Monday, 18 April 2011

Ahoy there landlubbers

One or two of you may have been wondering if I ever got off the ship - so long it has been since I blogged.  The truth is, Mike dropped the camera (he says I dropped it) and it is now out of commission.  I have found an old digital camera but the quality of photos isn't good.  They are all a little blurred but no matter - you get the gist.

Now last year I think you may recall I asked someone to remind me to make Easter cards.  Well exactly no one did!  So, it's all a last minute dash again. This first one is made using an Easter egg peel off, stuck to some home made background paper (not that you can see it clearly unfortunately).
This one is made using a Kanban topper.
As is this one.

Well, after waiting for nine months, the four day cruise with the girls came and went.  We had a really good time and splendid weather.  Some of the girls went home with a sun tan.  Jill & I met my sister in Bruges for lunch one day and we got off with Jane for coffee in Le Havre.  I danced the night away to my beloved Tamla Motown and we all got dressed up for dinner each night.  Dawn drove us to Southampton and the others made their own way there.  We were very nearly prevented from boarding because of the fatal shooting on HMS Astute the same day.  The food was excellent and the only thing that went wrong, was that on the first night, three of us had to dine with three other strangers.  It was sorted by the following night though.

This is yours truly as we were leaving Le Havre.  Over dressed as usual.  This dress hasn't fitted me for years, so I was pleased to get into it.  I must try to keep the weight off, as our big cruise to America is coming up in a few weeks.
Last Saturday, we were invited to sail up The Thames on our friends Tom & Frances' boat.  Whilst on board, the camera was dropped on deck and is now broken.  I must try to have it mended.  We had a lovely time though. This is Frances and their new puppy Jolly.  He was gorgeous but I had forgotten how sharp their teeth are at three months old.  What a lovely afternoon and evening we had with them all.  Franci is such a good cook - that I could hardly move after dinner.  Everything was so tasty.  Right - back to more Easter cards.

P.S.  The craft loft is nearing completion.  The builder has finished and now it has to be painted and finished off by Mike.   Kim has asked to cut the ribbon on opening day.

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  1. Nice cards Gill. Sorry I didn't give you a nudge but I don't do Easter :)
    I've got the scissors if you've got the ribbon - you can always use it on a card afterward.
    I'm awaiting my invite. Love Kimx