Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter continues ... still

Here are another couple of Easter cards.  I was lucky enough to find some super Easter Egg ribbon at Lavender Lane, Stoneleigh.  I also have it in pink colours.  The first card uses an egg peel off and I coloured it in using a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I have also put some glossy accents on parts of the egg.  Nesties finish off the final article.
The second uses a Kanban topper and a Stampin Up punch provides the edging. I bought several reels of this ribbon in various colours from a floristry supplies warehouse.  There is always a colour to match.
We are still enjoying the Easter with this fabulour weather.   Mike's daughter Michelle and her daughter Hopey are staying with us, which is lovely.  We are all just chilling out.  Hopey is as brown as the proverbial berry and very lovely. When she stands next to me, she looks even browner.  We may go to the cinema later and possibly have a curry. Who knows where the day may lead?  Possibly only to the back garden.  I had a pedicure and a manicure yesterday.  Now my white legs are on show, at least my toes look good!
The girls have enjoyed seeing the foxes close up in the garden. Unfortunately they are not so popular with the neighbours.  A rabbit used to live next door but it chewed its way out of its hutch and sadly Mr. Reynard was waiting for it.  I do like the foxes and feel they are much maligned but I also find it hard to defend them, when they don't eat their kill.  But without the foxes, there would be many more rats at large. 

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