Sunday, 21 August 2011

A new beginning

Hi crafters.  I have just made my first card in the new loft space.  We've had company today so I have only had a short time in there.  I stamped the panel with white embossing powder, then used sponges to add colour from a Kaleidacolour ink pad.  I took some colour out with bleach and painted in the leaves with the same ink pad.  I used my Nesties to make the circles and Stampin' Up punches to make the oval shapes.  I also made the two dots using a very small punch and indenting them from the wrong side to make the little button shapes.  The black card is the Black Magic paper with a green core.  I used a Crafts Too folder then used sand paper to let the green core show through.
Of course I couldn't find anything!  When I tidy up, and put everything away in a box, I lose everything I need. Here are a couple of photos showing my new surroundings.  I'm like that mad woman locked in the turret in Jane Eyre - Bertha Rochester!  I am getting a list together of improvements I need, such as more light over to the left of the desk and possibly more shelving.  And somewhere to place the kettle.
This is the business end with a light above the desk.

One lot of stamps.
Another lot of stamps.

I need more light in this area.  All my Christmas stamps have to go somewhere and all my word/greeting stamps have to go somewhere else!!  What you cannot see in these shots, is the big pile of unsorted boxes and bags in the centre of the floor.  Frankly, I was embarrassed that I had so much gear.  I also didn't want my husband to see how long it took to get it all up there.  Inevitably he said, 'You really don't need any more stuff.  Can you get rid of any?'  How can I tell him I have bought tickets to the Sandown show and also Ally Pally the following week?  Anyway, I'll soon have my scented candles and coffee making facilities up there.  The little hifi is already in situ.  All I need is a bed and I need never come down!!
My sister in law bought me a lovely climbing plant to remind me of Taffy and tomorrow I'm off to buy a rose as a gift from our friend Joyce, to remind us of Taffy.  How could I forget my little boy?  I keep stepping over where he used to lie.  Ah well.  It's good to be back at it!!

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