Friday, 12 August 2011

Boy In Blue

Howdy Pards!! I had to make a card today on the hurry up - so it arrives on time for a very special little boy called Harry Bridson.  Harry lives on The Isle of Man and I am his third grandma.  As I will never be a nana, his family have graciously allowed me to be an honorary gran.
The stamp is one from the Greeting Farm Co.  It's part of a set, given to me by Kim, when she stayed here for a craft show.  I've used Nesties and Shapeabilities to decorate the card.  It is now well on its way to Harry, along with a box full of gifts for next Tuesday.
Long time no blog I hear you say.  Well, I am well travelled since I last wrote.  My brother in law died and the funeral was in Bristol last Wednesday.  Then I went to Torquay with my other sister Carol.  Spent two days there before going to my nephew's wedding in Plymouth.   Since his father had just died, my sister gave away the bride - she having no parents alive.  With me so far????  Anyway, the happy couple are now holidaying in Aruba.  I came home to London on a coach on Sunday.
My doggie wasn't so good last weekend and he may be losing his marbles.  We thought we were going to say goodbye to him but he's rallied round and has had a reprieve.  He's not sick, just old.  Know the feeling?  I do.
I am attending another wedding tomorrow.  My neighbour's daughter is getting wed in Epsom. I hope the haridresser does a better job than the one in Plymouth.  I thanked her kindly and tipped her - then went straight back to the hotel and brushed her creation out.  Why do we do this?
You may have forgotten about my new craft room - or indeed wondered why it's been quiet on that front for a while.  Well, husband has a 'dickie' knee and although the lost space is ready for me, we've been unable to transport all my craft stuff (of which there is a lot) up the loft ladder.  So on Sunday, our friends Mike and Gabriele are coming over in work attire and we are going for it.  The other Mike will be in the loft and will pull my big old desk up with ropes.  Next week I will be sorting everything and having a clear out.  Possibly sell some stamps on eBay.  (To make room for more)  So folks, stand by.

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  1. Hi Gilly, lovely card.
    Glad to see my prezzie put to good use.
    You were sorely missed today, it was very quiet, perhaps you can make up for it on Tuesday evening. I've missed you.
    Love and hugs