for this year.  Self explanatory I think.  A nice daffodil rubber stamp coloured using an ink pad.  The focus isn't any better but until I can get the camera fixed - it's all I can do.  Can you believe this lovely weather we're having?  I've had to water my garden and the lawn is growing far too quickly for my husband to catch up.  I'm having to walk Taffy Till earlier in the morning as it's too hot for him.  We don't go far either these days.  Benson gets his exercise with the ball throwing fortunately.
This was a Kanban topper.  Two more tomorrow.  I have been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills instead of doing the spring clean today.  I'm already to leap into action when I hear Mike's car in the drive.  The vacuum cleaner is in the hall - so it looks like I've been busy.  Since we had work done in the loft, there's a film of white dust throughout the house but I've used up nearly all the memory on the SKY box - so the choice is RHOBH or dusting.  No contest.

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